Show on the Road at Kjeld Mahoney's Gallery - After Glow

Show on the Road at Kjeld Mahoney's Gallery - After Glow
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Show on the Road at Kjeld Mahoney's Gallery - After Glow

Mar 14 2023 | 00:50:32

Episode March 14, 2023 00:50:32

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Scott Brundage Dave Petty Elizabeth Perkins Don Claude

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    Well this is exciting, our first ever recorded full episode outside of the studio!  We had the honor of being invited to record with a good friend of ours Kjeld Mahoney at his gallery, soon to be renamed "After Glow", and see all the changes he's recently made there.  Listen now as we talk about how he got his start in photography, the challenges of those early jobs, and how he's continue to evolve his buisness and do what he truly loves to do.

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Speaker 1 00:00:22 All right. So welcome to the Frame Center podcast. Today we got a new one. We've taken the show on the road. I'm excited about. This is hopefully will be something we continue today. We're at Cal Mahoney's Studio down in Kennedy's. Does the studio have a name that you go by? Speaker 2 00:00:39 Actually, yeah, that's a good way to start off. It was for years since we opened K Mahoney Photography. Yep. Gallery. But now that we're having other artists in here, it's kind of weird. It was weird for me to have artists in and then post them from my Facebook page saying K Mahoney photography. Like it just didn't feel right. I didn't want to undermine the artist's name or anything. So just recently we are gonna launch a new name for the gallery. I'm keeping my name, but the gallery space itself is afterglow. Speaker 1 00:01:07 Is it on the website already? Speaker 2 00:01:08 Yeah. Okay. I worked on the logo and put the logo up and mentioned that the gallery, we don't have any signage in it or anything, but that's the new gallery name. Afterglow Fine Art. Nice. Yeah. We Speaker 1 00:01:18 Were walking around before and we got some artwork that we recognize. We got some in. I Speaker 3 00:01:23 See a couple that I remember framing for a little holiday show we had over there. <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:01:27 Yes. Two metal prints. Yeah. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:01:29 You got some Becky OTOs pieces. Speaker 2 00:01:31 Jen Kelly, Jen Kelly, Jenna Reedy. Speaker 1 00:01:33 You any Cindy's stuff too or just Jenis? Speaker 2 00:01:36 Uh, we did, we did a wildlife show not too long ago last year I think. And we had a couple of Cindy's pieces in here. These two sort of black walls. Speaker 1 00:01:45 So you working with just a select group of artists or you Speaker 2 00:01:48 No, I'll work like just today. Literally today, right before you came, a friend of mine on Facebook, AJ Pace walked in and he is like, this is what I love about artists. I love the hustle <laugh>. You know, some people will get emails, would you uh, be interested in taking a look at my work? But if somebody takes the time to come to the gallery and like ask like, oh I have a piece in the car. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, can I show it to you? Yeah. And I'm like, yeah, this is an old school way of kind of getting the word out and Speaker 3 00:02:11 Deal wheel and deal. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:02:12 Exactly. He brought us peace in. I'm like, love it. Let's try it. No, I don't discriminate at all Really. Unless somebody doesn't like me or <laugh>, we've come to blows. But no, if it doesn't compete, it's hard. Once you get a bunch of artists in to find other art that kind of goes, that doesn't compete with individual artists in here. Yeah. Yeah. Not too similar be Speaker 1 00:02:31 Gonna bring to any other photographers Speaker 2 00:02:32 That AJ's a photographer. I'm like okay, I don't have that photo. But it's a nice shot. But if it's not a similar style to mine, if somebody doesn't bring photos that I've taken already from the same shot Speaker 3 00:02:42 Your Speaker 2 00:02:43 Own, then I'll definitely entertain that thought. Speaker 3 00:02:45 Well it's not an inch of wasted space in the walls and it's filled Speaker 2 00:02:48 Up. Exactly. Nice. It's a good time to have a podcast here cuz it's Speaker 3 00:02:51 Full. Yeah, it's a nice mixture of And everything. Everything. Everything Speaker 1 00:02:53 Is nice. Everyth kinda compliments each other I think Speaker 2 00:02:55 Nicely. Yes. That was the Gold. Have a bunch of artists in here but have it all sort of complimentary. Speaker 1 00:02:59 Is that one of Jen's pieces over there too Speaker 2 00:03:01 In that That is, yeah. Under the whale tail. Deanna Schickles Whale Tail is Jen Kelly's and I met her photographing her for South Shore Home Life and Style Magazine. Ah. Did a write up on her artwork. Speaker 1 00:03:12 You doing a lot of work for them? Yes, Speaker 2 00:03:14 I do a lot of shoots. I was gonna have one today for another gallery in Cohasset, but the gallery's waiting on a sign. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So the photo shoot got postponed. Speaker 1 00:03:22 Postponed. Speaker 3 00:03:22 Yeah. Yeah. That was our In <laugh>. Yeah, exactly. <laugh>. Yes. You weren't booked Speaker 2 00:03:27 <laugh>? No, I said we're doing a podcast. Podcast comes first. <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:03:31 The Suff said that you had a whale above that tail. Is that, Speaker 2 00:03:34 That's a wood carving. Kurt, he's out of situate. He's got some stuff at Expressions over in Tiit. But he asked me, that's what I love about the artist. He came in and he said, what are you looking for? What kind of stuff? And I said, can you do a whale? And he said Sure. And he cranked it out and there it is up on the wall. I want sell it. I wish it wasn't on the wall. Speaker 3 00:03:51 <laugh>. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:03:51 <laugh>. I wish the gallery was empty cuz that would mean everything's sold Speaker 3 00:03:54 And more could come in. Yeah, exactly. Speaker 1 00:03:56 You said you had did a wildlife show that Cindy was a part of you doing like themed shows. Are you just kinda winging it or you got like a schedule out Speaker 2 00:04:03 Or No, nothing yet. I had all that in the works. We moved here four years ago and then eight months in Covid hit <laugh>. That's not part of the plan. Yeah. When I moved here from the Harbor, I'm like, bigger shows. Bigger classes. Yep. More people. Everybody crowded in and then <laugh> Covid hit and it's like, yeah, that's not what we're talking about. So we're I think fully out of it now. Right? Yeah. Yeah. Can we say that? I had some shows lined up. I had some ideas for shows and then we just had to put it on hold. I think we're back at it this summer and spring. I think the next show I want to have is a botanical theme show. Yep. Oh nice. Santa Kennedy's. Speaker 1 00:04:36 Absolutely. And Speaker 2 00:04:37 Late, a lot of Speaker 3 00:04:37 Summer. That kind of time. Speaker 2 00:04:39 Yeah, Speaker 1 00:04:39 Exactly. I imagine this has gotta be a great spot for a reception at night. Doors open, nice weather. Oh yeah. Yeah. For Speaker 2 00:04:45 A parking. The two shows that we did, we did a show with Becky. The weather was perfect, it was beautiful out and we had all the doors open. People were outside out back playing. Cornhole, <laugh>, rivershed did the catering. It was just awesome. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:04:58 Yeah. Plenty of space. Exactly. Speaker 2 00:04:59 Stopping in. Especially after hours. Speaker 1 00:05:01 Stop in here. Stop and grab dinner or something Speaker 2 00:05:03 On your way to road or on your way to Oro. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:05:05 Yeah. I think a botanical show would do good though. Right next to our garden center. You know, you, we've got people already coming in for Exactly floral and garden type team pieces. Stop and get one that lasts on the wall forever. Speaker 2 00:05:14 I'm not a big botanical guy. I mean I shot a lot of stuff here at Kennedy's for them. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So I have a lot of material to work with. Yeah. But I know a lot of the artists that I've worked with before have a lot of botanical themed artwork. Speaker 3 00:05:26 Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Well some nature scapes. Even like that one that you've got that long piece over there with the stone. Yeah. At the ocean. Like something along those lines Doesn't have to Speaker 2 00:05:33 Beers. Speaker 3 00:05:34 Bots. Exactly. He's Speaker 2 00:05:35 Got a flower in it somewhere. