Casual Confabs with Jenna Reedy and Cindy McEachern

Casual Confabs with Jenna Reedy and Cindy McEachern
The Frame Center Podcast
Casual Confabs with Jenna Reedy and Cindy McEachern

Oct 12 2022 | 01:02:16

Episode October 12, 2022 01:02:16

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Scott Brundage Dave Petty Elizabeth Perkins Don Claude

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In todays episode of Casual Confabs we sit down with Jenna Reedy and her mother Cindy McEachern.  They are the latest artists to be featured in our upstairs gallery at The Frame Center.  Listen now as they talk about their methods for creating their artwork and the processes they went through to colaborate on the show.  

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Speaker 0 00:00:03 The, Speaker 2 00:00:23 Okay. Welcome to the Frame Center podcast. Today we have a great episode for you. Uh, we have Jenna Reidy and Cindy Rin, who have a show that is currently on display here at the Frame Center. Uh, they are both longtime, uh, Frame Center customers and, uh, they are also long time pillars in the South Shore art community. Speaker 3 00:00:49 Scott, you got anything you wanna say? Sure. Or diving right in. What Speaker 4 00:00:53 Do we think of the show so far upstairs? Have you any feedback? I know you guys had a large crew come in the other day and, uh, go through a bunch of things. Speaker 5 00:01:01 I've had great response from a lot of friends and family. I think it's fun. Colorful. Speaker 3 00:01:07 Did Dean tell you different? There were some people that were in earlier today that, that Oh, great. They were, you know, they just happened to be getting some stuff done and, you know, then they found out your stuff was up there. Oh, Speaker 5 00:01:18 Some friends of, Yeah. Speaker 3 00:01:20 D or something or other. I forget the name. Forget the name. Speaker 5 00:01:24 I don't know. I'm sure they'll contact me. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:01:26 Yeah. Hopefully. I think the show came out great. Speaker 4 00:01:29 Yeah. We've had a lot positive, Speaker 3 00:01:31 Great job. Lot of actual lot of work. Speaker 5 00:01:34 Unbelievable how she pulled it all together. She did a fabulous job. Speaker 4 00:01:37 The space work perfectly. Everything seems fit. Just, just right. There's nothing that feels too clustered or too bunched up. No. But it feels like everything flows pretty well. Speaker 5 00:01:47 Yes. And she framed a lot of stuff to make it work together and, Yeah. Speaker 3 00:01:51 Worked. She Speaker 5 00:01:52 Had she, You guys know your stuff Speaker 3 00:01:53 <laugh>. Yeah. I listen, I don't, I don't, I'm, I'm strictly, you know, moving in the direction of podcasting full time. I want nothing to do with that. It's double framing it. I just wanna, I wanna talk about framing and let other people handle the Oh, Speaker 5 00:02:07 No. What's coming next? Speaker 3 00:02:09 Yeah. Who knows. Yeah. <laugh>. Um, but I think that, I think the show looks awesome. And, um, I think there's some interesting pieces up there. Jenna, you like, for anyone that doesn't know you're one of the premier, uh, Phish artists, or what do we call, uh, what do we call the fish brand? Theater Fish. Yeah. Prince by Jenna. Yeah. Um, in the areas. Now Cindy, you not, you don't work with Phish as much? Speaker 5 00:02:35 <laugh>. Well, I think the first fish you ever did, we were together, weren't we? Yeah. Yeah. Um, no, I, I don't do Phish, but we did collaborate on quite a few pieces in the show. Yeah. Yeah. And we had so much fun doing it. I don't know, it came about by, we did we get a, um, huge frame or we got a, we bought a huge, Speaker 6 00:02:58 No, I got, got a couple canvases that had some weird art on it. Yeah. Um, at a yard sale for, And they were really big canvases that, you know, to buy new or is pretty expensive. Yeah. So we put like, multiple coats of just blue or green background paint on it. And then we're like, Well, let's come up with something together. Yep. Um, so mom has like the advantage of taking a bunch of art classes mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, whereas I work full time and have little kids. I can't really be taking classes in the middle of the day. Yeah. But she learns all this great stuff in our classes and then Teaches me. Teaches you. Yeah. And or, you Speaker 5 00:03:42 Know, or we bounce off each other really great. Yeah. Speaker 6 00:03:44 Yeah. Or I just, you know, don't always have time to execute on ideas and stuff. So I bring stuff to her and she paints and then I take it back and kind Speaker 5 00:03:57 Of, we both with our aunt, we both, if I have something that's not working, I go say to her, Can you come take a look? When we bounce off each other all the time, Even with our, in our homes, we do the same thing. Speaker 3 00:04:08 Right. Yeah. Well, I know Deanna put the three, the three at the top of the stairs. I know she wanted to like, put the collaborate, you know. Is there other pieces that you guys collaborated in the show too? Or is it, was it mainly, Speaker 6 00:04:18 Um, I mean, I helped you with like the beach trash art too, like Speaker 5 00:04:22 Yeah. The, this one, one Speaker 3 00:04:25 I heard some talk of a, we're trying to Speaker 5 00:04:27 The big fish different, Right. Three. Speaker 6 00:04:28 Yeah. Speaker 5 00:04:29 <laugh> the big fish with all the beach trash behind it. That's one of Jenna prince that she did on the fish that you cut and sanded and shaped like a fish. And then that's a collaborated piece. There was another smaller one next to that mm-hmm. <affirmative> that was Oh Speaker 6 00:04:43 Yeah. The little Speaker 5 00:04:44 One. I had a, an abstract, I took a class in abstract art and I didn't like what was the, what it was. So I just started playing around with it. And then she said, Let's add fish to it. So you know, Speaker 3 00:04:56 More fish. Yeah. Yeah. <laugh>, Speaker 5 00:04:58 We've been working on doing it with flowers, but, uh, some of the flowers don't press as nice as a fish. The fish just seem, seem to have the right, Speaker 6 00:05:09 Yeah. The right. Speaker 3 00:05:10 Not as delicate as the Speaker 5 00:05:11 Petal of the flower. Speaker 3 00:05:12 Have you guys always call it like, done art together or is this like, Speaker 5 00:05:17 We cook together? We, we do it all. Yeah. Speaker 6 00:05:19 But no. Even as like a little kid you were, Speaker 5 00:05:22 I always had odds and crafts going on in the house. Yeah. Speaker 6 00:05:24 Yeah. Yeah. Speaker 5 00:05:25 So, And she does the same with her children. It's fun. Yeah. And we do it all together with the other grandchildren. We, we, I have eight of them. Yeah. And they all love to play in N's playroom. Oh yeah, Speaker 3 00:05:38 Yeah, Speaker 6 00:05:38 Yeah. My mom's studio is the, the kids like, they love her paint markers and to paint with her. So, Speaker 5 00:05:45 And I let them in there all the time. My girlfriends all think I'm crazy, but Speaker 3 00:05:49 <laugh>. Yeah. Yeah. I kind of like, you know, I'm, I was hopeful that maybe cuz my daughter, like, you know, she's somewhat artistic. She's pretty Yeah. Talented. She can draw really well, but I just, I've fallen out of painting, you know, kind of together think its, Cause I like to have a couple drinks when I, when I was painting and I put that behind me. Speaker 5 00:06:08 Yeah. <laugh>. That's one thing you don't do. Yeah. I always say, I'm gonna go home and work on this after a class right away. Yep. But if you go to lunch with all the ladies that you went and have a beer Yeah. You don't go home and eat Speaker 3 00:06:20 <laugh>. So where do you take most of the classes? Speaker 5 00:06:23 One around the Boston area. Yeah. North River. I do a lot of them. Yeah. Some great teachers there. Yeah. Yeah. Lots of them. They all come here. Yeah. They're Speaker 3 00:06:31 Very lucky. Anyone particular that you take in classes that you like, enjoy classes with over there? Speaker 5 00:06:36 Um, I gave Jennifer her birthday or for your birthday. Um, we both took a workshop of mount balloons together. Oh yeah. Speaker 6 00:06:44 Yeah. That was at the Dary our complex. So it was one day, like Speaker 5 00:06:47 She actually came to the show and she saw some of the stuff and she said, I see a little bit of me what I've taught you. So I was happy. She was happy. She shares her knowledge. Yeah. She's, she's amazing how she shares it. So many artists don't share what she's Speaker 3 00:07:03 Trying to keep secrets. Yeah. I've heard a lot of people like her class. Yeah. Speaker 5 00:07:07 She's just amazing. She, she brings you through her whole journey mm-hmm. <affirmative> and she shares her whole journey and it's wonderful. Um, Nancy Koala teaches wonderful class. Kelly McDonald's. Yeah. There's a lot of great. Speaker 3 00:07:20 Yeah. We just had, I know Jody used to teach a bunch Jody Rigg. Oh yes. Yeah. She was on the podcast last week. Oh, she was? Yeah. We had last week. She was in recording that one. She's Speaker 5 00:07:28 A great Speaker 3 00:07:29 Last week. She's good. Yeah, she's really good. Um, I know that Chris has sent me some pictures of Yeah. You wear and the bucket, the French that a bucket hat. Speaker 5 00:07:38 Oh God. Where's that gonna appear? Speaker 3 00:07:39 I dunno. No, we'll use that for promotional. When we really start pushing the frame center march, we'll print the cardboard cut out for when people need to go upstairs for the show. Speaker 5 00:07:47 She and I take a lot of classes together. We enjoy them. Yeah, yeah, Speaker 3 00:07:52 Yeah. She's, Yeah. The classes over there are great at north, at North River. There's great teachers. I think we're very fortunate to have like a Yeah. This area, like a really strong community. Right. Nancy's great too. I I like her side. I just bought piece. She Speaker 5 00:08:04 Just had her show. