Casual Confabs with Mary Gilmartin and Sean Goss

Casual Confabs with Mary Gilmartin and Sean Goss
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Casual Confabs with Mary Gilmartin and Sean Goss

Jul 29 2022 | 00:47:45

Episode July 29, 2022 00:47:45

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In this episode of Casual Confab, we sit down and chat with Mary Gilmartin about her upcoming entry into the Hanover Days Art Show, her booth at the Hanover Days Festival, and her Hopes at winning her fifth Hanover Excellence award.  Our discussion with Sean Goss covers his upcoming responsibilities of judging the Hanover Days Art Show and some general insites into Seans Buisness and his own Photography.

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Speaker 0 00:00:03 The Speaker 2 00:00:23 All right. Frame center podcast back at you. All right. We gotta get some intro music for this frame center Speaker 3 00:00:29 Podcast. I'm working on it, working on it right now. Speaker 2 00:00:31 Yep. We're gonna get just some of that going little, uh, you know, little intro intro of, uh, you know, some, maybe some framing, some, you know, Speaker 3 00:00:39 Get some noises of the building machines going there. Speaker 2 00:00:42 Yeah. That's not a bad idea in there. Get the CIES firing up stuff. Exactly. Yeah. Get the Mac cutter, like, you know, Speaker 3 00:00:48 Overlay that with a little, little beat and we'll be good to go. Speaker 2 00:00:51 Yeah. Nice. All right. Well, that's something we gotta get on the, uh, get on the agenda, you know, successful recording last time now we're back at it trying a second Speaker 3 00:01:00 Time. Round two. Speaker 2 00:01:01 Yep. Round two, working on getting our, you know, getting another frame center podcast, host, you know, gonna try to find the right person to join us. Um, you Speaker 3 00:01:11 Know, so guest Speaker 2 00:01:12 Appearances, guest appearances today, hopefully we get 'em both to, uh, show up in, you know, big time, uh, big time frame, uh, not framing events, big time event for a handover days coming up. Speaker 3 00:01:25 Yeah. The handover day celebration, Jui art show. Speaker 2 00:01:28 Yep. You know, centering, you know, kicking off the whole handover days, weekend, handover days, you know, what, what is that Saturday? Sunday. Speaker 3 00:01:36 Yeah. Suddenly and Sunday it'll be, uh, Speaker 2 00:01:38 Carnival. Yeah. Battle of the bands vendor tens. Maybe, maybe next year we'll have a vendor tent. Ooh. Speaker 3 00:01:44 Little Speaker 2 00:01:45 Sell the merch. Yep. Con conflict this year. We didn't, you know, we couldn't get someone to man the booth. Uh, but you know, but maybe we'll figure that those details for next year. It's Speaker 3 00:01:55 Timing. It's all about timing. Yep. Speaker 2 00:01:57 Yeah. We kick off the, uh, the weekend here with the, uh, handover days art show that's uh, what's that Thursday? Speaker 3 00:02:05 Well, Thursday, the, the reception, yeah, around the 21st through July 29th. Uh, so it'll be up for quite a while, but it will be, uh, Thursday, the 23rd from 5:30 PM to seven. We'll have the open reception night with all the artists and, uh, the, uh, awards and ceremonies going on then. Um, and, uh, we'll have the, uh, little refreshment and some, uh, you know, something to go along with it. It'd be a nice night for that. Nice. Yeah. Hopefully, uh, we'll have enough, big enough turnout that we'll have to use the auxiliary parking lot next door over at the, uh, post office. Yep. Speaker 2 00:02:41 That'd be nice. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, you know, look at some art. Yeah. Have a couple free drinks, couple snacks. Speaker 3 00:02:48 Yeah. Years passed. We've we've had quite a few people show up this year. We've got, uh, we've got over 50 entries from different artists, uh, and quite a few of them from here in the store themselves. Yep. You know, so that way, uh, uh, when all you, people come in asking, you know, how is this, we know what we have to do for the right thing for your own artwork. We go through that same problem. We have to <laugh> frame our own stuff. So you'll be able to see our pieces on display, you know? Speaker 2 00:03:11 Yep. I think that's nice too. It's nice. When some, sometimes for, you know, when we had the pieces up downstairs, when you're working with somebody and like, you know, being able to, you know, show them that what some of the work that you do as well, if you're helping somebody select something for their stuff. Speaker 3 00:03:25 Yeah. Examples and of things, you know, from photography to acrylic, fine art watercolor, you know, we all, pretty much everyone here covers one of the subject matters that we go through. Speaker 2 00:03:35 No pastel artists that Speaker 3 00:03:37 For, oh, that's true. We don't have a test artist. Speaker 2 00:03:39 <laugh> Speaker 3 00:03:41 Well, Speaker 2 00:03:41 We'll scribble something down. We'll have to put one together. Speaker 3 00:03:44 Check that, check that box off there. Speaker 2 00:03:46 Cloud was messing around with those pastels for one of the social media. Oh, there you go. Course. I believe that's true. That's true. Speaker 3 00:03:52 We'll dabble. Yep. We'll dabble. But uh, yeah, we got quite a few entries. We got several 3d sculptures in, we've got some watercolors, acrylics oils, photographs. We got, we got a lot this year, you know, one entry per person this year, just cuz we weren't sure how many people were gonna show up for this. And we didn't want to have so many pieces up that it was so crowded <laugh> yeah. That you couldn't really focus on one piece at a time. So we limited it to one for this year, just for the first one coming back since it's our first time back since 2019. Yep. You know, and the before times, you know, when things were doable and this will be our first social gathering back here at the, uh, at the frame center for our big to-do here. But uh, Speaker 2 00:04:31 Yeah. And the, yeah, it it's be nice to have people, you know, a group large group in the, in the building again mm-hmm <affirmative> and again, it, I think it's nice to have, uh, you know, everybody, some of the, some of the people from here having, you know, pieces entered and you touched on, you know, one entry per person mm-hmm <affirmative> I think that that's kind of a nice fit also cuz like going to an art show and seeing like, you know, oh, there's one person, one from that person and five like three or four from the other area five from somebody else's kind of, it's kind of a no, no know, I dunno. Maybe mildly obnoxious. It Speaker 3 00:05:06 Can overtake a show too. Especially if their pieces are larger or if you know, they, they they're grouped together. Usually we try to spread everyone out. If there were multiple entries and years before, luckily we don't really have to worry too much about this. It'll be basically just have the space, get it up on the wall, have a little separation, let people focus on when picture at time and really take the pieces in which will be nice. Yeah. Plus it's our new gallery space. It's the first time we've had this up and with a designated gallery area. Speaker 2 00:05:31 Yeah. Yeah. It's definitely nice. And I think it's gonna, uh, you know, show, well, I'm proud to show it off, get the, you know, got the, what the, what do you call that? The barn door? Speaker 3 00:05:40 Oh yeah. The big Speaker 2 00:05:41 Sliding the frame center frame center SI in to get that back up in place. Yeah. Um, you know, but the place looks nice, you know, we've done, you know, quite a bit on the, uh, you know, of cleaning things up, uh, repainted, you know, changed the trim the whole, you know, know Speaker 3 00:05:57 Should get the whole new experience when people Speaker 2 00:05:59 Come in. It's nice tile wall. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:06:00 Yep. Still adding to it. Yeah. More to come Speaker 2 00:06:03 Who knew that? Yeah. Who knew? And when Elizabeth came on board that she was a master, uh, basin that tiling away. Yeah. Flip Speaker 3 00:06:13 This frame center, you know, Speaker 2 00:06:16 Crowding, uh, crowding tile, like crazy. Um <laugh> but uh, you know, it's nice, uh, you know, things excited to get some people in here, you know, especially people that haven't necessarily been in before. It's a good excuse to get them in the doors and to, uh, see, see the, see the, uh, see the operations, see some of the samples downstairs. Yep. Social Speaker 3 00:06:39 ATS been doing a good job of getting that out. So we've had a lot of new people join up recently. So hopefully we can get some of them to come in. That'd be nice. Speaker 2 00:06:45 Yeah. You can go downstairs. Bars will be set up on the table. So, you know, Speaker 3 00:06:49 And if it's a hot night ACS working, it'd be a Speaker 2 00:06:51 Great night to come. Speaker 3 00:06:52 Exactly. Speaker 2 00:06:54 All areas that, yeah, that's true. If that's a bonus, Speaker 3 00:06:58 We knock on wood there just in case I just jinx the scenario, know? Yeah. Speaker 2 00:07:01 <laugh> who knows maybe, maybe we'll have a couple people shooting pucks out back. Speaker 3 00:07:05 Ooh, that's true. Yeah. Yeah. If the lighting still should be still good till about eight o'clock that night. Nice. Speaker 2 00:07:10 Uh, yeah. So that'll be fun, fun event having the people by to, uh, to see the space, you know, kind of mingle, you know, mingle about, have a couple snacks, see things, see, talk to, uh, some of the frame center staff. Yeah. Get, you know, explanations of their artwork. Speaker 3 00:07:26 Yep. Exactly. Speaker 2 00:07:27 Their photography, their, their, uh, I know that you actually had put together a video once, uh, a while back too, with the, what is it? The acrylic pores. Speaker 3 00:07:36 Oh yeah. Yeah. We playing around with those again. Finally had some time to myself to, to do those. I've got one of those in the show myself this year. Um, so we'll be doing a few more of those as time goes on. We'll get some of those, uh, up on the, uh, the socials, Speaker 2 00:07:50 But you're not from handover. So you're not actually eligible for the, uh, for the special Speaker 3 00:07:55 Coveted prize. No, but Speaker 2 00:07:57 They're one of, is one of our new one of our guests. Yeah. Hopefully we're gonna get Mary up here for a couple minutes. Speaker 3 00:08:03 Oh, I'm sure she'll come up and join us, but she's won, uh, four years in a row now. Yep. You know, those ones all featured a piece from handover this year. It'll be if she wins it's because she's from handover. Cause this year's entry little different from Duxbury. I believe the, the one she's putting in, but still beautiful. Just the same nice little landscape shot. Yep. But uh, yeah, no, hopefully she'll go for the, uh, win number five. She yep. Catching up to Brady there, you know? Yep. Speaker 2 00:08:31 <laugh> I think is mark didn't enter he's the handover Speaker 3 00:08:34 Resident. Uh, mark. Didn't put one in this year. Son did though. New guys, son. Yep. So, so he's our contender. Yep. Speaker 2 00:08:40 We'll see Speaker 3 00:08:40 So far. Speaker 2 00:08:41 And who knows? I'm sure there's countless other handover residents that are excited about handover days that are going to be entering some pieces as well. Yep. Um, I dunno, maybe we should see about grabbing Mary. Speaker 3 00:08:54 Let's see if we can, uh, find where she's at Speaker 2 00:08:57 Back at it. We, now we have Mary joining us the uh, the four time champion or, you know, what's that called four time winner of the, the Han the greatest Hanover Arian. Uh Speaker 4 00:09:11 It's the Hanover excellence award. Speaker 2 00:09:13 H excellence. Speaker 3 00:09:14 Yeah. Nice. Speaker 2 00:09:15 And we got some competition this year. We have sunny and then, you know, I'm sure countless other, um, um, countless other Hanover artists joining as well. Um, but maybe Mary wants to, uh, give us a little bit of her background. Tell us how she became the handover excellent award winner for four