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:05:37 <laugh>. Right. Postal shop Speaker 2 00:05:39 Aan. Exactly. There's a dandy line on your grass. Speaker 3 00:05:41 There's some tall seagrass on the edge of the coast of this sun <laugh>. Can't you see it? Yeah. Right there. No, I mean that would be a great show. Cause that's when all the artists are actually getting ready for their spring and summer shows too. Right. So they'll have pieces that they've been making up to have. That's Speaker 2 00:05:53 A, something like that. Yeah's, one of the things is I'm not a big planner and I'm kind of last minute. Yeah. Talk to my wife and daughter about that <laugh>. You know, it's hard for artists to be ready for shows Speaker 3 00:06:03 Last week we're spontaneous. Exactly. You did that spark of influences hit you at the most random time. Exactly. You know, you've been bed three in the morning and it's like, I could do a potato show at the Yeah. What, Speaker 2 00:06:14 Why aren't I Speaker 3 00:06:15 Sleeping? Speaker 2 00:06:15 Yeah. And then you asked, I'm gonna have a show in two weeks. And then most artists maybe have some inventory, but it's not the stuff that is up to snuff or Well, that's what hasn't sold Speaker 3 00:06:23 Or that's what happened during the, the holiday when we had a kind of was a last minute idea for the holiday show that you came and did those two pieces in for And we didn't quite have everything all planned. We knew what artists we wanted. We knew there were certain people we wanted, but the timing was a little last minute. So I have a feeling next year when we go to do it, we'll start it in, you know, get the notes out in September. Speaker 2 00:06:42 Yes. And the two pieces that I entered were ones that I just happened to Speaker 3 00:06:45 <laugh>. They have, they looked great. And then we're getting lots of compliments on. It's just people didn't know enough about it because we didn't have enough stuff out for it at the time to let people know. And this year we can get stuff out. We'll get a little aframe sign out front next year, get it up on the road, a Speaker 2 00:06:58 Good sign out. Social medialis. Speaker 3 00:07:00 Exactly. And then that'll be the start. But you know, you learn that as you go. You know, the first year is always the starter to feel out how you want to go. And then the next year is always to figure it out A kickoff. Exactly. You Speaker 2 00:07:09 Know then next thing you know 10 shows in, you're like, I'm bored. Think Speaker 3 00:07:13 You need something new. Yeah, exactly. That's why we always bring out something new at the store. We're always trying something new. That's how this became part of our Speaker 1 00:07:19 Repoire. Speaker 2 00:07:20 We, you know, we on the road. Speaker 3 00:07:21 Exactly. We knew 10 years ago that we'd be doing <laugh> a podcast about framing. You're Speaker 1 00:07:27 Teaching classes. Speaker 2 00:07:27 Yeah. Thanks for that Reminder. Dave. Classes will be starting up in April. So Yeah. One of the goals here too, having the galleries. We were in Citrix Harbor and the space, it was a cool sort of like octagonal shape space. Not sort of wide walls. It wasn't conducive to classes or large prints. So yeah, moving here classes we can walk around Kennedys and take pictures. Yeah. In the harbor it was like parking was an issue. Everybody can park out front. If we do it late in the evening, classes will be starting up in April. And Speaker 1 00:07:54 Then you've been teaching always you've mastered it and then you decided teaching. Speaker 2 00:07:58 Exactly. In the harbor when we opened up in 2008, we were given classes. We had a space upstairs, just an empty room that I was renting out. That was a little weird cuz it was just an empty room. It didn't feel like if we do classes here you're surrounded by the art artwork. Mm-hmm <affirmative> people can Speaker 3 00:08:11 Look around inspiration colors Speaker 2 00:08:13 Or I can talk about a shot, how I got it if it's something that somebody asked a question about. Yeah. So it's much more interactive. Yeah. Slideshow on the TV and Yep. I just didn't have the space for it in the harbor. Speaker 1 00:08:23 And you still shooting weddings too? No Speaker 2 00:08:26 <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:08:27 Don't tell me. The last one that you did was my friend Robbie Taylor's wedding. Oh Speaker 2 00:08:31 God. Speaker 1 00:08:31 <laugh>. After that one you just had, were you at that one? No, I wasn't there but I saw the pictures. Speaker 2 00:08:36 I have a story about that one. Oh my god. Huge hockey crap. Speaker 1 00:08:39 Yeah, yeah, yeah. Speaker 2 00:08:40 Oh boy Steve. That was insane. I'm like, I knew this was gonna be insane cause it was all hockey Speaker 1 00:08:43 Boys. I didn't know if that was gonna turn you off from shoot Speaker 2 00:08:46 <laugh>. No, no. I wish they were all like that except for this one moment. That's Speaker 3 00:08:49 What broke them. Speaker 2 00:08:49 <laugh> <laugh>. They brought in like a Stanley Cup that was like a plastic blown up Stanley Cup. I'm like, oh this, this is awesome. But I was photographing the rings like I have a macro lens. I asked to borrow the rings to take some detailed macro shots. I always ask, I've never had anybody say no. So we take 'em off. Yeah. Somebody came in with a, like a WWF wrestling belt, <laugh> around their waist. And like when they got announced in and I borrowed the belt and I put the rings on the belt, I could probably pull it up. But here I am with the macro lens, like right down on the rings on the belt. And one guy, I think he was in the wedding party loaded, comes over as I'm shooting, grabs the belt and Speaker 3 00:09:27 The rings rings were on it. Speaker 2 00:09:28 Christine's giant diamond, there's three rings are they went flying and right underneath where I was shooting the table, there was like a vent. Oh Jesus. Like an air conditioning vent. I'm watching these things go bing, bing, bing. He took it and ripped it and the rings went everywhere. And I'm like, dude, I think I literally have a picture, a blurry picture of just the thing being swiped away and the rings. Thank God those rings did not go down. Oh Speaker 3 00:09:49 My god. Yeah. Yeah. It's like that pulling the tablecloth out from underneath. Exactly. And Speaker 2 00:09:53 It didn't work but we found the rings, they still have them so. Oh, <laugh>. I was like, oh my god. Speaker 3 00:09:58 That didn't happen at a Speaker 2 00:09:59 Lot of weddings you shot. No. No <laugh>. No. That was crazy. That was at the uh, seaport. I think that was crazy. <laugh>. Those are fun. I've done like 600 weddings. When you start missing out on stuff that your daughter does. Yeah. On weekends I'm like, do I want to really be with this crowd instead of missing out on my daughter's dance recital or like playing hockey with her at the rink. We used to skate there all the time. Speaker 3 00:10:20 Yeah. I think my daughter was doing that. Hotshot soccer Speaker 2 00:10:23 I think. Yeah. Around the same time. Exactly. Yeah. That stuff I'm like ah really? And sometimes you'd be like, I know these people are gonna get divorced. Why <laugh>? Why am I, why am I missing out on family a month from now? I'm gonna have to take this post down 600 weddings later Saturday. Just get burnt out a little bit. Speaker 3 00:10:38 Yeah, no, you need change. And this is certainly a step in the right direction. Speaker 2 00:10:41 I was shooting weddings since 2003. The gallery was always like the escape plan. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:10:45 Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, who's the weddings? The, Speaker 2 00:10:47 Yeah. That's like the first sort of money I was making and I wanted to get outta corporate America. I got laid off a couple times. I'm like, I really gotta figure out something out for myself. And then I was already shooting and one of my friends, believe it or not, our first wedding was off of Craigslist. Never forget that. That was crazy. One of my friend's, cubicle mates was getting married, Stephanie and Darryl and she's like, do you wanna shoot my wedding? And I'm like, I leaned over to, I'm like okay. And so from there I kind of snowball because everybody at the place I was working. Yeah. Tell us the weddings. I'm like, I didn't have no idea what I was doing. It worked out. That's, that's the best way to Speaker 3 00:11:20 Little opportunities that just come along at the right time. And I'm Speaker 2 00:11:24 Like holy cow, I think I could do this. It just kind of snowballed. It worked out. Thank God my buddy Mike McBrien, who's was my boss back then, we still hang all the time. I think he knew what was going on, but I was actually editing photos for the wedding while I was at work. Yeah. And he would come by. We were friends close the screen. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Oh browser tab. Oh look, I'm checking my email. So it got to the point where I was like getting too busy with the weddings. Yeah. I'm like, I think I can leave corporate America now. Yeah. And then start shooting the weddings. And then I did And it was was bonkers. It was so much work. I had so much more energy back Done. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:11:56 <laugh>. Yeah. Yeah. Kids were wearing you down. Right. Speaker 2 00:11:58 Oh my God. Like the wedding hangovers without drinking. Like just working and like being totally like focused. Look into a camera lens for like eight hours. Speaker 3 00:12:06 Oh. Cause you gotta be in everybody else's moment rather than your own. Exactly. This whole thing with the wedding, it Speaker 2 00:12:10 Was a real thing. Like the next day I'd be like, oh my God. Like I couldn't do anything. I'm like this is ruining my weekend end the next day. And then then Speaker 3 00:12:16 It's not just wedding the receptions afterwards they run a long time. Exactly. You know, if you're there for eight hours a Speaker 2 00:12:21 Time And then I was, I'm the only dope leaving the wedding that's gonna have more work after the wedding than any of the other vendors. Like the DJ is done. Yeah. Yeah. He's never gonna see these brides. Nope. You're never gonna see anybody. Speaker 3 00:12:33 Yeah. You're gonna meet with them, consult with them, pick the photos they wanna print out, go through the whole Speaker 2 00:12:37 Edit the photos. And this is back before Lightroom where you can, you can batch edit, you can change the lighting in one shot and Speaker 3 00:12:43 It just set it to these five Speaker 2 00:12:44 And do all this was like individual photos. You had to go in each week. Each one. It was like two weeks worth of work after the wedding. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Then you do the hourly rate and what am I making? Like $4 an hour after all this is said and done. So it just kind of got old. Then the iPhone came out. I remember we were shooting weddings before the iPhone came out and when the iPhone came out you could see sort of a drop in the interest. Yeah. In how important wedding photography was. Cuz everybody knew Speaker 3 00:13:08 Everybody had a camera. Speaker 2 00:13:09 Everybody had a camera. They were like, Speaker 1 00:13:10 I've seen things at weddings before too. And it's like they're encouraging you to take them. They put 'em on the table. The guests are almost encouraged to take pictures either with Polaroids or remember hashtag thing. Speaker 2 00:13:21 Exactly. Yeah. The hashtag thing, when you see that you're like, oh my god, this is like Uncle Bob's and the bank. Speaker 3 00:13:26 Karens, I remember the old Kodak disposables that they would leave on the Speaker 2 00:13:29 Tables. We did that at our Yeah. And then you gotta paid like 400 bucks to to get one good shot. Speaker 3 00:13:33 They're all got fingerprints. Speaker 2 00:13:34 Exactly. Yeah. They're in the bathroom and pick pictures. <laugh>, I remember my buddy's house we took, that's not worthy of a podcast. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:13:41 Well you know you can always edit out podcast Speaker 2 00:13:44 A picture. Speaker 3 00:13:47 My Speaker 2 00:13:48 Buddy and I went in the men's room in the stall and we only took a picture of the feet underneath the stall and both pants were down. Yeah. And they were standing like right next to each other, behind each other. <laugh>. I'm like what can we do? Yeah. So that's what you're gonna get when you drop these off at cv. That's Yep. <laugh>. And then you're gonna be put on some FBI lists. Yeah. What kind of photos are these? Speaker 3 00:14:07 <laugh>, the place I worked for, we sent the photos out to be developed. I didn't have to do any of that myself. <laugh> Exactly. The old pharmacy job. Exactly. Speaker 1 00:14:14 Yeah. You originally from Ciit or Speaker 2 00:14:16 No, Speaker 1 00:14:17 No. Are you like South Shore Speaker 2 00:14:18 Or? My wife is born and raised in Marshfield. Speaker 1 00:14:21 Okay. Speaker 2 00:14:21 I'm from New Jersey. Okay. I met my wife in college in Bristol at Roger Williams. Oh, okay. And then she lives in Marshfield and I live in Jersey. I'm like, I can't make her move to New Jersey <laugh>. Oh I can move to a coastal town in New England. Yeah. See ya. Lot Speaker 1 00:14:37 Different. A lot of this stuff are yours that we see is a lot of situate stuff. Yeah. How is that mainly cuz the place you used to have the space in situate? We are we still Instuit or when you cross that bridge Speaker 2 00:14:46 That back 20 feet from Marshall. I got as close to Marshall Speaker 1 00:14:49 As I, Speaker 2 00:14:50 When I moved the gallery to Situate. I looked, I looked around when we first opened up in the harbor. I'm like my wife and I's first apartment was in Ciit Harbor. Okay. So it was right near with, we opened up our gallery and I was like, uh, I love Marshall. We live there, but there's not, I think as many, this is gonna be controversial as many things to photograph iconic wise. Yep. Like the lighthouse. The Speaker 1 00:15:11 Lighthouse. Yeah. I mean it's, I 10 shots Speaker 2 00:15:13 With the lighthouse. I mean the lighthouse has basically funded my business for the last <laugh> <laugh> yet 15, 14 years. So Speaker 3 00:15:20 Think I've seen it from every angle that Exactly From overhead with the drone shot, you know. So I mean Speaker 1 00:15:25 The overhead ones. Yeah. The tops missing. Get exactly behind it. Speaker 2 00:15:30 Tops missing now. So there's new photos and it's gonna be restored. It's gonna be shiny. Oh is it? Hopefully they said finished in the next like five or six months. Speaker 3 00:15:37 Oh so far. Six years from now then. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:15:39 Exactly. Speaker 3 00:15:40 <laugh>. Exactly. Massachusetts time clock. Speaker 2 00:15:42 Right. And citrus time clock. Exactly. So it's hard for me to find as much stuff in Marshfield to photograph. Mm-hmm I mean there's boats, there's lobster boats, there's Green Harbor and Brent Rock. I used to live in Brent Rock. Our first house was Speaker 1 00:15:54 There. It's a tower, right? That Speaker 2 00:15:56 Concrete tower. Exactly. Yes. Exactly. I mean I have a lot of 4th of July photos from Brent Rock, but there's nothing really, you know, if somebody, maybe the DOF Tucket house right here on the river. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. That's considered Marshfield I guess. Yep. There's that. But iconic wise, like White House wise. Yeah. And this is back Si Harbor had the lucky fin, the boat with the big shamrock on it. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. I just gravitated more towards that stuff. Speaker 1 00:16:17 Yep. Is that kind of what you enjoy shooting? Like being on the water? Speaker 2 00:16:20 Exactly. I love on the boat or I wish I had friends with boats, which is great. Mm-hmm Yep. Most of my whale photos are taken from Chris Jordan's boat. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. He's the most generous dude I've ever known. He takes me out, took me out a bunch of times, offered to have me on the boat for a weekend tuna fishing tournament. No kidding. And he said the stuff I would see, he's like, it's a Serengeti out there. I'm St. Wagon back. Speaker 1 00:16:41 This is Chris Jordan. The hockey guy Speaker 2 00:16:42 Too, right? Yeah, exactly. Yeah. This boat, the Eskimo's amazing. But like I don't know if I could, he's got a distinctive voice. Yes, exactly. Speaker 1 00:16:48 Yeah. He Coach MyCoach is my daughter. Nice. Speaker 2 00:16:52 Yeah, exactly. Hockey. Speaker 3 00:16:53 Yeah. I love that shot up and feeding there. Speaker 2 00:16:55 That's from Speaker 1 00:16:55 His boat. Are you going shoot something like that like for a two and a tournament. He Speaker 2 00:16:59 Asked Tune so generous in asking and he asked the crew like, Kell's gonna be on the boat, you guys mind. You know? And I just was like, I think if I was on a boat for a full weekend, I'd probably get seasick. I'm like, I don't wanna be that guy. Speaker 3 00:17:11 They're not out there for an hour or two either. They're out there for, Speaker 2 00:17:13 It's like, and they're sleeping Speaker 3 00:17:14 On the boat. They don't catch it costs 'em a thousand dollars in fuel to go back and forth. Exactly. It's still lagging. Speaker 2 00:17:19 So I'm like, I wanna do it so bad. But I don't know what the condition's gonna be. If it's like Speaker 3 00:17:23 You gotta go to BJs by driving mean in bulk. Exactly. Speaker 2 00:17:25 Before you then you're like, if I'm driving mean how good am I gonna be? Taking photos is great. I was like Ah. And I kind of regret it but there's always it's Speaker 1 00:17:32 Yeah. Come back to Right. Speaker 3 00:17:33 Easier way. Go to the docks when they're offloading the tuna. Just get 'em on Speaker 2 00:17:37 <laugh>. Yeah. He was saying like if you're on the boat at sunrise and the sun comes up. Oh yeah. Just like whales are coming by the boat or dolphins. Killer whales occasionally. Speaker 3 00:17:45 Yeah. Well I watch the guys on the wicked tuna showed and like seeing the Speaker 2 00:17:48 Exactly what Speaker 3 00:17:49 I'm picturing. They're like five feet from the boat and the dogs are going crazy and they're like, oh we know it's tuna here. And I'm like Speaker 2 00:17:54 What? And then the conditions I'm picturing like if I'm out there it's gonna be like six foot sweat. Right, Speaker 3 00:17:59 Exactly. Gonna get the day where it's like, oh exactly. Incoming tsunami, hurricane. Speaker 2 00:18:03 I'm like, Chris, if you can guarantee like glass the whole weekend, like that'd be great. Speaker 3 00:18:07 Maybe for 30 minutes. <laugh>. That's just about it. Just shoot. Speaker 2 00:18:10 During that time we've tried, I taught a class on one of his boats on his boat Eskimo, where we did the whale moon rise shots. Okay. Speaker 3 00:18:18 Oh Speaker 2 00:18:18 Cool. He took me out. I've always wanted to shoot whales and I love the moon rise. I'm like, why haven't we done this? Let's do that. And we went out and the conditions were perfect. And then we've tried to have a class like two or three times after but the conditions just didn't work out. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:18:31 Yeah. Cause sometimes you can get that stuff that churns up the luminescent uh, stuff that comes from the whale. You get that like weird, almost like northern, northern lights glow on the water. Exactly. The whales coming out of it. It's awesome. Cause that's all the stuff they're reading. It's all the crile and all the stuff that, but it didn't churn up. Speaker 2 00:18:44 Yeah. Cause the ocean, you know, it's teaching a class on a boat. It was four to six feet so it would Oh yeah. A nightmare. Speaker 3 00:18:50 Yeah. <laugh> plus New England. You don't like the weather. Wait five Speaker 2 00:18:52 Minutes. Right. The one class we did, it was awesome. The whales came out at moonlight. Some people got shots of the whales below the moon and there was a huge pot of dolphins as we were leaving to get to where we're going following the boat. I'm like, oh this is amazing. Speaker 3 00:19:04 I love seeing them. I take the uh, Speaker 2 00:19:05 Get some shots like right there on the tv. Speaker 3 00:19:07 Oh, okay. I, Speaker 2 00:19:08 That's not on the class. That's the first time Speaker 3 00:19:09 We ever, but still, I mean I love stuff like that where they're just kind of poking up out of the water. Yeah. And just taking a look around. Speaker 2 00:19:14 So yeah. I think you asked the two things I love photographing the most are storms and whales. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:19:19 And storms from land. Speaker 2 00:19:20 Exactly. Speaker 3 00:19:21 Now storms from water, the Speaker 2 00:19:23 Yeah, exactly. And I think that's sort of why, uh, I gravitated more towards situate too because when we lived in the harbor in like late nineties, we got married in 97. So we were living there and we got engaged in the harbor and then we moved to our house in Marshfield in 2000. So we were there in the late nineties. Situ was like the storm center. Yeah. All these news trucks go there. Yeah. There's always something going on. They always show clips of, I think even in the movie, the Perfect Storm, they showed situ. Yeah. Yep. So it was like Storm Central. I wound up being on the cover of the Boston Globe. A guy was taking pictures in situate of me with my disposable CVS camera <laugh> traipsing through like three foot snowbank taking Speaker 3 00:20:01 Pictures. Oh Speaker 2 00:20:01 Cool. Yeah, he was on the front page of the globe. I'm like, oh wow. That's pretty cool. So that kind of like started my like storm chasing kickoff. Yeah, yeah. Exactly. And I'm like, I'm in the epicenter it seems like of New England for storm Speaker 3 00:20:13 Chasing. Yeah. There's nothing better than a storm during the summertime. I love Speaker 2 00:20:16 Watching him on. Exactly. Speaker 3 00:20:17 I was talking to Mike Sleeper. Mm-hmm. Once and he had come in the day after he had made a post that he put up on Facebook and it was just a shot from him. Like at the water's edge with half water, half shoreline in the distance. Just lightning strikes like crazy. Yeah. In the distance that you could see and it's just a lighting change between over the water and you just can't get that any other time <laugh>. No. Speaker 2 00:20:36 And it's such a cool spot to be in surrounded here. Speaker 3 00:20:39 Yeah. I've done a few out west too when I go out there for my family. Speaker 2 00:20:41 I haven't been yet to that. I've heard that lightning out there is, Speaker 3 00:20:44 It's a whole other Yeah, that's that web crawling lightning across the sky. Exactly. And you get, Speaker 2 00:20:48 They last a little longer. Speaker 3 00:20:49 Yeah. The air turns like a greenish issue when they get the windstorms that come through when you get little tornado gust ups and everything just turns green and you're like, okay, time to get inside <laugh>. Exactly. Like why, what's going on? No, we're gonna pull over Now. I'm like, oh, why are we under the underpass? Oh, okay. <laugh>. Exactly. You know that kind of stuff. So they don't even joke around out there when that stuff happens. Yeah, that's that's There's nowhere to go <laugh>, Speaker 2 00:21:08 Right? Yeah. It's all flat. Right. Speaker 3 00:21:10 Exactly. So no place to hide. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:21:12 What are you running on Speaker 2 00:21:13 A loop on the tv? Speaker 1 00:21:14 How, how many images you got in that Speaker 2 00:21:15 Bank? About 900 that's running on the website. So there's a features I use Zenfolio. You can just, oh yeah. Yeah. Hit the slideshow button and loop. Speaker 1 00:21:23 Nice. I'm just looking around the space. Still Speaker 3 00:21:26 Taking it off. Well what's the thing, you can look around here for an hour and you'd still be looking at something new. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:21:30 That was the goal. Like when I opened a gallery in 2008, I'm like, I didn't even know how to run a business. I was like, is there some kind of illuminati for gallery owners to like get hazed and like you gotta go. Yeah. Your Speaker 3 00:21:41 Dues before you. Speaker 2 00:21:42 Yeah, exactly. It's just some kind of club I have to be in for years Speaker 3 00:21:45 Or can you just throw your calorie name up there and just hope for the best. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:21:48 Exactly. I think you can just rent a spot and open up a gallery. That's what I did. And we were on Coal Parkway for one year. The next year we moved to Front Street on the opposite side. And remember the day I decided to open a gallery, I was like, this place is for rent. And I sat in the parking lot on Coal Parkway. Yeah. Coal parkway's. The big parking lot that goes to the waters edge. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. I counted how many cars drove by the place I wanted to rent. Yep. It was a busy Speaker 3 00:22:11 Day. Just had the notepad out and Speaker 2 00:22:13 Exactly. It was like in an hour there was like 200 cars that went by. Yeah, yeah. All right, let's rent the spot. And it worked for a year. But then I found like all those cars that drove by parked in that parking lot and walked to Front Street <laugh>. Yeah. I'm like okay. A lot of people saw the spot but they didn't come in because they parked and walked to Front Street. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, that is where everybody walks. So then the next year we opened up a spot on Front Street. Speaker 3 00:22:36 Yep. We hear that all the time. People go, oh we drive by your business all the time up and down that road. Exactly. And like we've seen the sign, I had a guy stop in last night. He goes, do you have those turnbuckle things for the back of a frame? I'm like, that's what you stopped in here for. Okay. But uh, lemme see what we can find. Yes. But you know, it's just those random things that people happen to stop in and look and Exactly. Speaker 2 00:22:53 Walk Speaker 3 00:22:53 In. Speaker 1 00:22:53 We get em through the door once and then they come back. Yeah, exactly. You know, I mean that's when we always try to have like events and stuff at the store, Speaker 2 00:22:59 You know, it makes it perfect sense. Exactly. People more comfortable and people drive by for 10 years. Hey you're spotting. Then they finally come in and go, oh that's what this is. Yeah. <laugh>. Speaker 3 00:23:09 Exactly. Unless we made enough connections with a lot of people in the area that you know, we can always have something going on and get help from somebody with this or Oh you use you for this. Oh you can run the charity thing for this while we're doing this. Yep, exactly. It's all that crossover that helps. Like you said, when you open it up to having the other people here in this gallery. Yeah. You know, changing everything up a little bit. I'm sure that Speaker 2 00:23:28 The art world here in the South shore, it's just, yeah. Speaker 3 00:23:30 Oh we're saturated. Speaker 2 00:23:31 There's so many amazing artists out here. It's just unreal. The ocean. I think artists gravitate towards the Speaker 3 00:23:37 Ocean. You hear New England, you think coast. Yeah. It's either coast during the spring or summer or the fall in the ot. When you think of the leaves and everything change and that's what everyone thinks. Speaker 2 00:23:44 Yeah. And then there's like every Speaker 3 00:23:46 Medium. Yeah. Just tell us, listen, you're not missing anything really. Exactly. You've got three dimensional art, you've got photography, you've got acrylic painting Speaker 2 00:23:53 There, there. I never take it for granted. Like I say, you know, once you get comfortable shooting and you know you're kind of good at what you do any day. Like right now if we close up shop and you know, I went out somewhere, I could probably get something that I could Right. Hang in the gallery. Yep. There's just so much to see in Duxbury or Hingham Harbor or Cohasset. Just the South shore is just insane. Speaker 3 00:24:13 See I don't get to the coast as often cause I'm more wath side. I'm the old naval base. Used to be. Yeah. They used to be another big place where people used to photograph things all the time when it was an actual active air base and stuff. Speaker 2 00:24:22 Are they doing movies out there now? Speaker 3 00:24:24 Yeah, they still do shoe movies. They never open the studio officially out there. Right. But occasionally you'll see like this large area with like 200 box containers blocking off the field of view from everything <laugh>. Cuz they're filming in that section hearings down there too. They do. Speaker 2 00:24:37 I do a lot of the event, the gala for the Hot Sesso hospital they have. Speaker 3 00:24:41 Oh yes. That one when they do that setup at the 10th off on the side. Exactly. Yes. Every time I drive my alley going again, you see the blue lights go up. Exactly. And you see everything going on. Speaker 2 00:24:48 So I'm, I'm usually there photographing Speaker 3 00:24:50 That. Yeah. That's what they pretty much use that space for. The other thing is just a couple of radio flyers go out there and fly the model airplane but like smaller scale, they're like full size so you get 'em flying around and you get it in front of, they still have the old weather tower and Speaker 2 00:25:02 It looks like it's a legit and Speaker 3 00:25:03 It looks like legit plane still flying around. So it's kind of funny you see the photographers out there with them taking pictures of that stuff too. But when I go with Dave on installs on occasion, like we went to the Harbor masters thing when we did the, the three maps down there. Where? In Wayman? That was in No, that was in Marshall. Speaker 2 00:25:17 Marshall. Speaker 3 00:25:17 Oh, okay. Yeah. So we were down right on like you could see the homes. You see like the water rush right up <laugh>. Oh Speaker 2 00:25:22 Yeah, yeah. Yes. Speaker 3 00:25:22 Rushing right up onto you know, Speaker 2 00:25:24 One in Denzel's. Speaker 3 00:25:25 Yes. Elier too. That's exactly where they filmed at. That's what I think of every single time. I see. See that now. Exactly. Speaker 2 00:25:30 You were the Russian guy off there. Yes. Speaker 3 00:25:32 <laugh> Pedro Pascal <laugh>. That's right. Yep, that's right. Holy cow. Yeah it was