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:08:05 I bought a piece of hers from Social Arts Center, uh, for their festival. Oh Speaker 5 00:08:10 Really? Yeah. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:08:11 Yeah. I'm excited about that one. I fit to, I find a place to put it. But Speaker 6 00:08:16 Do you have tons of art on all your Speaker 3 00:08:18 Walls? Yeah, I've a lot of, I'm trying to buy, I Speaker 6 00:08:21 Do two. She has no space Speaker 5 00:08:22 On her wall. I have 'em in closets. I have 'em everywhere. You Speaker 3 00:08:25 Have to cycle them Speaker 5 00:08:26 Seasonally. That's what I do. Speaker 3 00:08:27 What do you have in Speaker 6 00:08:28 Your house? Um, so my house, I don't have like a ton of wall space. I, when I, the last two places I live prior to the house I'm in now had higher ceilings and more wall space. So just Speaker 3 00:08:43 Fisher Speaker 6 00:08:44 Anywhere? No, no, Speaker 3 00:08:45 Not at all. Speaker 6 00:08:46 <laugh>. Um, so my cousin, um, went to art school and she's a pretty well known artist in Atlanta and does a lot of like, big murals and street art. But, um, some of her earlier work that, you know, I've had framed here. Yeah. That, you know, really, like as an art student was like painting on like cardboard outta dumpsters. Yeah. Cause she had no money. But they're some of my favorite pieces. Um, so I have a good amount of her art in my house. Um, I also have like a collection of smaller landscapes from all different, you know, mostly south shore artists. Yeah. That, you know, I just like their work. Yeah. Um, but no, I, I kind of mix it up and I still, it's funny to say like, as an artist and in always admiring other people's art, like I have some, like above my bed, I'm like waiting to find like, the perfect piece piece. And so like I switch it out for like, fish prints just to stage pictures. But besides that, like, I'm like waiting for, Speaker 5 00:09:54 I have a fish print to about my bed <laugh>. Speaker 6 00:09:56 Like, I'm just, I don't know Speaker 4 00:09:58 What kind a fish, Speaker 5 00:09:59 Take a guess. <laugh>. It's this big striper. That is Speaker 6 00:10:04 True. Yeah. So, I don't know. I just, um, my art is all Speaker 5 00:10:11 Lot of the collections there. Art though, you display a lot of, like, she collects anything and everything. Yeah. Speaker 6 00:10:17 Yeah. Speaker 5 00:10:17 And I think you get inspiration with from all of that Speaker 4 00:10:20 Too. It's important, you know. Yeah. Yep. If you're creating at home and you want your house to be, you know, <laugh>, Speaker 5 00:10:26 I, I've gotten a great response on my beach trash art. Yeah. Speaker 4 00:10:29 Beach treasures. The one that's right at the base of the stairwell when you're coming up, that actually is made in Speaker 5 00:10:34 The shape of, So that was, Speaker 4 00:10:35 Everybody was like, you know, I get the, the like question look. It's like, is that, Oh yeah, no, it's actually, And then they see like the, the imprint of the wording into like, from the Speaker 5 00:10:44 Bomb and stuff. So that was all, um, when I was during Covid, I was walking the beach every day just because we were all so cooped up or whatever mm-hmm. <affirmative>. It was peaceful and I was, I kept seeing all the trash and all, all of the hard plastic that I saw. Yeah. Just, I don't know, I just kept picking it up and putting it in my pocket and I would have it in every color and all of the white plastic, I just started throwing in a bin and then I started playing with it. And when we decided to do this, I said, I'm gonna just go with the theme of the fish. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> and I whipped together the fish and everybody loves it. Yeah. And then there's a lot of, I didn't put any pieces except for the rubber bands that they use for the lobster traps when they open the trap. But I use a lot of lobster trap wire, the, the little pieces in, in my floral design, in my, Speaker 4 00:11:37 The meshing stuff. Speaker 5 00:11:38 Yeah. Yeah. And actually in the big collaborated piece, I laid that on the Speaker 6 00:11:45 Of big Lops app. Speaker 5 00:11:46 The, the background is three dimensional you can when you look at it. And I laid some of those down and spray painted over them so you can see. Oh. To get the pattern, to get that Speaker 6 00:11:55 Pattern it like a net. But it's really a lobster. Speaker 5 00:11:58 It's really a lobster trap. There's so many pieces. And I'm come from a family four generations of lobster. Yep. Oh. Speaker 3 00:12:04 So yeah. So I think it's a nice that that's kind of, you know, that that's cool. That makes it like to reuse Speaker 5 00:12:10 The material. Sad that, that it's all over the beaches and Yeah. So then the rope, I started collecting the knots and then it just Speaker 3 00:12:17 <laugh>. Yeah. Took, Speaker 5 00:12:18 Took my garage is full of collections of stuff I get at the beach. Speaker 3 00:12:21 So there's a guy from Noel, um, I think his name is Ger, I'm trying to remember his last name. I saw some, like his, his parents come in and frame stuff, you know. Yeah. And I, I saw something. I Speaker 5 00:12:32 Think I follow Speaker 3 00:12:32 Him. Yeah. He has like, just like these crazy, crazy like sculpture type of stuff that he does. And it's all with trash and like, you know, like, or I don't wanna say trash, but I guess like re repurposed materials. Yeah. Yeah. His stuff is unbeliev. It's, it's crazy. And it, like, you see when you see it close, um, I'm, I gotta pull this stuff up and like, you know, but Dina was telling me about the, you know, the, the, what you were doing with the, like all the, you know, I don't know, what did we say? What did we Speaker 5 00:13:05 Call it? Beach treasures. Beach treasures. She says, why don't we call it beach treasure instead of beach trash? Speaker 3 00:13:10 But it yeah. It kind of, I should have looked him up before. Uh, Speaker 5 00:13:14 Yeah, that's okay. I think I'm a familiar with who he is. Speaker 3 00:13:16 Yeah. Yeah. But it, it's, you know, like, I mean like a warehouse, Speaker 5 00:13:20 You'd be surprised when you Speaker 3 00:13:21 Fit and it's like sorted by, you know, like the thing I saw was like all sorted by like color, color Speaker 5 00:13:26 And shape and material. That's what I do. Trying to, Speaker 6 00:13:29 I do that Speaker 5 00:13:30 A little more, but I, I have the eight grandkids, like, you wouldn't believe this, four of them that form peace guy taken through this stuff. Yeah. N can I have this n can I have this? But no, we we're making it all work. Yeah, that's okay. Lots of, you know, there's lots of plastic and there's lots of Yeah. So the plastic thing, as we all know, is really not good for the fish or Yep. Everything else in the ocean. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> and us. So that's when I started using all the plastic. Yep. Speaker 3 00:14:00 Is that now the, the, the history of uh, you know, fishing and, and lobstering? That's what brought it all. If you like wearing, Speaker 6 00:14:10 Putting Speaker 3 00:14:10 Fish onto the, uh, Speaker 5 00:14:12 Jenna has a good connection with the fisherman. <laugh> <laugh>. Speaker 6 00:14:16 Well Speaker 3 00:14:18 Sos my mom grew up called by the way, is Speaker 6 00:14:20 There's a taco. Yeah. Yeah. Ga u taco is a Japanese art form of fish. It's translates to fish rubbing. Yep. And that's how, um, the Japanese fishermen used to record their fish. So their process, um, was, you know, your traditional rice paper and then, um, sumi ink. Yep. Which I do occasionally use. Um, but I prefer using acrylics just cuz the different colors. Yep. Um, Speaker 4 00:14:51 Is it the Quin in the suny? Is that Speaker 6 00:14:53 That, Yeah. Yeah. Um, and when you're, you're working with the, the ink, it's like pretty messy. Not that I'm not, not that I'm like the most a neat painter, but, um, the process, it, it can be messy overall. But, um, I just prefer the acrylics because of the different colors. And, um, also like, I don't know who was just doing a black and white do black and white. And I, I love that. Always choose rice paper. Either bright colored print on Yeah, That's great. Fabric or even tissue paper or I've tried, you know, just brown craft paper. Like I've experimented with a number of different papers and continually do so. And I do the switch of that. Speaker 3 00:15:44 Just try the tie back. We have done say giving you any of that. No. Yeah, sure. That take some of that if Speaker 4 00:15:51 Actually yeah, that would be Speaker 3 00:15:51 Interesting. Cause it has like a rice paper type, Speaker 4 00:15:53 Like quality. It's just a lot stronger. Speaker 3 00:15:55 It's on a roll that's like 36 inches, but you can't, like it's pretty durable. Yeah. It's, You'd have to like, really you have to work at it to puncture it. Speaker 4 00:16:04 Yeah. Typically it's the stuff that used to insulate or, or wrap the outside of the house. But it's, it's got this semi transparent cloth-like material look to it. So it might be needed, Speaker 6 00:16:14 It might be fun today. Try I'll try a piece. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:16:16 We'll give you, we'll get, we'll set you up with some, uh, materials. Cause Yeah, we have like the black craft paper too. That's, you know, but I, I, I feel like that fades the white, uh, Speaker 6 00:16:26 Yeah, the, some of the tissue paper fade too. So it's, um, a lot of what I do is definitely trial in error. Yeah. I just did a table this summer that I don't even know what to do with at this point. Like, I poured just acrylic over the table and it been a disaster. Speaker 3 00:16:47 <laugh>. So we've mo you, you've moved on past like just putting like fish on prints, you Speaker 6 00:16:52 Yeah, no, I mean, I, I just did a surfboard. Yep. Um, Speaker 3 00:16:58 Surfboard is Speaker 6 00:16:59 Cool. Yeah. The driftwood's fun. I, I big Speaker 4 00:17:02 Old tune on that would be awesome. Speaker 6 00:17:04 <laugh>. I Speaker 4 00:17:04 Know Speaker 6 00:17:05 The, um, Speaker 3 00:17:06 The surfboard's a cool thing. So I was at the go photo yesterday and he had some skateboard decks. They, like he Speaker 6 00:17:12 Was Speaker 3 00:17:12 Skateboard would be, and he was like doing, uh, Yeah. That he was so he was putting them on those. Yeah. He not, well he was just, uh, but he was doing like transfers and they were like, the ones he showed me yesterday were for like, it was like a wedding thing. Like, so that he was like a, a wedding couple and like, then that he was gonna have people were gonna sign around. Oh, that's nice. But he was just said you could just buy like blank, uh, skateboard decks, which is, I think those are like really cool like displays of art. I think. Especially with like, uh, Speaker 4 00:17:42 You can get 'em stained too, like graffiti something Speaker 3 00:17:44 Like, you know, like, I think it's just like, you know, I mean, not that we don't want to frame them, you know? Cause I think, you know, a lot of art being framed is nice, you know, it's good for, good for Speaker 5 00:17:56 Business. She does it on buoys on. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:17:58 But I, I felt like that, that the, uh, the skateboards is like a really cool Yeah. Like, uh, you know, I don't know what, what, what's the term, Scott? Uh, I don't know. Like you're putting like, whatever the artwork's on, like the medium. Yeah. The medium. Yeah. Like, that's just like a cool way to show, you know, show it is. And they can be Speaker 5 00:18:19 Display. Well, anything different is good too. You know, we all Speaker 3 00:18:21 Get surfboards too. Mm-hmm. Speaker 5 00:18:22 <affirmative>, we all get kind of tired of. I, I started out with just painting florals and florals and florals. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Then I got into, and I took a, actually took a drawing course. You might know Margie Moore. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, I took a drawing course with her and then that's, that was where we'd learned how to do buildings. Yeah. And the one I have out there that, that's called, I know, what did we call it? City Swimmers. Speaker 6 00:18:45 Citys. Speaker 5 00:18:45 Yeah. Yeah. Um, Speaker 3 00:18:46 Is that the one right across on the top of the stairs? Yeah. Speaker 5 00:18:48 That they use for Yeah, I did, I did the, I did the city scene. You get Speaker 3 00:18:52 A lot of Speaker 5 00:18:52 Compliments on that. I, um, was like, Oh, what do I wanna do with this? And then Jen, I said, Jen, I really wanted to incorporate you. So then I said, All right, I'll put a sky. And then the, the water and then we put the fish in the water. And then I, it was, it worked out perfect. But, um, you know, I'm always, I'm always trying different things too. Yeah. Putting, putting a bunch of, um, you know, pan wood panels all together and paint them all the same. And then that's how I got into doing the lobsters. Yeah. You know, I did different colored lobsters on the mall. Everyone was with all the same bet. I know. And I, and there's so many great painters out there that do lobsters. Yep. There's, And then nobody's are the same. Speaker 3 00:19:35 Nope. Speaker 5 00:19:35 That's a great thing. No matter how many I make they sell. Yep. <laugh> or someone comes to the house and say, Do you have any of your little lobsters? I need a wedding gift for a cousin or whatever. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:19:46 Yeah. Lobsters are Speaker 5 00:19:48 Popular growing up on the beach. Everybody likes a lobster Speaker 6 00:19:51 <laugh>. Speaker 5 00:19:52 Yeah. Jenna had pink and purple lobster bots for many a years. She pulled every summer <laugh>. Speaker 3 00:19:58 So you, have you done any videos? Like where, like where can people see your stuff? One print by Jenna? Is this Speaker 6 00:20:06 Well, that's, yeah. Um, I post most of my stuff on Instagram just cuz it's easy. Um, I'm not great at updating my website. In fact, I just need to hire someone to do it cuz I never update it. Um, I think Speaker 3 00:20:20 It's time Speaker 6 00:20:20 Consuming, very time consuming and I'm not great at it. So it's even more time consuming Speaker 3 00:20:27 Yourself. An intern <laugh>, Speaker 6 00:20:29 Can you lend me one <laugh>? Um, <laugh>. So, um, Instagram is my main Yep. Speaker 3 00:20:37 Instagram seems to be a great full far Speaker 6 00:20:39 Harvest. It's just so easy. And I started like a second page that just has everything that's available for sale and then when it it sells, I just mark it as sold and it is like, um, just seems to be easy. And then catalog Speaker 4 00:20:52 System that Speaker 6 00:20:53 Way. Totally. Yep. And then, um, I'm in at a couple stores and galleries like Cage Cal Mahoney store. Yep. Um, Gallery, um, B Homes, both locations in Marshfield and Duxbury. Joy Init Harbor. Yeah. And I do want to find like a couple other stores, maybe down the Cape or galleries. I just need to find time to go scouting. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:21:19 And what's the Instagram? Speaker 6 00:21:21 Um, Instagram is print by Jenna. And then, um, the other one is printed by Jennifer for sale. Speaker 3 00:21:28 Nice. So print by Jennifer for sale is the ones that are up that are currently available. And then they slide over to the other one when they're uh, Yes. Speaker 6 00:21:37 Yeah. Speaker 3 00:21:38 Nice. And how say Speaker 5 00:21:39 And I'm the opposite. I hardly have a post, No post it. I, she'll say, Mom post something or share what I just posted or I'm, I'm capable of doing that. But, um, you know, most of my stuff I sell word of mouth or when we do little open houses or Yeah. Yeah. Um, Christmas time coming. So I'll probably do a few, you know, open studios and sell stuff out. Yeah. Speaker 4 00:22:03 It's not always easy to document your stuff as you go. It. Sometimes it's, you know, you're in the middle and having to stop and in the middle of a project to record something and move something and reposition something, throws your whole vibe off and it ruins the whole, you know, project. So, Speaker 5 00:22:17 And even lots of times when I'm, Oh man, I should take a picture of that before I Speaker 3 00:22:21 Do that. It seems to be a common theme Speaker 4 00:22:23 Too Speaker 5 00:22:24 Ever do. Speaker 6 00:22:25 It's the social media thinks a fulltime job. I mean, I go in spurts of like posting, you know, something every couple days and then I don't post for like weeks. Speaker 5 00:22:37 So, And I have a really old phone Speaker 3 00:22:38 In there. Yeah. I mean, we literally have two Speaker 4 00:22:40 You to update. Speaker 5 00:22:41 You're telling me to get a new phone. Yeah. Flat Elizabeth. I say it's not the phone, it's the Speaker 3 00:22:46 Trying to keep up trying to like, you know. Right. So I don't know. I, I, I don't like even, I mean, it's so important though, I think, but like, I, I couldn't do it. It's, that's why it's better just to delegate it to other people for, for, you know, for me, Speaker 6 00:23:00 You know. Yeah. Speaker 4 00:23:01 It's hard enough. Just get your Facebook live post sometimes Speaker 6 00:23:04 Free, free frame Fridays. Yeah. Um, no, I mean the, the social media aspect for artists is super amazing. One cuz like you can connect with other artists and follow other people and I mean, I like, I feel like I'm like friends with people. I've never even better on social media or just admiring their work or like, a lot of artists are good at posting like their process mm-hmm. <affirmative>, which is great. Um, but it is definitely like a full time, like Speaker 5 00:23:38 Yeah. Speaker 6 00:23:38 It is. To come up with content to get a good picture Yep. To stay on top