years in a row going for five, Speaker 3 00:09:36 The favored Speaker 2 00:09:37 <laugh> the odds out favorite. Exactly. Speaker 3 00:09:40 <laugh> Speaker 4 00:09:41 Um, I, well you have to either be a Hanover resident or have, um, your artwork of something in Hanover. Yeah. So I was chosen each time. Speaker 2 00:09:52 Nice. Well, congratulations on your past wins and you know, we're happy to have Mary's skills here as well. Mm-hmm <affirmative> Speaker 4 00:09:58 Working. I was going, yeah. I was going for the fifth win and COVID came in and Speaker 2 00:10:02 Kinda everything. Speaker 3 00:10:04 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:10:04 Yep. No. Now now's your chance. You still do have the perfect records. Exactly. Speaker 3 00:10:09 Yeah. Nice. It's still gonna be the fifth one. It's just, you know, that three year gap in between, you know? Speaker 2 00:10:14 Yeah. We'll say you worried about any of these up and coming artists. Speaker 4 00:10:19 Uh, Speaker 2 00:10:20 No, <laugh>, you're not taking this. You're not, you're not as, no, no, you're not as, uh, you're not as concerned about keeping the, uh, the title is. Yeah. Speaker 4 00:10:27 I, I, I was really kind of looking for all of them. Yeah. You know, winning all of them, but yeah. Um, the only one I really compete with this myself. Yeah. I try and get better every year. Speaker 2 00:10:39 Yeah. That's yeah. That's it probably the, uh, you know, the right way to, uh, approach it. Mm-hmm, Speaker 4 00:10:45 <affirmative>, it's always gonna be somebody better than you. Yeah. No matter what you're doing. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:10:49 So this is probably the case. Yeah. It's probably much better podcast than the French center podcast. Right. Well, Speaker 3 00:10:54 This is only the second Speaker 2 00:10:55 One. Give us time. Yeah. Yeah. We, haven't got, we're competing with ourself. I already think we're better than the last one. Right. Speaker 3 00:11:00 This is very true. Exactly. Much more free, free flow in this time. So Speaker 4 00:11:04 This is my first podcast ever. Speaker 3 00:11:06 Oh, CE you go. Yeah. Oh, Speaker 2 00:11:08 Nothing to setting the bar. Speaker 4 00:11:10 Right. Speaker 2 00:11:12 So you get, uh, you also have a booth set up for, uh, for handover days. Speaker 4 00:11:16 Yes. Speaker 3 00:11:16 And yep. Yeah. Where's that gonna be at? Speaker 4 00:11:18 Uh, at the Sylvester center school field. Speaker 3 00:11:21 Ah, okay. And that's on Saturday or is that Speaker 4 00:11:25 The Speaker 3 00:11:25 25th? The 25th. Yep. So that would be yep. Yeah. Saturday. Yeah. Saturday the 25th. Yeah. Is that an all day thing or is it Speaker 4 00:11:31 Yes. Yeah, they have, um, Friday night they have, um, Speaker 3 00:11:36 The fireworks. They have fireworks the fireworks display that's right. Speaker 4 00:11:39 Bands. Mm-hmm <affirmative> they have a carnival. Um, Speaker 3 00:11:42 Yeah, Carnival's always good. Speaker 4 00:11:43 Yeah. And then, um, they have all the booths set up on Saturday. Oh, Speaker 3 00:11:47 Excellent. So yeah. Speaker 2 00:11:50 Lots of vendors, maybe a frame center, booth booth one of these years. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:11:55 Um, you know, our, our other guest today. I mean, he, I think he's had a booth there in the past, Sean. Um, but I don't know if he, I don't think he has one again this year, but so what will you be selling at your booth? Uh, Mary, just, just artwork, artwork, just using it to get yourself out there to the community. Yep. Letting the, you know, the, the people that aren't aware of. Hanover's award winner. Yeah. Not maybe some of the people from outside of Hanover that will be here. We haven't heard of you. Speaker 4 00:12:27 I don't have a storefront. I have, um, I have a, a studio in the back half of my garage. Speaker 2 00:12:33 Yep. Speaker 4 00:12:34 So Speaker 3 00:12:35 Hey, nothing wrong with that. Speaker 2 00:12:37 Nothing wrong with that in a website. Speaker 4 00:12:39 Yep. I have a website. Speaker 2 00:12:40 What's that? Speaker 4 00:12:42 Mary Gilmar art. Speaker 2 00:12:43 Nice. Speaker 3 00:12:44 There we Speaker 2 00:12:45 Go. Direct right to the point. Exactly. Speaker 3 00:12:47 That's it? You guys get those plugs in. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:12:49 Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:12:52 So why don't we, uh, do you wanna show off it? Uh, you might be giving a little sneak preview of sure. Let's stay here. Speaker 4 00:13:00 We're recording it. Aren't we Speaker 3 00:13:01 Here? Oh yeah. Now where is this of, Speaker 4 00:13:05 Um, that is bluefish river in Duxbury. Speaker 3 00:13:07 Nice. Speaker 4 00:13:09 So it's not actually a it's my first year not doing a Hanover painting, but I'm still Hanover. So I'm still eligible. Speaker 3 00:13:17 Yeah. Dave, keeping you working in the basement too long to go and do scouting things for it. I understand. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:13:22 I think she's trying, just trying to take it to the next, level's making it more difficult for herself by not choosing a handover, a handover scene. Speaker 3 00:13:29 I gotcha. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:13:32 Well, Mary, thank you for stopping by telling us, helping filling us in on, uh, all things Hanover days. Hopefully we'll, you know, people will come out, see you and you know, maybe we'll get you to, you know, maybe you'll be wearing some of the new frames that are merchandise. Oh Speaker 3 00:13:46 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:13:47 S you could use a hat. It might be sunny, or it might be raining out there, you know? Good luck on, uh, as long as we Speaker 4 00:13:52 Don't have hail this year. Speaker 3 00:13:53 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:13:54 Good luck. And, uh, you know, selling artwork and good luck with the, uh, you know, attempt to take down the fifth straight, uh, Hanover. Speaker 4 00:14:05 Yeah. I want Speaker 3 00:14:05 Another jury dart celebration. Yes. Speaker 2 00:14:07 <laugh> that. And many other awards I'm sure will be up the, that you will be eligible for as well. Speaker 3 00:14:14 Oh yeah, no. Yeah. Cuz what medium is that oil oil see? So, so oil and oil's one of them. Speaker 2 00:14:20 What else do we got? What else do we got? Scott awards going out for photography? Speaker 3 00:14:24 Uh, we got one for photography, this drawing oil and acrylic share category watercolors, this mixed media, uh, there's a jewelry, wearable art and a 3d art, uh, for sculptural design and things along those lines. So plenty of categories. Speaker 2 00:14:40 Nice. Excellent. Well, thanks for coming out of the basement, Mary. Right. Thank you. Pulling yourself away from making those frames and uh, you know, sitting down and talking with us for a second or standing up and talking with us for a Speaker 3 00:14:52 Few. <laugh> greatly Speaker 2 00:14:53 Appreciate it. First podcast down. Maybe we'll Speaker 3 00:14:55 Have you back first guest appearance down. Speaker 2 00:14:57 Yep. Maybe we'll have you back to, uh, you know, to launch your, uh, yeah. The title. Speaker 3 00:15:02 Oh yeah. Yeah. <laugh> just with like five ribbons on just all Speaker 2 00:15:05 The way because our audience is gonna want to know. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:15:09 <laugh> well, we'll be having, we're gonna try and do something from the, uh, handover show itself. So hopefully, maybe we can, if we can get the winners in here for a little, uh, little, uh, recording Speaker 2 00:15:20 Session. Nice. I, I like it. Maybe you'll be back with our second day. You know, your second podcast. You're Speaker 3 00:15:26 Already seasoned. Ready to go. You'll already know all about this. It'll be great. Speaker 2 00:15:29 Yeah. Look at us. We're pros now. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:15:31 <laugh> second. Time's always easier. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:15:35 Awesome. Speaker 3 00:15:36 Well again, thank you very much for joining us. You're welcome. And we'll see you on the 23rd. All right. Sounds good. All right. Thanks. Speaker 2 00:15:44 Thanks. All right. We got Sean. Now, all of a sudden, you know, this, this podcast is bringing in guests like crazy, Speaker 3 00:15:52 Right. Second guest appearance in five minutes Speaker 5 00:15:55 Came here just for the podcast Speaker 2 00:15:56 Body. Yes. Yep. Well, we're happy to have you, you know, you know, what's, uh, you know, tell us a little bit about your background, Sean, and, uh, you know, you know why you're actually qualified to be a judge for handover days. Speaker 5 00:16:10 Uh, let's see. I've been a photographer for almost 20 years now. I've sold cameras for 15 of those years. I've owned my own photo lab for the last 10, Speaker 3 00:16:20 I guess that counts. Yeah. Speaker 5 00:16:22 Take a lot of pictures, print a lot of pictures. Yeah. Help people with pictures. Speaker 2 00:16:25 Pretty good photographer. Speaker 3 00:16:27 Most people in town go to you when they need something printed. So yeah. Speaker 2 00:16:30 Yeah. We gotta, yeah. We have a beauty yours downstairs right now. Oh, my one of my favorites. Speaker 5 00:16:36 I know you wanna take it home. Speaker 2 00:16:37 Yeah. It's going home with me eventually. We're given a chance, you know, Speaker 3 00:16:40 It's gets too many compliments when people walk through the door. It's the first thing they see. Speaker 2 00:16:43 Yeah. It, one of my favorites, I like it a lot. That's but you know, if the, you know, if we can sell the frame first. Speaker 3 00:16:50 Oh, Speaker 2 00:16:50 I see everyone wins, you know, but I can always make more. We, yeah. But when, you know, when, when we're ready to move on from it, that's going back to my house. Speaker 3 00:16:58 <laugh> Speaker 2 00:17:01 Um, yeah. So the, you know, the place is in, uh, your place is in Norwell, right. Is Hanover now technically Speaker 5 00:17:07 Handover right behind the Norwell stop Speaker 2 00:17:09 Shop. Okay. You moved from down the street, but yeah. You handle everything over there from, uh, you know, Speaker 5 00:17:17 Any kind of printing, I'd say framing, but yeah. Speaker 2 00:17:22 Well Speaker 3 00:17:22 Maybe Speaker 2 00:17:23 You can do, you do mild framing, but Speaker 3 00:17:25 It's a collaborative Speaker 2 00:17:26 Effort, but you know, we're not upset about your framing, you know, you, you know, no, you, we, we offer some minor printing. It's really that's stuff. You know, I think we've talked about this numerous times. It's gotten, you know, it's not like I'm, we're not trying to get into the frame, uh, the printing business, but you know, if it's a convenience factor for, um, you know, for our customers, so they don't have to like go to you first and then come over here. Sometimes we'll offer some, you know, we'll take care of some printing, but you know, we send numerous people over to you. Oh Speaker 5 00:17:53 Yeah. Where they come to me and then I bring it down here. Yeah. It's a pretty symbiotic relationship there. We kind both benefit each other, you know? Speaker 2 00:18:01 Yeah. I mean, I don't, you know, you don't want to take on, uh, some crazy shadow box, uh, projects and you know, whatnot, but yeah, Speaker 5 00:18:08 I do not. Speaker 2 00:18:09 Yeah. Speaker 5 00:18:10 Plus also, you know, we don't always know everything about depth of field and pixelation and all kinds of other stuff. So that that's your specialty. Yeah. I do know a lot about that. Yeah. <laugh> Speaker 2 00:18:20 Yeah. Good. You know, cuz we have to go over that at some point, so we can get off our explanations to people about things such as ratios and mm-hmm a resolution of photographs. Um, you know, cuz I'm sure you've had to give that spiel on numerous occasions. Um, every day. Yeah. <laugh> every day. Yep. So a lot of times people don't really understand the GRA you know, grasp like why an eight by, you know, an image that's at