before Mandalorian and that's right Speaker 2 00:25:39 Left. It was Pedro. Oh my Speaker 3 00:25:40 Gosh. But yeah, that's what I think of when I see that. It's like I'm like I know what that's from and I know that everybody used their homes for that shot for that area. So Exactly. That's where Remind when you were saying all about the storm shots, that's what I was thinking of was Counterpoint Bridge and when they were filming that I'm like oh that's not something I wanna drive across during Speaker 2 00:25:56 A storm. What was that other Chris Pine movie with Speaker 3 00:25:58 Oh the Coast Guard one. Exactly. Yes Speaker 2 00:26:00 They Speaker 3 00:26:01 Did Speaker 2 00:26:01 That PowerPoint Speaker 3 00:26:01 Something our finest hour. Finest hour. Finest hour. Yes, exactly. Speaker 2 00:26:04 The perfect storm. All these movies and Speaker 3 00:26:06 That's what like wind's gonna be storming out in the coast. That's what they think. Yes, on occasion, yes. But not every single time. Otherwise it wouldn't Speaker 2 00:26:13 Be here. Don don't be afraid. <laugh>, Speaker 3 00:26:14 You've Speaker 2 00:26:15 Pretty much got the lighthouse covered from every angle if possible, huh? Yeah. Speaker 3 00:26:19 Yeah. You got the wave crash, you've got this nice blue one. Speaker 2 00:26:21 Some Harris I'm, I'm like almost at the point where I'm like exactly on to some I love the scene without the top. I'm like oh my god Speaker 3 00:26:27 For 20 years. Well you said that something changed that makes it a Speaker 2 00:26:30 Different thing change. Exactly. And then once they redo it, it won't be that greenish copper color. It'll be shiny until it gets the Speaker 3 00:26:36 Pat on. Yeah. But that'll be kind of cool to actually see like a progression like veneer kind of thing would be Speaker 2 00:26:40 Exactly if they do it levels or I don't know if they're gonna gonna drop it on. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:26:44 I don't know how to, it'd be kinda cool to see it like change, do like a shot from that one spot in the same spot like Yes and do like a time progression Now Speaker 1 00:26:51 Are you doing drone stuff too? Speaker 2 00:26:52 Yeah, there's some of the drone shots I have right from above I have with life from above. Speaker 1 00:26:57 Is that something you're doing a lot of? Yes Speaker 2 00:27:00 And no. I mean drones are tricky. Uh, anyway, you gotta have the right conditions. Like it can't be too windy. Can't Speaker 3 00:27:04 Be windy <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:27:05 Exactly. Speaker 3 00:27:05 Get some nice water shots. Speaker 2 00:27:07 <laugh>. Yeah, exactly. So the minute light is tricky to get to. It's a mile off shore. Yeah. My drone's older so the battery life isn't as long. Speaker 3 00:27:15 <laugh>. Yeah. That's not something you wanna risk and Speaker 2 00:27:17 Uh, but yes, when the drones came out it was like a whole new Yeah. I'm like oh my god. The top of situ leg. Like that's what it looks like. Yeah. Top of my leg Speaker 3 00:27:25 Photographing these. I wouldn't know. That's what the top of that like Right like front, like like a gazebo Speaker 2 00:27:29 Patio table Speaker 3 00:27:30 Or something. I'm like oh that's nice. You can go there and have a nice Yeah. Speaker 2 00:27:33 Sip Speaker 1 00:27:33 Picnic. That was my favorite frame that you got in here too. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:27:36 Copper tray. You know what's funny about that and mine too but you know, you gotta go with the people pay. I'm swapping that photo out for another photo. Right. They love the frame but Speaker 1 00:27:45 The frame's awesome. Speaker 2 00:27:46 Yeah. Yeah. It's a copper planter trick. Speaker 3 00:27:47 Okay. Oh okay. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:27:49 Yeah, yeah. I purposely put that photo of the lighthouse in there cuz the copper of the lighthouse. Yeah. But it's gonna be a picture of Nantucket waves at sunsets. Yeah. Similar colors but they love the Speaker 3 00:27:58 Frame. The floaters are great for that. You know, the gig can feel so much more open without it. So Cal Speaker 1 00:28:02 Turns a lot of these things into a phrase. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:28:04 Yeah exactly That piece there is scrap wood from Birch Barn. Speaker 3 00:28:08 That's awesome. I Speaker 2 00:28:09 Love that one. You know they put it on Instagram, they're like first one to come said I'm like oh a pile of scrap wood from Speaker 3 00:28:13 Birch Barn. Yeah. Even just having this metal one set on top of this. Yeah. Old uh door. Exactly. It looks Speaker 1 00:28:18 Great. Yeah, that's like very similar to the one that I have of yours. Okay. My house but only it's on a horse. Speaker 2 00:28:23 I'd love to see, send me a picture of that. Yeah, I love seeing the old stuff. I might have a picture of it ready but I'm not sure which one. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:28:29 But it's like the same idea. It's on like heavier standoffs and as a horizontal but like same type of thing. Like maybe like some sort of cabinet door. Speaker 2 00:28:36 Nice. Speaker 1 00:28:36 Some of these other ones are pretty interesting too. Speaker 3 00:28:38 Like it's, well the reclaimed wood and everything is always, Speaker 2 00:28:40 I'm looking at stuff now. Exactly. Like if I see something I'm like how can I get Speaker 3 00:28:44 A print on that? It's part of the art. Exactly. It's part of the, Speaker 2 00:28:47 It's one of the things that, you know, that's one of a kind now people can buy, have the same print but with that mounting it becomes one of a Speaker 3 00:28:54 Kind. Yeah, exactly. But even this one here with this, you know, modern trim cuts on there and the open feeling and Speaker 2 00:28:59 The, and that was sort of happy accident cuz I didn't have enough of that scrap wood wouldn't reach around, finish the frame. So I'm Speaker 3 00:29:06 Like what is that printed on Birchwood too or like maple? Maple. Maple. Yeah. Nice. Speaker 2 00:29:09 So I just cut it at a 45 at the two corner or something. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:29:12 It kind of looks cool. Gives it a little personality, a unique flavor to 'em. Which yeah Speaker 1 00:29:16 And you do all the like the woodwork stuff and sticking the, you know. Yes. Did you do that all here or do that? No, Speaker 2 00:29:21 I did at home Speaker 1 00:29:21 When I bought that piece from you seemed like you had like a space you had set up Little Speaker 2 00:29:26 Bit but it was uh, Speaker 1 00:29:26 Kinda like a workshop Speaker 2 00:29:28 In a sense and then it was like controlling the dust. Oh Speaker 3 00:29:30 God was little Speaker 2 00:29:31 And then the noise, I'm like I don't wanna be the walls between the toy store and the lady who worked at Wishbones. Yeah. So I did. I was trying to get away with a, as much as I could there. It's better to have it all in one shop. Yeah. Sometimes I'd have a tool there and I'm like, this stuff is at home so I just do it all in the same spot. Speaker 1 00:29:48 Is that something you were involved in before? Like just like woodworking stuff or is that just something No, not really picked up. Just try to figure out a way to Yeah. Make the, I Speaker 2 00:29:56 Mean I'm not by no means am I like anywhere near like, uh, craftsman, but uh, I have enough, what did they say? Like have enough knowledge Speaker 3 00:30:03 To general knowledge. Dangerous. Yep, yep. Exactly. <laugh>. Exactly. So I push this button and pull this here. Hope, Speaker 2 00:30:07 Hope this will, if I pull down on this, it'll cut this wood. You know, I've always loved driftwood and I've always tried to make frames outta driftwood. Oh. But it's so tricky. Speaker 3 00:30:14 You gotta have the right pieces just to line up. Even seeing people try to make the larger stump type pieces and make like a table of something. A piece of glass across the top of it. Exactly. Yeah. It's not made to be flat. It wants to wobble. Exactly. It's not. Speaker 2 00:30:24 Yeah. So it's a learning curve and uh, just kind of wing it. Yep. Speaker 1 00:30:28 Yeah. I love the way the photos look like with that mount onto the Speaker 2 00:30:32 The metal print. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:30:33 It just Speaker 2 00:30:34 Probably my favorite medium to print on it's metal. Speaker 1 00:30:35 Like it makes the water really You've got, can Speaker 2 00:30:38 I see anything that's shimmers? Speaker 3 00:30:39 Yeah, yeah. Like that long tall one you've got right there. That one with the water on it again, it just looks so reflective. Speaker 2 00:30:45 It's, and the metals come in six different finishes from Okay. Gloss to satin. So you can Speaker 1 00:30:51 Almost too many options from Speaker 2 00:30:52 Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:30:54 Like you want the water to Yeah. Speaker 3 00:30:55 We start going like do you want conservation clear? Do you want non-clear reflection control? What do sea glass ar glass, what Speaker 2 00:31:01 Do you Speaker 3 00:31:02 Prefer? Exactly. And the glazed look comes over their eyes. Yes. And they're like What? What do you Speaker 2 00:31:05 Think Speaker 3 00:31:06 <laugh>? Yeah. But yeah, it all depends on what you're trying to do with the picture. Speaker 2 00:31:08 Right. So that's where like experience in printing, seeing certain images on certain mediums. Speaker 3 00:31:12 Mm-hmm <affirmative> having them up in a gallery space like this, having them set on a wall instead of having them just photographs and a computer screen Yes. Is always different. Seeing them in a Speaker 2 00:31:20 Dimension. When we open the gallery I was like, I probably could do this all online but, Speaker 3 00:31:23 Which is fine but it's Speaker 2 00:31:25 Not People Speaker 3 00:31:25 Need to, yeah. They want to see it. Speaker 2 00:31:26 See the size. Like nobody knows what a 16 by 20 is compared to a 24 by 36 or Speaker 3 00:31:31 Well look at the shadow cast you get underneath that one. Exactly. Like something like that's gonna affect how it is on your wallet home. Right. The flat two-dimensional image you see on this screen doesn't give you Speaker 2 00:31:39 All Speaker 3 00:31:40 Exactly. Speaker 2 00:31:41 So and the texture or metals are impossible to showcase online. The reflections are like you can't showcase that. Yeah. You have to be in the room and move around it and see what it looks like when Speaker 3 00:31:50 Lens. Yeah. Chasing with the high gloss frames that just looks like a super bright white frame. Right. And then trying to film it though or shoot it without getting lens flare or getting a spotlight one spot. You know, you gotta be like nearly impossible. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:32:01 White boost, like just Speaker 3 00:32:03 The Speaker 2 00:32:03 Camera then the size limit spoken into Speaker 3 00:32:05 A whole. Exactly. So it's very, very difficult. Speaker 2 00:32:08 The gallery's almost. It's rare that people will come in and buy something off the wall. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. Unless it's like a custom piece that's one of a kind but Right. It's more like a showroom. Yeah. Like oh this is what a 60 by 40 is and this is what the canvas looks like now Can I get this picture in like 55 by 32? Yeah. So it's more Speaker 3 00:32:27 That. Yeah. It's the selling point. Oh I think the seeing it like this and I like that it's on the white walls too with the reverse with the pine ceiling. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:32:35 We were gonna do something with the scene. We were gonna pickle it or like whitewash Speaker 3 00:32:38 It but yeah I think it's a nice just contrast with it cuz it's usually the way around. It's the white ceiling with something on the wall. Exactly. Wall. So it's a nice slip. Which is great. Were Speaker 2 00:32:45 You involved in, were you doing any work? I said this is what I want. Yeah, like what size window? Like where the doors and then he had these guys build it out. Yep. And they cranked it out this floor. I got work local Beth Wyn. I was involved with them at the point, I think we were renting space maybe from them and I'm like we did your for and it's a place in Marshfield and we got same exact floor. Yep. It's just right over the cement. It's waterproof. Speaker 3 00:33:08 Yeah. You get so many different varis so now it's great. Yeah. But let's got that nice coastal gray weathered Yes. Field to it. So you've got it across the board. You've got all the coastal tones. The Speaker 2 00:33:15 Goal is kind of Nantucket ish a little Speaker 3 00:33:17 Bit. Yeah, well I mean you have a majority of blue and a lot of your pieces here. Blues, blue grays. Right. You're, that's tone of things and that's coastal. Yeah. So having it on the white really makes it pop. Especially the metal ones or this Becky's one that's the dark black. Speaker 2 00:33:30 Yeah. Yeah. And then we did the accent wall. My friend Danielle Driscoll, he just did some frames for it. She talked me into now talk me into suggested. And I was like, yeah if you say so. Does she show stuff with you on occasion too or She did. Her and her son John had some artwork here but now she, I think she's like pretty much crushing it online I think. Yeah, she seems like she does pretty well there. Yeah, she's doing wholesale now, which is awesome. But she suggested the black accent wall. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:33:53 Mm-hmm <affirmative>. Which is cool. A lot of people think black's gonna be so dark and like so depressing. I mean now it's actually, it's, it allows like especially vibrant colors and things to really jump off of like just looking at this aqua green and you know. Yeah. Against Speaker 2 00:34:05 The we Speaker 3 00:34:05 Against the black really would stand it I think more than against the white. It's one of those things that I come up with people all the time. They're like Oh I wanna do something that, not one of these colors but the white's a little much. I'm like what about black? They're like, oh it's gonna be heavy. I'm like, no it's not really gonna be heavy. It's gonna just make it actually change the dimensionality feeling of a picture. It's gonna make it feel either a little more compact. Your vision white opens up black makes you feel a little more pulled into. Exactly. So exactly. If you want depth, black's a great way Speaker 2 00:34:29 To go. It's almost like you're focused more on the image. Exactly. Speaker 3 00:34:31 Yeah. So yeah, there's a lot of little things like that that you just pick up over time knowing people shouldn't be afraid of being able to play around with colors. Find out if you don't like it, you can always change it. It it's very easy thing to change. Yes. But you know you can always paint the wall different. Exactly. Exactly. Speaker 2 00:34:45 <laugh>. Yeah. Yeah. Nice plum. Do it in Photoshop first. Speaker 3 00:34:47 Yeah, that's the thing nowadays too, you can do a lot of those camera programs will have a thing where you can load up Depot app and take a Speaker 2 00:34:54 Snapshot, put it on what the Speaker 3 00:34:55 Wall is, put the bear color wall you want in there and then just put your picture in there and see I've been doing Speaker 2 00:34:59 That a lot. Having that skillset now was absolute to it. But being able to tell clients somebody came in earlier today and I said send me a picture of the wall on a measurement in Photoshop. I'll put stuff up that I think Speaker 3 00:35:08 Works. Yes. That's a great way seeing it in the space. Yeah. Yeah. There's even like the ones where you're like I wanted to buy a driftwood or like a Barnwood entertainment center for a room just cause we just redid everything with floor similar to this. So I wanted something like that against the pale gray wall and like it actually lets you like drop the actual thing in a three dimensional space to see it in there. It's crazy. Speaker 2 00:35:27 It's Speaker 3 00:35:27 What we can do now with all this stuff. You don't even have to go there. Even put shadows on the floor. Speaker 2 00:35:32 Yeah, exactly. I'm thinking the next show after maybe the botanical show will be ai. Just go to the website and click in what kind of art you want and then print it out and we'll hang it Speaker 3 00:35:41 Up. Yeah. We played around with it one time where we went around and did the 360 panoramic. Like we just went around two different key points in our gallery space upstairs and what it do and you just take a shot from there. It takes a 360 so people just go to this dot and now you're standing in front of this piece. But I wanna see it from an angle. Really just look left or right. That's crazy. Speaker 1 00:35:58 You could do, yeah we had Brian Doherty. Oh that's right. Speaker 2 00:36:01 I remember I saw that and asked him if he could do that for the gallery after. Speaker 1 00:36:04 Yeah. I wanted to do like I still in my head like want to come up with like the way to use that space upstairs is so you can be like our virtual gallery. Speaker 2 00:36:11 Right. For people who aren't in the local area. Speaker 1 00:36:13 Yeah. Better just to get a heads up and like to see stuff. Yeah. And like you know you push it out on social media and people can look at it and then they come in, you know. Speaker 3 00:36:20 Exactly. See it. I mean I've done the VR tours of the Louv and things like that just to go and see and basically it's just a guy with a camera or just walking around and he stands in front of a certain piece for so long and then Exactly while you're in that space I could do yeah this and I could follow exactly what Speaker 2 00:36:33 I do. Exactly. It's like the Google Speaker 3 00:36:33 Cards around Exactly. Same idea. Same idea. Google Earth. Speaker 1 00:36:37 I'd seen Brian's the home tours of these nights. Exactly. Unbelievable. Home tours. Forgot, yeah. I's like virtual tour or something. Speaker 2 00:36:43 But it's Zoom into the room, turn around and look zoom out. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:36:46 That seemed like the way to go. But we're still trying different things you gotta Speaker 3 00:36:49 Play around. Speaker 1 00:36:49 Exactly. Try and just walking through with the camera too. Speaker 2 00:36:52 And then you can also, I think if you see something on the wall you can click on it and buy it. Yes. Speaker 1 00:36:56 Yeah, probably. Yeah Speaker 3 00:36:57 They do. They have the little AI tags pops up like almost like a mini QR code right. Type idea where it just, you click on it and it actually comes off and you can store it to look at later and that kind Speaker 2 00:37:07 Stuff. It's funny though, like we opened the gallery thought about opening it before smartphones were huge. Yes. And that was like, you know if you look at stuff online on your computer now you are looking at stuff like how do you showcase a 40 by 60 on your phone? Like how do you Speaker 3 00:37:20 Get, how do you get the scale to scale? Yeah. Yeah. And the thing without somebody else that you know or something else being in the, you know that's why when they were do crime scene shots, put down the dollar bill. Oh exactly. You know put a quarter on. Exactly. Gives you a sense of you know, probably cuz everyone knows it. It's a common thing. Exactly. Without having to put a tape measure on your wall. Speaker 2 00:37:37 It's funny you say that, just get a gun sideways. I almost took a job as a crime scene, crime Speaker 3 00:37:41 Scene photographer. Speaker 2 00:37:42 I got offered it, I applied for it then I'm like, Speaker 3 00:37:45 Do I really wanna see that kind of Speaker 1 00:37:46 Stuff every Speaker 2 00:37:47 Once they, once they said, you know, are you really sure about what you're gonna see and do? I'm like, no. Once they really said yeah you might see this or you might see that or I'm like, oh Speaker 3 00:37:55 Yeah. Okay. Second thought. Yeah, it's great on law and order. It's another Speaker 2 00:38:00 <laugh>. Exactly. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:38:01 The weddings in the magazine works probably. Speaker 3 00:38:03 It's enough chaos for Speaker 2 00:38:04 You. Exactly. Speaker 1 00:38:05 The magazine stuff. South Shore Home. Are you doing like regular work for some of the other magazines? Speaker 2 00:38:10 Hang a magazine I shot that's I think right now. Just a yearly or Yeah, Maria Allen and Jane for the magazine are great. I love working with them. Yeah. Shooting for them. I do a lot of restaurants. Speaker 1 00:38:20 Um Is that a door open there too? Like you go on beach or something and then they need more stuff? Speaker 2 00:38:24 Yeah. Yeah. And I do a lot of food shots for advertisements for the magazine. Yep. There you go. It's not only just for the magazine but the restaurants want good photos so they can put an ad in the magazine. Speaker 1 00:38:33 Yeah, you have to eat the food. Food afterwards. Speaker 2 00:38:35 Yes. <laugh>. Speaker 3 00:38:36 Yes. Oh darn. Speaker 2 00:38:37 Exactly. I do a lot for Orta. Brett and Kara's restaurant. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. He's like whatever you wanna take. But some restaurants are like, no, no, no that's not cooked fully. Like don't eat that scalp. Speaker 3 00:38:48 I got a good sea on it. But it's not fully cooked all the way through. Yeah, he's five minutes in the oven. Speaker 2 00:38:52 Yeah. How rush they were. We just did one not too long ago for Cas and Flag in the Marshall. Speaker 3 00:38:57 Okay. Oh yeah. Speaker 1 00:38:57 There are all the frames in there when Oh yeah. Happened. Yeah. That was a project. Speaker 2 00:39:00 Yeah, this was a project too. They had nice guys. Their menu is insane and huge. You know, I thought it was gonna be like an all day thing. They cranked out every dish they had in an hour. I had like three tables. They have like Speaker 3 00:39:12 The stool ones in the back. Exactly. That's family. Most of the Speaker 2 00:39:15 Time They had like four that was filled and I'm like I gotta move. Food's getting Speaker 3 00:39:18 Cold like it. That'd be a great shot in itself. Just seeing it was, these are all the options. Speaker 2 00:39:22 Exactly. It was, I walked with it, the iPhone around. Holy cow. It must have been like 50, 60 dishes. Speaker 3 00:39:28 That's the first place I found for my kid that they actually had like a ramen bowl in the menu. He psyched. Like this giant like bowl you was, takes home. We've eaten there several. I didn't know we did the framing for that place. Speaker 2 00:39:37 It's a small one. I think the connection came because I photographed a wedding of the girl who hired me to photographed cheese and manager there <laugh>. I photographed their wedding way back. Speaker 1 00:39:46 Yeah. And they just go, oh, I know guys. I Speaker 3 00:39:48 Know. Speaker 1 00:39:49 Yeah. Yeah. No, we did some stuff for them when the place in Boston and then Oh yeah. They were opening up and I sent a couple emails off and yes. I didn't think anything was ever gonna come of it because it got too close to the opening date and then it was like, yeah, we didn't meet all these friends that were gonna meet a Speaker 2 00:40:04 Bunch, a couple do for Speaker 1 00:40:07 Tomorrow. Yeah. Yeah. That was a fun one going in there and like, you know, all the, yeah. Yeah. And some of the stuff that they saw, we actually, the collection of images they use, I ended up buying some of those too and selling a few of those. Oh cool. The Brierly collection or something like that. Yep. I dunno, they were all like the old images that they might have all come from like scans on those class negatives too. Oh, very Speaker 2 00:40:27 Cool. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:40:28 Yeah. You know, just like old cool Speaker 2 00:40:29 Historical images. Yeah. That stuff's awesome. I wanted to figure out a way to get some of that stuff in here somehow, but it's hard to find who owns the rights and Yep. Some of the old historic stuff is pretty Speaker 1 00:40:40 Cool. You know, they had the Bobby Orff, but I'll see if I can take up some of the stuff. But I feel like there was like a collection and there was like two brothers, they had to come and give me images. Yeah. So that I could put 'em into frames. Yeah. But then I feel like they sold the collection of images too, so, so cool. Yeah, it was interesting. Those ones like great. Like those old black and white photographs. Exactly. Like all the stuff that's wrong with, you know, CP Tone one. Yeah. They just look awesome. Speaker 2 00:41:01 And how delicate they are. Still around Speaker 1 00:41:04 A little. I was like talking earlier too about the stories behind those things Right. Are like just interesting, you know, like every piece in here probably has the story. Speaker 2 00:41:11 One of the things I remember, I didn't know owning a gallery, people love talking to me about Yeah. The stories behind the photos. Yeah. One time we went away for two weeks on vacation. We were in the harbor. It was over summer, it was like a busiest, um, two weeks during heritage days. So August, usually we crush it those two weeks. Yeah. We went away to Pacific Northwest and it was amazing. That's nice. We hired two people to work at the gallery and we didn't have one sale. I'm like, oh my gosh. Came back like not only do we have to pay the person, people that worked there. Yeah. We didn't make any sales immediately. Like when I came back sales kicked in. Yeah. Because people like coming in and talking, talking Speaker 3 00:41:47 To the person who did the photography or knows the person who had exactly the stuff on the wall. Yeah. Which we find quite often. Like we had a woman in Mimi Walsh was in the other day. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> and she's a local designer, but Joanne Yeah. Barbara, her sister was in with pieces to get framed up for Yeah. Something. And she went right over and they started talking back and forth and talking about like how her sister had had all this stuff, how they had done the show for after she passed and Right. People are still to this day bringing in pieces and they bought from that show. Exactly. We get them in once a week and it's like you can instantly tell who the artwork is just by looking not even at the signature, just the style, the way that was done. Yeah. And that's something nice and a lot of people want to hear behind exactly these things. Every time someone walks in and sees the mic sleeper on the wall, they want to know where that was. Yeah. When it was shot. So I've got like a whole list of things I know about. Exactly. Come in. Because people want to know. And that's what this whole thing was about, was to get the artists on so that people get a, a feeling for Speaker 2 00:42:38 Hearing. Like how their head gets wrapped around what they're creating. Speaker 3 00:42:41 Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So we want to eventually, when we get a nice big group of these altogether, we're gonna run and make a nice continuous loop that we can run upstairs of just the different voices of the different artists that we have. Just to, again, the voices of the South shore basically for art. And that's kinda the idea of that with this whole process. That'll be Speaker 2 00:42:56 A big loop. Speaker 3 00:42:56 Yeah, it will. Well the thing we're open for a long time, <laugh>. Exactly. Maybe if it goes for two days and I don't have to get the pause button, it'd be great. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:43:03 We, on our honeymoon, we went to Italy in like 2001. We bought this print, it was huge. The Pharaohs horses, it was like a graph drawing of the closeup of three horses. And it was the Pharaoh who was chasing Moses. Speaker 3 00:43:19 Oh, okays. Speaker 2 00:43:20 Yeah. Through Through the parting, yeah. Rams through the parting of the Red Sea. And it was like the horses, just their faces right before, I think Speaker 3 00:43:27 The, the water crashed in. Yeah. So they, after the Terrifi fire. Speaker 2 00:43:30 Yeah. <laugh>. It was such a cool image. And my wife and I bought it in Italy. Not much. It was rolled up and it made it home. Okay. And then we had you guys frame it. It's huge. It's one of our favorite pieces in the house. Speaker 3 00:43:39 Oh, there you go. There's, there's our question for you. What's on your wall question? Speaker 2 00:43:42 Probably like 60 wide. 60 square. Speaker 3 00:43:44 Oh wow. So 50 or 60 square Speaker 2 00:43:46 Right in our living room. Speaker 3 00:43:48 That's awesome. Yeah. Yeah. You just answered one of our questions was that's one of your favorite pieces on the wall and there you go. Speaker 2 00:43:53 Yeah, that's one. And I remember picking out the frame and making sure that actually the print, it was on really nice watercolor paper or Speaker 3 00:43:59 Whatever, the heavy rag cutter. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:44:01 Yeah, yeah. But it got rolled up but I think it got scuffed somehow and there was like a mark on it. So the bottom part of the mat, you guys raced it up a little. Oh, covered Speaker 3 00:44:09 It. Wait, so that it was like, yeah, exactly. Yeah. Do you have mush of your own Speaker 2 00:44:12 Stuff hanging a wall? No. People say that all the time. Your house must look like a gallery. I'm like, no. Sometimes you know, if I get something for the house and and hang it up. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> and I'm like, I really like that. That should be on sale. Like I could probably sell that <laugh>. Why do I have it here? Yeah. So no, my wife did all the painting downstairs and then we did an accent wall where our fireplace is. That's Speaker 3 00:44:34 A nice touch. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:44:34 She's like, we really need a piece of yours above the mantle. Speaker 3 00:44:37 It feels weird sometimes having your own pieces put up, you know? Right. Speaker 2 00:44:40 Maybe not something I would sell. Maybe something from a family vacation chair. Well Speaker 3 00:44:43 A more personal thing is different than if it's one of the whale shots or something. It's not why you did the shots. You did the shots for the experience and then for the gallery. Right. To have it up at home and it just feels a little like off. Yes. And I feel the same thing about putting my own stuff up, but it's like after a while I run outta floor space and I have to pick it up on the wall to hallway gets a little tight after a while. Yes, exactly. Lean it up against the Speaker 2 00:45:02 Wall. I mean the house is filled with pictures of my daughter. Yeah. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. But nothing scenic really. Speaker 3 00:45:06 Yeah. Well that's the thing. You've got the photography for having all those pictures, which is great. She'll Speaker 2 00:45:11 Have plenty of pictures to show at her wedding. Speaker 1 00:45:13 <laugh>, she's been photographed. Speaker 3 00:45:14 He You got the slideshow down so you can get those up to just have Speaker 2 00:45:17 <crosstalk>. Yeah. There's actually one shot. What led to a great gig? I shoot for a Milton Academy. Oh, okay. It's such a cool gig cuz Greg who hired me, he's like, just walk around campus and get whatever's going on. Yeah. It's like there's no schedule. Yeah. Just whatever's going on. But I took a picture of my daughter during a play date. My daughter and his daughter were playing out in the yard. I'm like, ah, I should get some pictures for the whites to check out. And I took some pictures and sent it to him. He's like, these are really good. I'm like, I wasn't thinking that. These are great pictures. He's like, do you do this? I'm like, I do <laugh>. And then it's just led to a gig that has been ongoing. I'm like nice Speaker 3 00:45:50 Enough. So sunny, like you said, he's enough. It's so sunny hill. Like you said, it started off as a cubicle thing and then Yeah, exactly. Went from there. <laugh>. Yeah. You never know where it's gonna lead you to the next thing. Exactly. Maybe this will be the next one. Yeah. You know Right. Speaker 2 00:45:59 Joe Rogan. Yeah. Look at this podcast dude. Yeah. Spotify, come on. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:46:05 <laugh>. This will be on there. This be on Spotify, it'll be on everything. It'll be on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube. It'll be all fantastic. Speaker 1 00:46:12 So if people want to get into the gallery. Speaker 2 00:46:14 Yeah. So the hours are, my weekend is Monday and Tuesday, so we're Speaker 3 00:46:18 Closed. That's a good idea. Yeah. That, well you're open during the hours so people are off. Which is the good thing, you Speaker 2 00:46:22 Know? Right. We're closed Mondays and Tuesdays and open Wednesday now that the weather's getting better and then springs around the corner. We're open Wednesday through Sunday. 12 to four. I say 12 to four cuz that's when I'm always usually here unless have a commercial shoot or something. Yeah. But I'll probably be here earlier and later, but always 12 to four. Speaker 1 00:46:38 Yeah. Yeah. And then you do like your editing from your commercial jobs here? I do. Yeah. So it seem like you have a nice setup in the Speaker 2 00:46:44 Back. Yep. It's a slow day or crappy out. I'll do a lot of editing here. Speaker 1 00:46:47 People that want to contact you about commercial jobs, they just get you through the site, sign up for classes. Is that, Speaker 2 00:46:52 Yeah, it's all through the website. There's the Facebook page, Instagram. There's so many ways. Yeah. It's almost like I wish there was just one place to funnel it all. There's so many ways to get into, Speaker 1 00:47:00 Right. Is that, what's that thing called? What is it like Speaker 2 00:47:04 And I funnels it into one. Yeah, yeah. I'll look into that. Yeah. Because I mean Instagram, there's like 10 ways. There's primary, there's general, there's like another third one it's requested or something like, and I'm like I'll go in there and dig deep. Somebody will be like, oh I wanna buy a huge print. And it was like a month ago. I'm like, Speaker 1 00:47:19 Oh yeah, you still looking for that print? Yeah, Speaker 2 00:47:21 Exactly. Speaker 1 00:47:21 Yeah. I have the same problem with the voicemails at the store. Right. Speaker 2 00:47:24 <laugh>. Yeah, Speaker 3 00:47:25 Exactly. Unless you hear the little BB on the phone, you don't always realize there's actually actually somebody on there. So it's a little tough. Luckily people have been a lot better with doing the messaging through Facebook Messenger or Instagram. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:47:36 And I'm waiting for somebody to sort of invent an apple to do something with texting and organizing like an email program for text. Texting is a way to go. Now Speaker 3 00:47:45 We started doing it, the store to contact customers when their orders are ready. A two second text to let somebody know there's their orders done. Speaker 2 00:47:51 Exactly. Just type in an email. He's zen and Speaker 3 00:47:52 Yeah, exactly. So many people ignore phone calls cuz they don't recognize the number, they don't wanna listen to it. And emails are coming kind of outdated. Takes a while to log Speaker 2 00:47:59 In. Usually I'll send an email and then follow up with a text. Speaker 3 00:48:02 Exactly. So Speaker 2 00:48:03 You Speaker 3 00:48:03 Get the email. Exactly. I've done several orders with the customers via text message because they can't come in, they don't have time to be on the phone all the time. Right. Cause they can send me a quick thing in three minutes of free time they have. Right. I might not be free, but then at least I have a, Speaker 2 00:48:15 And then I just off of Venmo now you can pay for Starbucks. Speaker 3 00:48:18 Oh God. Speaker 2 00:48:18 <laugh>. Right. How's that work? I thought Venmo was Speaker 3 00:48:21 Like interpersonal. Yeah, like Speaker 2 00:48:23 Right. I thought it Speaker 3 00:48:23 Was like just exchanging money between people. Not businesses as well, but accepting sales. I guess that's their next step. Yeah. Next logical step for them. But so awesome. Well if anybody wants to find the gallery, it's at 83 Chief Justice Cushing Highway. Yep. In situate. Speaker 2 00:48:36 Right on three A in between Rote Marine and Oro and the circle down there. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:48:40 Yeah. So lots of stuff to be down here for this area. Speaker 1 00:48:42 So, and events mostly you get it out there on social media when you're doing the events. Speaker 2 00:48:46 Yes. And the shows And Kennedy's, we try to cross pollinate with Kennedy's having a plant swap coming up. So I'll post about that and hopefully like when I do stuff, uh, Speaker 3 00:48:55 Well let us know when you get stuff going on cuz we'll put it up on our calendar. Oh great. It up for any kind of postings we can do, we'll blast it on the social medias. Right. Speaker 2 00:49:02 Fantastic. Speaker 1 00:49:03 Well I think it was a blast coming by here. I'm glad I finally got into the space. Well I think that uh, if we get a chance, maybe we'll take a trip back. We can get in depth on like a couple of the pieces and maybe tell those, some of those Speaker 3 00:49:13 Little walkthrough behind. Speaker 2 00:49:15 Exactly. That'd be cool. And I'm also entertaining the thought of, I'm just a lly guy with a gallery. Michael Coin is amazing. Sergio, you know, a gallery takeover or something. Yeah. Like just have them come and hang their stuff up for a weekend and there you go. Yeah. It'd have to be worthwhile. But stuff like that. Speaker 1 00:49:30 Yeah. We're always kicking. They all have spitball Speaker 2 00:49:34 Stuff Speaker 1 00:49:34 For art. Some Speaker 2 00:49:35 Ideas. And I remember Mike when he had this space in the harbor, you know, he was doing some funky things. We did like out of the box, like if you're an artist, do something that you don't normally, Speaker 3 00:49:44 Normally do. I'm Speaker 2 00:49:44 Known for. And that was super cool. Mm-hmm. Speaker 1 00:49:46 <affirmative> definitely kick some ideas around. Definitely get back over here now. We've gotten through the door the first time, Speaker 2 00:49:51 So, and exactly Going back, you know, when it's nice out we can use the patio. Yeah, Speaker 3 00:49:54 Yeah. We can do the walkthrough with the mobile setup and go through and actually discuss some different things. So yeah. Fantastic. Be great. Speaker 1 00:49:59 Nice. Well thanks for having us Kyle. Thanks for being always for the trial case. For the podcast Speaker 3 00:50:04 For Show On the road here. Speaker 2 00:50:05 I was waiting for like Guy Fietti to show up or something. Yeah, Speaker 3 00:50:08 It's not warm enough yet. I'll get my bowling shirts and uh, the tips later on, but you know. Speaker 2 00:50:12 Exactly. Speaker 3 00:50:13 I got the ring on. It'll be fine. Well, everybody, I wanna thank you for listening for us today and we'll see you next time. Nice. All Speaker 1 00:50:19 Right, Speaker 2 00:50:20 See ya. Thank you.

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