of it. Speaker 5 00:23:44 Yeah. No. And to evolve into something new. Because, you know, Jenna would do the, we'd do the clams and we were all like, Oh, so tired of those. And then we'd do Yeah. The shelves. Yeah. Yeah. And most of the time, especially when you're doing an open house, people that want a big piece want specific colors. Very true. So you maybe not have that. So it's then it's a custom piece and custom pieces, you know, that's another whole story. Right. So, um, we're always trying to shake it up because you, a lot of our customers are, my customers are repeat customers. Speaker 3 00:24:18 I just think like, from a social media standpoint, I think that you could make such great content. Like talking about some of the pieces of like, you know, doing like videos. Like we did the YouTube video for the pieces downstairs of Mike Sleepers. And like, I think it, like, I think those things are like helpful in like, making sales and, you know, I don't think you guys need any advice from me on selling artwork. You seem to be doing, you know, plenty. Well, but like, I feel like with, you know, with that, I, I think that there's like a, something about like connecting artists and people and like someone knowing, you know, like knowing you, like you say, a lot of your customers are repeat customers. Speaker 5 00:24:54 Yeah. A word of mouth is the best. Speaker 3 00:24:55 Yeah. But it's like, Oh, I bought this from Jenna, or I bought this from Cindy and it's like, you know, Oh, I want one too. Like, you know, Speaker 5 00:25:02 And it's, it takes courage to show your art. It does. Absolutely. It's like really, um, it's sometimes it's hard. You're like, Dude, is that good enough to show? And I think one of the great things about ours is it's, it's fun, it's affordable, it's colorful. And we did shake it up a little bit. There's some some fun different Speaker 4 00:25:22 Things. Yeah. There's been some great ones out there. And I, I've had a lot of people who have seen multiple shows of ours that we've had up in. The last one we just had up here was, you know, before you guys put Sean Goss, his stuff was majority black and white. Right? Yeah. So you go from black, white and I walked, even when I walked up first day, I was like, Oh, it's color. It seems like the vibrant pink going Speaker 5 00:25:39 Yellow to us was, Speaker 4 00:25:40 It was, it was a nice, it was nice change. And that's something that's also good, you know, that uh, having that up there. But like you said, when uh, it's tough showing your pieces off, it's cuz you know, they say you're an artist bearer soul and they're in their artwork. Yes. And uh, last thing, you want somebody to reject here for that <laugh> from, from what they're saying. I'm say things about it. I, Speaker 5 00:25:59 I had five brothers, so I have pretty, you know, I had skin. I am, they pulled my hair. They did everything to me. But, um, it does it even as gutsy as I think I am than most women my age, it's, it's, it takes courage Speaker 3 00:26:16 To do it. Yeah. Speaker 4 00:26:17 Yeah. My grandmother used to draw and paint and do things, but she never showed anyone. We found it all after she passed. So my, my father knew, but I didn't know about it. It was like, I used to go over there every week and then I'd go to an art, There was an art gallery next door, two doors over that I would take Saturday classes at and then go back over and, but I'd sure must have never knew she'd painted, never knew she had drawn, found a couple of 'em, framed them up and you know, to keep 'em. But you know, they'd all deteriorated cuz they were all like, done a newsprint or, you know, something that she just had lying around the house rather than going out and buying. I think because she didn't think it was good about wasn't anything good about it, you know? So Yeah. Speaker 5 00:26:53 A lot of people don't know how to sell them either, which is another whole Speaker 3 00:26:57 Yeah. There's a lot of different aspects that are in like trying to, you know, Speaker 5 00:27:01 Just doing the art. Right. Right. Speaker 3 00:27:04 Yeah. I mean, cuz some people don't even try, you know, I mean, when I first started painting it was more to like, like I wanted to do it to relax, but then I started drink, you know, like drinking what I painted, I was like too relaxed. But Yeah. Um, but you know, I don't, you know, I don't think some people just aren't, you know, I don't think they're even interested in selling or, you know, Speaker 5 00:27:24 No. Some people do it just to, to get, Speaker 3 00:27:26 You know. Speaker 5 00:27:28 Right. Speaker 4 00:27:29 Creative outlet. Something Speaker 5 00:27:30 To, as you get older, I bet you'll paint again. Speaker 3 00:27:32 I, I think I will at some point. Speaker 5 00:27:34 Yeah. You're a stage like Jenna with, I don't know how she pulls it off the time he spends all his time in hockey ranks. Hockey, Speaker 3 00:27:41 Hockey rinks and, you know, here. Yeah. I mean, because we're trying to do, so, you know, like there's so much that I, like, I have like tons of ideas. I have like tons of ideas on like how I want that. Like the frame center, the frame center, the be and you know, fortunately I have great people, like guys, you know, Scott, when I'm like, well we're gonna start doing a podcast now too, like, and like, and we're gonna turn this into a, you know, Speaker 4 00:28:04 I bought this over the weekend. Speaker 3 00:28:06 My work for like our artists and like for our customers. You know, and you know, fortunately those things can be taken over by other people and I can continue to like, move on to the next crazy idea. Yeah. Like the website. You know, I think that, you know, I think that that's a great way for us too cuz we have so many customers that come in that were obviously interested in art and interested in artists and I feel like we could be like a good landing place for people to like, find artists and, you know, Speaker 5 00:28:32 I think that that's why the galleries working and receive so well the gallery. Because they come up here to look at these and they walking through and even if they don't know what's going on up there, they still see it. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:28:44 It's tough. I think the second floor aspect of it is hard, but like, I think that because everything is so social media driven now, like, I don't even know if it matters. Like, I don't think, I think that people can appreciate that stuff if we capture it Right. Which Claude and Elizabeth do. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> definitely, you know, with pictures and like, oh, like, so rather than like, oh, what's at the f center of the day? You know, and like having to like make a trip down here. Like, you see this stuff and then you're like, you see your pictures and you're like, that stuff's great. I wanna see it in person. And now you're like, you're, you're you're driven to come in. Right. Um, so I, you know, I think that that's cool and I think that the website will be cool. I have these other ideas of like, videos. Speaker 3 00:29:24 That's why I was mentioned, like, you should talk about the process. Cuz I, I feel like as from the consumer end, like there's stories behind every artwork. Like all the artwork you buy or I'm, you have a collection at home. Like I, I look at my house and I'm looking at all these paintings and I'm like, all right, well this is, you know, this is Nancy's piece. This is a piece of like Ross Far bushes, this is like a, you know, like, and every one of 'em I, I can tell a story about. Right. And it's, you know, Speaker 5 00:29:52 I could do that with everyone I did in there. Speaker 3 00:29:54 You should, you should do record it, document it, push it out there. Speaker 4 00:29:58 The connection is an important thing. A lot of people really feel more interested in buying home if they know about what it is or the person behind it. It means more, Speaker 5 00:30:07 When I did the rubber vernacular, which is wacky, the Speaker 3 00:30:10 Hell's a rubber <laugh>, well, Speaker 5 00:30:12 Like Speaker 3 00:30:13 Sound. It's, Speaker 5 00:30:14 It's, it's all the debris from the fishermen. Yep. Gotcha. And it's all rubber from the drags and the lobstermen. They all use rubber for certain things mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And when, when they, you know, lose a net overboard, the, the roping decays and breaks and the pieces and they all float up on the beach. Mm-hmm. So I started collecting them all and they're not appealing at all. Yeah. They're like little chunks of rubber. And I just started playing with them and I'm like, Oh, they look like flowers to me. Here I am. Back to the flowers. Yeah. But I, I don't know, I put that together and a lot of my friends were like, Wow, that's really wacky. You're gonna really put that in the show. But I think it's kind of cool. I don't know. We'll see what other people think. Speaker 4 00:30:57 That's not a bad thing to have a vastly, you know, ranged right. Form of artwork out there. Which, you know, something always appeals to somebody. Right. We always say there's no wrong way to frame for a picture. There may be wrong ways to put a picture frame together, but, you know, you wanna put a, you know, Speaker 5 00:31:12 I think if some Speaker 4 00:31:13 Fisherman, black and white photograph go for it. You Speaker 5 00:31:15 Know, I think if some fisherman came in, they would go, Oh my God, that's so cool. I know what everything is Speaker 4 00:31:20 In that. Yeah. And that's, that's a, that's an interesting tie in right there. Speaker 3 00:31:23 So do you sell a lot of stuff to, to fishermen or do they Speaker 6 00:31:26 So I have a lot of people that bring me the fish that they catch and then I print it for them more. They two and tails. Yeah. Speaker 4 00:31:33 I can see that being a Speaker 6 00:31:34 Big thing. Um, so I do, yeah. A lot of custom art that way. Um, but yeah, I mean a commission fee. We have the right market here on the South shore for the, like the ocean themed, nautical, you know, beach house, you know? Speaker 4 00:31:52 Yeah. Big fishery and Speaker 6 00:31:54 Industry Speaker 4 00:31:54 Here. Speaker 3 00:31:55 So how, now how did you decide, like when you, I mean, did you discover the, you know, that, what's it called, the Speaker 6 00:32:01 Got Speaker 3 00:32:02 Guys and then say, I know some fishermen, I'm gonna do this myself. Or Speaker 6 00:32:06 Did you? Well, I mean, I catch a lot of the fish too, so it's not just me getting fish. Speaker 5 00:32:13 <laugh>, we've always been fishing. Speaker 6 00:32:14 Yeah. We, uh, I mean my dad was a commercial fisherman when I was a little kid. Yeah. And my, my brother is a commercial lobsterman mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And we have all these people in our lives that are in the commercial fishing industry. So, um, but we recreational sport fish. Um, so like my kids catch some of the fish. Yeah. Um, so it's, um, how I started it was, I don't know, 10 years ago just seeing other artists and was like, I can totally do that. Yep. This was kind of like before I would start like YouTubeing how to do stuff. <laugh>. Yeah. Um, Speaker 3 00:32:57 YouTube, Speaker 6 00:32:58 I know I just started play, like, just really just playing around with acrylic paints and, um, initially fabric. And then I started doing my research and discovered rice paper, which is like just a really amazing, um, medium and material to use. Um, and you know, then once YouTube start, you know, started coming about, it got easier for me to like, figure out stuff. But it really was just like practicing. Um, and you Speaker 5 00:33:33 Learn from your mistakes. Right. Speaker 3 00:33:34 Very Speaker 5 00:33:34 True. Especially when somebody's given you a, a fish and you're like, Oh my God, I've done this three times. Yeah. And I'm still not happy with it. Mm. Speaker 6 00:33:42 So, Speaker 5 00:33:42 You know, Speaker 6 00:33:43 But I've always been crafty and painted and, um, you know, took tons of art classes when I was younger. Um, so it's, Speaker 5 00:33:55 I made them all do that. I made them, I made all my kids, both the boys and both girls, they all learned to cook, do laundry, paint, fish, mow the lawn garden. It, there was no, the girls do this, The boys do that. They all, Speaker 3 00:34:10 They all did it. Yeah. Speaker 5 00:34:11 They all had to do it. Speaker 3 00:34:12 Oh, you come over and talk to my kids. <laugh>. Speaker 5 00:34:16 Well, I didn't like laundry, so it was a relief. I used to call it Mount McGeer in the basement and I never reached the peak. Speaker 3 00:34:24 Yeah. <laugh>. I, I drove a teacher. We, my daughter's cooking now, but, you know, they haven't started doing laundry yet. Oh, Speaker 5 00:34:33 She in the rink too? Yeah, Speaker 3 00:34:35 She skates. Yeah. She's, she skates. She's gonna, uh, she's not as quite as competitive as my son, but yeah, she's, yeah. Good. It's fun watching her play. It's different, different breed of hockey that she plays than, but she really like likes being around the girls and likes being a part of the team. Great. Speaker 5 00:34:54 Yeah. Yeah, Speaker 3 00:34:54 It's fun. Speaker 5 00:34:55 Gotta introduce them to everything. Yeah. Let them figure out what they wanna do. Very Speaker 3 00:34:59 True. You have a hockey back background too, Cindy? Speaker 5 00:35:02 No, I didn't play hockey, but my husband did. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:35:05 Yeah. Whoa. You know, we still, Yeah. Maybe we'll get you to shoot some parts of this weather clears up. Why the end <laugh>? She's not Speaker 6 00:35:11 Shooting parks. Speaker 5 00:35:12 He, Speaker 3 00:35:12 He, Speaker 5 00:35:13 He, he played until he was almost 60. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Yeah. Well, growing up in the ponds around situation, everybody. Yeah. You must have Paw skated, right? Speaker 3 00:35:24 Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I still skate a couple times a week as much as I can, you know. Oh good. That's like, you know, I mean, I guess that bites into some of my time too, between myself and the kids. Like, you know, not being able to find time to paint, but hopefully I'll get back to it at some point. Speaker 6 00:35:40 Yeah. Did you go to art school? Speaker 3 00:35:41 I took class. I didn't really get to, uh, you know, I think I was fortunate. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, you know, I think that like the series that I want to do with like, all my artwork and talking about the artists, like a big part of like, I, I, I don't even think I realized that I knew a lot, you know, like a fair amount of artists that were like, you know, kind, really kind of a big deal. Yes. And, uh, I, I think a lot of my skill set, like knowing colors and, uh, in understanding how to paint and like having strong opinions about what I like, um, I don't even think I realized I knew it. I mean, I, you know, graduated barely and <laugh>. I tried to go play a hockey at college and that didn't work. So then I just like kind of dropped outta school. Um, and I felt I've taken classes at like mass art and at the museum school in Boston just cause I enjoy, like, I like painting. Speaker 6 00:36:35 Why don't you do a show here? Speaker 3 00:36:38 Uh, I think maybe it's, I'd have to put together a lot of work, you know? Speaker 5 00:36:41 It is a lot of work. Speaker 3 00:36:42 Yeah. Um, yeah, I've, I'll start working now and then maybe like five years I'd have a go at Speaker 5 00:36:47 Work. I have to tell you funny story. When Dina I came with the first pieces to show Dina, she goes, Oh, I'm so excited. I just got Malu to agree to do a show. I said, Oh really? When's she gonna do it? She said she needed two years to prepare for it. And I went, <laugh>, you're kidding me. I think we whipped it together. Indeed. Yeah. Speaker 6 00:37:07 We, some of the stuff we started working on prior, but, um, we Speaker 5 00:37:13 Did a lot of work. Pretty, Speaker 6 00:37:15 Yeah. Pretty close to the deadline. I mean, you guys were framing stuff. Yeah. Like the day of hanging. So Dean Speaker 3 00:37:21 Has a high deadline. Speaker 6 00:37:22 Yeah. No, it was, And even now I've like the pressure thought of stuff that I could have. Me too. Yeah. Like, Oh, we should've done, didn't done this. So it's, its the next show. Speaker 3 00:37:33 I Speaker 4 00:37:33 Was gonna be around two. That'll be the second showing. Yeah. It, it's Speaker 6 00:37:36 Different seeing your work like Hung in a gallery. Yeah. Different. Yeah. Yeah. Like I have a little studio at home that customers come to and clients come to, but, um, it's small. Yeah. So like, to, to see them like hang how they would be hung, you know, in someone's home or, and to see it all together is a very different Yeah. Speaker 3 00:37:59 I need, She's nice to have somebody else too, like Dina like to curate all the pieces, like in, you know, looking at it completely differently. Speaker 6 00:38:06 Pick all my frame. Speaker 5 00:38:08 We would come in with it, she'd say, All right, those three are gonna be framed all together. These three are those three? Are she, she just, Speaker 3 00:38:15 Yeah. No, she, she has a great's done a great job with all the other shows too, and pat up. She's Speaker 4 00:38:21 Amazing. Proper spacing and then the balance of everything on the wall at the same time. How many cohesive feel? Yeah. Speaker 3 00:38:28 I'll have a show up here someday. I get, Speaker 6 00:38:30 I let Speaker 5 00:38:31 Hopes do it. Hope so. Yeah. We'll Speaker 3 00:38:33 See. We'll see. I'll talk to Dena Speaker 5 00:38:36 <laugh>. Speaker 3 00:38:37 I, yeah, I, I don't know, Speaker 4 00:38:39 Maybe if we do another one where it's all of us from here again doing, you know, group show. The group show again. Just all the employees, you know, Speaker 5 00:38:45 I think that would be fun. Had the boss had one, Did you do that at one time? Yeah, they had a little one Speaker 3 00:38:49 Down. You had the Speaker 4 00:38:50 Big piece in during the last one that we had. Right. That large one that you had in the white, uh, gallery frame. Speaker 3 00:38:55 Yep. Yeah, that was, yeah, that was the one that, Yeah, that large piece. Yeah. No, I've had like, I mean I've had, I mean, I not, not to, you know, I carry on about how handsome I am on these podcasts. <laugh>. But yeah, I feel like I'm a decent, uh, decent painter. And I, you know, and again, I think a lot of that just comes from the skill I pick up from being here. You know, like that's not, uh, you know, seeing art, like knowing color. Like it's, you know, it's kind of, you know, weird that like that's a lot of that stuff is second nature. And not even really understanding why, you know, why you know it. Yeah. Speaker 4 00:39:27 Well we get inspired just by people bringing this stuff in and we get ideas and color palettes and things. And we never would've thought of gone together. And then we're like, oh, Speaker 3 00:39:34 Probably kind of like, Yeah. I probably have seen stuff over the years too. And, you know, I've always been in, you know, I like art, you know, I like painting. Like, you know, I've always liked people that are into painting, like graffiti artists where weird group. Yeah. But, you know, it's, you know, I don't know. Speaker 4 00:39:50 Interesting. Speaker 5 00:39:51 Interesting. When I had small children, I used to hire a babysitter and volunteer at the art association, which was just beginning every other week. I would spend a whole day there and I got to meet a lot of these artists that I know and mm-hmm. <affirmative>, I buy their artwork and, and I learned more doing that than some of the classes I teach. Yeah. Cuz they would, you know, come in and tell you the process they did or invite you to their studios to show you. Some of them have studios as big as this, which is they're very fortunate. Speaker 4 00:40:23 Yeah. Which is another good thing about the new, the social media aspect. And I think it's become much more easy, like you were saying with the YouTube, it's, it's being able to go on and find out how do they do that? Oh, well this is how, And you know, maybe they don't tell you every single step, but you can get a general idea and you take this from this person, you take that from this person. And that's how I started doing. I went from watercolors to doing my acrylic pores and doing that. And it's, it's been, I can get more of them done and get more ideas out that way than I can ever with a watercolor. They just take too much time. Speaker 5 00:40:52 Watercolor. Right. That's what I started with, with Mary Little Piccolo. And I learned a lot. But, um, I don't know. I got into the acrylics and I never went back. And now I've been doing a lot of the collage because of Mahalo and a lot of other people, There's a lot of collage artists out there. Yeah. But she, she really knows how to like, make it all work. That's great. Speaker 4 00:41:17 Yeah. I like to play with everything. That's the problem. I worked at a craft store for eight years, so it's like, oh, new new project came out and it's like, oh, I can, I can do the demo this Saturday. Sure, no problem. I gotta go home and spend a week with the supplies. They pay me to go home, play with the supplies and figure it all out. So I didn't have to buy any of the stuff myself. So. Well, that's fun. Fun. And if I figured out I like something, I just, you know, go and buy that stuff. It was a great way to Speaker 5 00:41:37 Know. And I've always, you know, I knit, I sew, I cook, you know, a garden. I've always done hands on type of thing. And unfortunately you have the same disease having so many hobbies, kinda like over nature house. Speaker 4 00:41:51 Not enough. No, it does. It does. I've got two paint tables set up in my bedroom right now, so that's the only place I can have to work. <laugh> without a child, a dog or somebody else coming by. Whoa, what's this? And putting a fingerprint in. Oh yeah. Puppy fur. Speaker 5 00:42:05 A few grandkids I'll send over. Speaker 4 00:42:07 Yeah. We'll do a demo. We'll do a, we'll do a paint night. Speaker 5 00:42:11 Yeah. Speaker 3 00:42:14 Do you, have you ever seen any of the paintings I put together? No. I, no. I'll show, I think I have one Outback I might have to kick Speaker 4 00:42:20 There. There, there's at least one. Speaker 3 00:42:21 There was one that bad. So on the Living Crew ad, that's my painting. And it that's right Speaker 4 00:42:26 In the, that's the, that's over Speaker 3 00:42:27 Your top. Yeah. The one that's, that's like, like Speaker 5 00:42:29 The pink. Speaker 3 00:42:30 Yeah. It's got all sorts of like, No, no, no. It's uh, I'll have to Speaker 5 00:42:34 See Speaker 3 00:42:34 These. It's one of the print adss we only use like, part of the larger part of the painting. Really? Yeah. I didn't, uh, cause I have two paintings at my house. One's mine and the other is, um, uh, what's her? Jeanie St. Peter. Like, Speaker 5 00:42:49 He's like, I from, um, Cohasset. Speaker 3 00:42:51 Yeah, yeah, yeah. Is work is wonderful. Yeah. And I, so we had like a, like Claude and Elizabeth and me, we had like this thing in mind of what we wanted to, uh, like want the ad to look like we wanted like photo frames with my model children and my family. Uh, you know, cause I, you know, why, why not? Um, you know, they have to do something to contribute, you know, you know, they're not doing the laundry. Right. <laugh> so gonna make the models. Um, so I had like, you know, the ledge at my house and I, for the life of me, I thought we'd use her, you know, uh, her, her piece. Cause it's, you know, you know, little bit better artists than I am. And, uh, they, we did both shots and everyone kind of pushed towards the, the Speaker 5 00:43:37 Bodies looked better. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:43:38 Yeah. Well, I think it worked with the, you know, it was, it was on the right side. Like, you know, it, it showed better from like the, the proportions, which I'm like, Oh, we'll switch the two, uh, paintings. But her painting is actually amazing. It's like one of my, you know, one of my favorites. And that's why it's in the, you know, it's hung where it is in the house. Um, you know, my, that one got into, I was telling the story to someone the other day. I was, No, it was Carrie odonnell. I was telling her the story. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> when she was in here. I got that into North Rivers. The first piece I'd entered into a, like, I, like I show. Sure. Yeah. I think I, I think I'd entered some other things that gotten rejected, but it was the first piece that I got into a show and it was like, and it's very like different than anything else in the Yeah. Like South, you'd see it North River. Um, and it was like, hey, got like great placement. And I, but I was, that was was my honeymoon. Like, I didn't get, I didn't actually even see the Speaker 5 00:44:34 Piece hanging. Speaker 3 00:44:35 It was like, of course it got in and, you know, you know, I think Mark took a picture and might have like picked it up for me after it was done, but, you know. Oh. But it was like, you know, prime, prime, uh, you know, real estate for like, where you walked into, you know, and show you Sorry, the first piece. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That one's, Yeah. I'm Speaker 5 00:44:54 Proud of that. My first show I put one in, I won a, a big award at North River. Yeah. Nice. I was very surprised. I won the Floral, um, what is her name? Shoot. Can't remember what her name is. Yeah. And I love the piece. I have it hanging in my dining room. Speaker 3 00:45:13 Yeah. Speaker 5 00:45:13 They, they, they do good shows. Speaker 3 00:45:15 Yeah. No, they do. I was on the board of North River for a coup couple years. Like, again, like these are like, so that's one of the reasons why I want to like, you know, wanted to do the podcast, talk to artists. Cause there's so many people that like, I are like great artists that people that I also know from like other parts of my life that don't have any connection to artists or know, you know, know people. And then I think I've taken it for granted for like so many years. Like that, you know, these are like, you know, these are people that are kind of a big deal. Yeah, yeah, yeah. <laugh>. Yeah. You know, and that other people should be made aware of. So. Very true. Yeah. I'm gonna do a whole series at my house. And like, was talking with Elizabeth the other day about how we want to do it. Speaker 3 00:45:56 Cause first we were starting, I was trying to do 'em like too quick and like tell the stories about, I would like, I kind of envisioned like, like a quick like talk and like being like, all right, yeah. This is a, you know, this is a piece of, you know, so and so's and you know, this is why I bought it. And like, the, the story, like I, I feel like I can go on and on about them. So I might try to do like a longer format, like videos of like each piece and like the main thing being to spotlight the artists. Yeah. Yeah. Like that. And like, kind of like do a, you know, let me talk about it. Do like a closeup of the piece. You know, some of the pieces, like why I like them is cuz of like the textures and stuff that's in them. Right. And you know, kind of like, you know, show that and then kind of, you know, maybe link to like an artist's website if it's, you know, one of the artists is still alive. I have a lot of, I have a few, quite a few, uh, dead artists pieces. Speaker 3 00:46:48 Yeah. And you Yeah. <laugh>. So you know, if they're, if they're still, you know, showing, you know, like kind of like include all of that stuff where people can find their work and you know, kind of make it about the artist. But, you know, but I'll kind of tell my story behind it. Like why, why I like it. And then the more I think about 'em, like I have so many, like I got a lot of favorites, you know, like Yeah. Like I, like I so many pieces that I really enjoy and like, I feel like I'm passionate Speaker 5 00:47:19 About. Do you have them all up? Oh Speaker 3 00:47:21 Yeah. You Speaker 5 00:47:21 Have the room for all of them? Yeah. Yeah. That's nice. Speaker 3 00:47:23 Yeah, we have a, uh, the house that we moved into like has a lot of wall space and certain ones, like, I had up, you know, at the other house and I wanted to make sure that they got Prime real estate. Speaker 5 00:47:35 The Party House, Speaker 3 00:47:37 <laugh>? No, that one. I don't think I had anything hanging. All we had hanging at that house was, Speaker 5 00:47:41 I had to pick Jetter up there a few times. Speaker 3 00:47:45 That house is, Yeah, that house didn't never Speaker 5 00:47:47 You guys in high? No. You were in college. You were in college then I think after college. <laugh> Speaker 3 00:47:53 That. Yeah, that's a, that house. I think that house got knocked out. Yeah. Oh, Speaker 5 00:47:58 They Speaker 3 00:47:58 Did? There's no walls left. Speaker 5 00:48:00 They're doing a nice job on it too. No, Speaker 3 00:48:02 They are. They are. Speaker 5 00:48:03 Is that a family member? Speaker 3 00:48:05 No, no, no. But there's like a connection. My daughter goes to school or is somehow knows like the, the son of the people that are over there. Oh. And I think they told, they told, uh, there was a lot of stories about, you know, about why they wanted the house. Then I think my father was pretty like sad when they tore it down. Oh, I was happy to see it go. He's like, Well you give believe they, Speaker 5 00:48:26 Did you grow up there or? Yeah, yeah. Speaker 3 00:48:30 Yeah. Speaker 5 00:48:30 It's a beautiful street. It Speaker 3 00:48:32 Is, it is. I like my house better than I do Alice. More civilized. Speaker 5 00:48:38 <laugh>. <laugh>. That's a good D called the MCG household. Yeah, we're our house. Definitely Speaker 3 00:48:45 Try to turn it into like a museum. We're a nice everywhere Speaker 5 00:48:49 Friends. That's funny. Speaker 3 00:48:51 I have like, you know, I think I have a lot of like, you know, cool stuff and I think that it's gonna be interesting story of like, talking about this stuff. The artist Spotlight too. It'll Speaker 5 00:49:01 Help to get you in that South Shore magazine. Uh, Speaker 3 00:49:04 Yeah, whatever. I have like this thing in my mind, like of what I want them want it to be. Like, I want it to be like an MTV Cribs. <laugh>. Speaker 5 00:49:12 It's like Speaker 3 00:49:12 Focused on artwork, you know, like, just like, Yeah. I Speaker 5 00:49:15 Like that. Speaker 3 00:49:16 I think it could, I think it could work once I did, Once I master my house, I'm gonna come knock on other people's houses and just show up and like show their artwork. This will Speaker 4 00:49:24 Tell the story. I Speaker 5 00:49:25 Love this idea. Perfect. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:49:26 You guys are, you guys, you Speaker 5 00:49:28 Might have a thing in there. I, I think Speaker 3 00:49:30 It would be interesting and I think that Speaker 5 00:49:31 I have a, I have a, I have a lot of people I know I could call on you that you could call on. Speaker 3 00:49:36 I think there's a lot of people that, that don't, I, I think people need to appreciate art a little bit more and by, you know, and I, and I don't know if you can like blame people. I don't think there's people out that are out there that are actively not like anti don't. I just think that, Yeah. No, I think they haven't Speaker 5 00:49:54 Been taught Speaker 3 00:49:55 Educated on the e like, oh. And like, and not be intimidated by buying art, you Speaker 4 00:50:01 Know? Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Yeah. You were saying before like people don't know the reason. They may like a piece of art. You don't have to know the reason you like it. And a lot of people feel intimidated because I don't know the proper reason why I like this piece. It doesn't matter as long as you like it. Right. That's the thing. But a lot of people, you know, they don't think they're important enough for a piece of original art or deserve a like, you know? And it's, Speaker 5 00:50:22 Yeah. Speaker 4 00:50:22 It's a, it's, everybody deserves an original piece of art or something that really, you know, comes to them that nobody else has. Mm-hmm. Speaker 5 00:50:29 <affirmative>, I think Speaker 6 00:50:30 Two people are intimidated about like, giving art as a gift. Yes. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, and like we have always given, like I've, I think I've given some of Tina Watson's paintings to, you know, multiple people for wedding gifts and they love it. But I feel like a lot of people are like, Oh, I can't buy art for someone else. Like, what if they don't like it? Speaker 3 00:50:52 People are afraid of being judged in the sense too, like, like, you know, Speaker 5 00:50:56 Like Speaker 3 00:50:57 What? And that's why you end up with like a bunch of Thomas skin, like people Speaker 5 00:51:01 Thomas the pictures, Jen and I, we go, we'll go to a friend's house for dinner and we'll say, Oh my God, that house has such great bones and her furniture is fabulous, but her artwork or Speaker 6 00:51:12 They hang it, Speaker 5 00:51:13 They hang it really not the right hat. And you just wanna apple touch. Speaker 3 00:51:18 Just Speaker 5 00:51:19 Wanna say, Can I help you do that? Speaker 3 00:51:20 Yeah. Yeah. I like seeing that. Speaker 4 00:51:22 Why is it only an inch from the ceiling? Speaker 5 00:51:24 But you know, they may come into my house and say, Oh my God, this shit everywhere. <laugh>, Speaker 3 00:51:28 It's salon style. Right? Like it is, it's just, Speaker 5 00:51:32 I don't know. Speaker 4 00:51:33 This is lived and look, Speaker 5 00:51:34 <laugh> Speaker 6 00:51:35 Yeah. You, I think you need some more videos on how to properly hang your art at like eye level and how to group this. Speaker 4 00:51:43 Next time we do the gallery set up, we should, you know, do a little thing about, I know Dean doesn't like to be on camera for that kinda stuff, but we can have somebody step in and say this and then Speaker 5 00:51:52 Go about what, Speaker 4 00:51:53 How Speaker 5 00:51:53 She goes about the wall. The long wall is such a great example of how mm-hmm. You can, Right. Speaker 6 00:51:59 You Speaker 5 00:52:00 Can put things together Speaker 6 00:52:01 And a lot of people do have big walls in their house that are blank cuz they don't, don't Speaker 5 00:52:05 Know what to do. And I would give, I would love that Speaker 3 00:52:09 I get annoyed by the little, like, I see small, No, no, I don't have anything get small, but it's like, like the heights are get messed up a lot. And then, um, you know, they'll be like, one piece is just not the right size for Speaker 5 00:52:23 Wall. Right. Or wrong framing Speaker 3 00:52:25 Too. Yeah. Wrong. Well people sometimes don't, don't choose the right phrase, but, or they get at like, you know, home goods or something. Speaker 5 00:52:34 We've been that route till we found you guys. Yeah. The frame center. Save the day. Speaker 6 00:52:39 I always tell people to the, the bigger the, the better. It's, I think it's more of an impact. Yeah, definitely. Um, and even if it's like oversized, I think it's, Speaker 3 00:52:51 Well it's tough too around a lot of the houses are like new. Some, some houses have a ton, like giant walls, huge ceilings. Like, and you need to fill it, you know, properly. I mean in, there's ways to do it. Like you don't have to buy a gigantic piece of artwork, but you can do like groupings and like gallery walls. It Speaker 4 00:53:10 Stopped them lately. Definitely. I can tell you that the last couple years, the size of pieces that people are bringing in, like doubled, Speaker 5 00:53:16 You know, they're all like, I see Speaker 4 00:53:17 Some of 'em and I, we don't have have storage for this Speaker 6 00:53:20 Transport that Yeah. Speaker 4 00:53:20 You, That's why we had to get the van. That's Speaker 3 00:53:22 Why. Yeah, exactly. Have to go to people's house and install Speaker 4 00:53:25 Artwork too. But yeah, we had everything from that giant mural that people had dropped off that took up our entire floater wall that we have downstairs and you know, the, the big Right. Bookcase one that was down there. Yes. And then, but even like to like, like Sean's car that's down there or when we had the, uh, the, uh, the, the iron Speaker 5 00:53:44 Building, Well the car was really cool. Speaker 4 00:53:46 It's just those That's fine. The impact piece that, you know, you have when you first see, or that fills in a room that creates, you know, even when people have a minimal designed room Right. Having one large big piece like that can really tie a whole room together. So Speaker 6 00:53:59 You can I Speaker 3 00:54:00 Agree. Yeah. You like the car. Speaker 5 00:54:02 I always tell people Yes, Speaker 3 00:54:03 I Speaker 5 00:54:04 Like that. I always tell people by the biggest piece you can afford mm-hmm. Speaker 6 00:54:08 <affirmative>. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:54:09 Yeah. Yeah. Well I think there's a, like, I have a series of like, in trying to, like, I was trying to do videos on like how telling people how to hang artwork and I think it's, you know, I I actually hung a few things at a, uh, at uh, a business the other like the other week and everything outside of the offices is fantastic and like, it looks amazing. And then I had to hang some things into people's offices and it's like they're just not, Yeah. Right. I feel like they could, you know, Walter, we worked, you know, out as best we could, but it's, you know, some of 'em could be done better and like, I'm putting these things up on the wall and it's like, they have like the saw teeth on the back. So I was like, Oh, I gotta do like a video about, you know, all the different types of like, hardware that's on the back and like why, why one thing's better than another. Speaker 3 00:54:59 Like, you know, saws great on like a small like eight by 10 or an eight by eight makes it really easy to get it up on the wall. But like, go on. I get these, you know, things like 30, 40 shadow box saw teeth on the edge of it. It's like this isn't gonna fall off the wall. Yeah. Um, and then they're wired and they're not wired. Oh god. Yeah. Like, I like some of those things again, like things I, I, you know, have probably wired like, you know, 20, 30, 40, maybe thousand, you know. Yeah. Jobs. So like I forget that like not everyone, like knows, knows what they're doing when they go, Oh, we're gonna put a wire on the back of this and hang it. Um, you know, Speaker 6 00:55:39 D actually taught us, like last taught us how to, how to Speaker 5 00:55:43 To do it. Do it preside off in school. You had a video once. No, Speaker 3 00:55:47 I think I wanna do more. So some of those videos, were Speaker 6 00:55:50 You the one doing, Speaker 5 00:55:51 Was it was Speaker 3 00:55:52 Everyone should like I just assume that everyone knows how to do these things? Speaker 6 00:55:55 No, they Speaker 5 00:55:56 Do. I have five brothers, three of them hire someone to, they would never do it. Speaker 6 00:56:03 But that, so I, there's a lot to do is come up with like a series of artwork that you, you like, I know you wanna start selling stuff on the website of just backgrounds for people for video calls cuz everyone works from home now. Yeah. And to have like a cool picture, like when you, like I'm on video calls all day long for work. So like when someone has like a cool background or art, you're like, that's a cool painting. So it would be like a, like you could have like a whole like office series. Office Speaker 3 00:56:36 Series. Yeah. Yeah. No, I think that we've definitely have done framed a ton of things for people like with that in mind, like what they wanted behind them. Mm-hmm. Yeah. We did a, uh, a cool uh, install for Ted Donato, the coach from Harvard and like Speaker 6 00:56:50 There Yeah, I've, I went on, I've been in his game his like, I don't know what it was. Game room for his house tour. A house tour in like all his stuff stuff. Awesome. It's pretty cool. My Speaker 5 00:57:02 Dad dad, Lisa used to babysit them a little bit. Speaker 3 00:57:04 I couldn't. Yeah. So we did, um, he did one the USA shirt, I think it was in the middle and it was like, you know, and then he did the Bruins jersey and one sleeve had his number on it and 1 1 1 his son. Yeah. And then the Harvard jersey with the both of the bo you, I think it was his and the middle and there, you know, both of theirs and the sleeves and that's behind him for like, that was why they didn't want to do it for Zoom calls cause Speaker 5 00:57:29 Yeah. Cause he's probably doing a lot of those. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:57:31 Yeah. I actually, you know, I seen, you know, it's funny seeing some of the other things that I did like a shirt for Ryan Whitney and you see like his, Oh yeah, that's in his, they spit and chicklets uh, videos and like there's the, the Olympic jersey right, right Speaker 5 00:57:46 There. Oh is it? Yeah. Yeah. He's another Senti a kid. Speaker 3 00:57:48 Yeah. Yeah. And that's another, you know, another avenue. Someone was giving me the idea of like going on and like talking about like, you know, taking those Yeah, yeah. Backgrounds on people's videos and you know, critiquing them. I was thinking about just being like, you know, like this rude guy cuz those people seem to get a lot of likes. Yeah. No, I don't think that's, that really fits my personality. Yeah. It just criticizing things like what these chefs are on there. Like, they're like, what the, is this Yeah. The Gordon Ramsey of the art world talking about people's homes thinking with this frame. <laugh>. Speaker 6 00:58:23 Yeah. Speaker 5 00:58:24 <laugh>. Speaker 3 00:58:25 But I, you know, I might do series like that too. Right? Whatever I can get me in front of the camera here. Keep me from more, justify me not, you know, doing stuff and I can just be in a supervising role downstairs. Yeah. That's leave, Leave all the hard work to Scott. Oh sure. D and everybody else down there, Speaker 5 00:58:44 But wow. Speaker 3 00:58:46 Well I think we actually killing it. We've been at five 30. Yeah. For hour. We've already been sitting an hour. If you can leave it. Yeah. So one thing that we wanted to, we've been doing and we've been asking everybody this come in asking to tell us about one of their favorite pieces that they have hanging at home. And, you know, tell us a little bit, you know, a little bit about the piece and a little bit about why it's one of your favorites. Speaker 5 00:59:10 I have a piece that I bought from a friend of mine when she was moving and it, it turned out to be her husband's, one of his pieces for his grad school from BU and architecture. And it's a really cool painting of the BU bridge in the sixties. He was there in the sixties and I love it. It's in my kitchen and it, everybody comments on it. It's Speaker 3 00:59:34 Nice. You're gonna have to also, we can you send us a picture too? I will. One we put the Yeah. Speaker 4 00:59:40 Together so people have an idea Speaker 5 00:59:41 Of Yeah. Send you a picture Speaker 3 00:59:42 Of it. Yeah, it'd be great. Just I think Speaker 5 00:59:43 That, and it's, it's just the rough canvas that he stretched and I always thought I would frame it and every time I think about it I'm like, you know what? I kind of like it just, Speaker 3 00:59:53 Just the way rough, rough Speaker 4 00:59:54 Dead look. Yeah. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Speaker 6 00:59:56 Yeah. So I would say my favorite piece is, um, one of the pieces my cousin did in art school. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, it's, um, leaves and just like a up close tree's pretty big. I'm not really sure how big it is. Probably think she probably 40, 40 by 50 maybe. I don't know. But it, it, my my uncle had it framed at one point and it just wasn't a great frame job. Um, so I brought it here and got we done frame and I love it. It's in my dining room. I see it every day. Yeah. It's bright. People comment on it every time they're in my house. Speaker 3 01:00:37 That's awesome. Yeah. I, yeah, I got a lot of favorites of my husband. I, you know, I, uh, it's, you know, I think it's like so important. I think it's cool for people to like see what other people that they like their works. Like, you know, what do they have hanging out at home? Cause like a lot of 'em don't necessarily have, uh, you know, pieces just their own stuff hanging around. I couldn't imagine like, you know, just having like only looking at my own ar hard work and Speaker 6 01:01:06 Yeah. Yeah. No, I, I mean I, I would like to collect more art, but I just one of those things like I'm sure you sometimes I just can't settle lot like what I want down Speaker 5 01:01:19 The road. Speaker 4 01:01:19 Right, Exactly. Plenty of time for that. So. Speaker 3 01:01:22 Awesome. Well, I'm psyched you guys came in. I think we've talked for long enough that Thank Speaker 5 01:01:27 You for Speaker 3 01:01:27 Reminding us. You guys are gonna have to come back and we're gonna record more podcasts. Part two. We're gonna come to your house. We're gonna talk about hockey. I'm gonna look at these pieces in person. Speaker 4 01:01:36 We'll get a chef's coat and Speaker 3 01:01:38 Then we'll make you come back and do shoot hockey park. So I'm excited. Yeah. Awesome. Well, Speaker 5 01:01:43 Is that what you're doing when I don't see you around here shooting? Speaker 3 01:01:45 Yeah, that's fine. What? I'm trying these guys Speaker 4 01:01:46 Little hangout up back. Yeah, Speaker 3 01:01:48 You'll have to take a peek before you get outta here. Oh, Speaker 4 01:01:51 He's, yeah. We can do a reclaim mural down back. Yes, Speaker 5 01:01:53 Guys. Oh my goodness. Oh Speaker 3 01:01:55 Yeah. All right. So how do we end this guy? Speaker 4 01:01:57 Thanks for joining us, everybody, and we'll see you next time. All Speaker 3 01:02:00 Right. Speaker 5 01:02:00 See ya for having us.

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