a, uh, you know, a two to one ratio doesn't fit into, uh, something that's not, Tual one ratio Speaker 5 00:18:49 Like, well it's like the game when you were a kid and you have all the little blocks and you gotta put 'em in the right holes, square peg round hole situation and the rectangle doesn't always fit in the square. Yep. Speaker 2 00:18:59 Yeah. How come it's five by five, can't be a five by seven, you know, and then you're cropping it, you know? Yep. You're going up to the seven and then you're cropping down a bit and you know, sometimes people have a hard time at visualizing that or, you know Speaker 5 00:19:12 Yeah. They want all that picture in there. And if they wanna see all that picture in there, they're gonna be very tall, skinny people, as you squish it together to mean it all work. It doesn't quite, you know, it doesn't quite work. You know, the hard part is the standard sign is changed. Mm-hmm <affirmative> from your four by six, five by seven, eight by 10 cameras. Take a picture in an eight by 12 reach ratio. So if you're gonna do an eight by 10, you're gonna lose your sides. Speaker 2 00:19:35 Yep. Is, is that why the, the sizes have changed? I noticed that a lot, like a lot of the images when I've had to print things, this all like it formats to an eight by 12 in most cases. Speaker 5 00:19:46 Yep. But it never changed from the original four by five format when people used to shoot on like four by five view cameras and stuff like that really four by five is the same as an eight by 10. Yep. And that size just stuck. Speaker 2 00:20:00 Yep. Speaker 5 00:20:01 So that's what we ended up with eight by 10, 16, 20, 20, 24, 24 30 are all right. About the same mm-hmm <affirmative> but then if you look at like a full frame camera sensor, you're gonna be eight by 12 16, 24, 20 30, 24 36. Speaker 2 00:20:17 All right. So I know nothing about cameras. Mm-hmm <affirmative> I just know about frames and I just know about standard size frames because like I just have always been around frames and like standard sizes. So they're always the sizes. So what is it about the key, like about the cameras that is it just, uh, Speaker 5 00:20:34 It's just the shape. So like when 35 millimeter film came out, they started going into a longer skinnier format versus more of like a boxy mm-hmm <affirmative>. So when you try and I don't know why the frames, like the standard frame sizing didn't change. Yeah. Along with that invention, a 35 millimeter <laugh> but that ratio stayed the same and the frames stayed the same. So they just don't align. Right? Speaker 2 00:20:57 Yeah. Speaker 3 00:20:58 Always something cropped out or yeah. Behind. Speaker 2 00:21:01 Yeah. Well, I mean, I feel like we mess around with like, we've been adding like squares a ton too, because they like, you know, the Instagram, Instagram, Speaker 3 00:21:08 Social media influence right there. That's the, Speaker 2 00:21:11 Yeah. I mean, that seems like that's been a, uh, you know, I mean, you know, for us with like our ready made stuff that we make out of leftover parts in our pieces of frames, like, you know, squares are nice and easy to, to put together. They also have a cool look, especially if you're incorporating a lot of things, but there's not Speaker 5 00:21:28 Gallery walls, definitely Speaker 2 00:21:30 Cameras aren't, uh, at shooting at a square at this point. Speaker 5 00:21:34 No, no. I mean, you can a lot of cameras now, especially with like the new mirrorless cameras, you can change the ratio with the Speaker 2 00:21:40 Camera. What's a mirrorless camera. Speaker 5 00:21:42 Uh, it doesn't have a mirror in it. Cameras Speaker 2 00:21:44 Have mirrors. Thank you very much. Speaker 5 00:21:46 And it's just, it's the next form of digital camera versus like having a mirror in prison box mm-hmm <affirmative> so your view finder is another little screen on top of, instead of looking directly through the lens mm-hmm <affirmative> yeah. Speaker 2 00:21:57 I think this is why I'm not qualified to be the, uh, photography judge. Cause I didn't even realize that if camera has a mirror inside of it, Speaker 5 00:22:03 But like with the readymade that you guys have been making, like the 12 by sixteens are great, cuz people can put a, an eight by 12 right in it mm-hmm <affirmative> have an even mat funky borders. Yep. Or like a 14 by 18. Um, and having some of those sizes available is always nice cuz you're not gonna find them. Yep. Like on the shelf somewhere. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:22:23 You can't go to target and just pick one up Speaker 5 00:22:26 Or the dreaded Michaels. Speaker 3 00:22:28 Yeah. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:22:31 All right. So most folks, so most things are in a, a three, three to four ratio then it's either three to four or four to five, Speaker 5 00:22:39 Uh, three to four, uh, Speaker 2 00:22:41 2, 3, 2, 3, 2, 3 Speaker 5 00:22:43 To four. Yep. Um, four, five is gonna be like your eight by 10, 16, 20. Yep. Um, and if you're looking at a photo from like a digital SLR, it's gonna cut the sides. Uh, the hard part now that we run into is with the phones. Mm-hmm, <affirmative>, there's all different kinds of formats that the phones will take 'em in whether it's four by seven mm-hmm <affirmative>, which there's really nothing for, Speaker 2 00:23:07 Is there like a thing on your phone that decides what size you're gonna yeah. You're shooting. Yeah. Mm-hmm <affirmative> really Speaker 5 00:23:13 Interesting. You got the new iPhone, Dave, you know it's in there. Speaker 2 00:23:16 Yeah. Well, I don't even know that, you know, I was unaware Speaker 5 00:23:20 Actually you need a new iPhone. There's only two lenses on the back of that. Exactly. Speaker 2 00:23:23 Yeah. I'm over, I'm overdue. Um, but yeah, I mean, so I went to, most people even realize that when they, when people come to print photographs Speaker 5 00:23:31 Or do they oh, no, not at all. No. Speaker 3 00:23:33 The average show is just gonna point and Speaker 2 00:23:34 Shoot. So you have it, you have it, uh, your phone's like defaulting to like a certain Speaker 5 00:23:39 Yeah. Like a phone will default to, I think it's like, if you were to size it to like, like a four by six, it would be like a four and a half by Speaker 2 00:23:48 Six. Yep. Yeah. Four and a half by. Yeah. I feel like those are like, cuz you know, the, the simple printing that I'm doing are generally like people's, you know? Yeah. Speaker 5 00:23:57 And you do Speaker 2 00:23:57 Like you have phone photographs, Speaker 5 00:23:58 You do a four and a half by six and then you can't find a frame for it. Speaker 2 00:24:01 Yep. Without the cropping. Yes. Speaker 5 00:24:04 Unless Ritz's camera was still around. We used to have 'em there. Speaker 2 00:24:08 Yeah. And then, you know, for when I'm sneaking on people's, uh, you know, social media to tip for a free frame Friday, you know, four and a half by six is one. And then it's like, I feel like it's five and a quarter by seven is yeah, Speaker 5 00:24:20 Yeah, yeah. If you upsize it, that's what they end up at. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:24:24 Yeah. Even on our website's uploading, when we have a uploaded photo to print and frame, there's always that little part where you get a slave gives you the selection. Cuz most of the time it's gonna be a little section that's gonna get cropped off. You know, when it first comes up as the four by six selection, I noticed it when I was playing around with it earlier today. Yeah. You know, little, little small section of the, uh, photograph was missing. So, but Speaker 2 00:24:48 So how do people find you, Sean? Speaker 5 00:24:51 Uh, come by, I'm always come by. <laugh> um, Speaker 3 00:24:54 Visit Speaker 2 00:24:54 And website though, or most, Speaker 5 00:24:56 Uh, if you do website, we have go photo um, is a little dated working on a new one. Mm-hmm <affirmative> we'll be up eventually. Uh yep. Speaker 2 00:25:06 We know that pan we've Speaker 5 00:25:08 On, we have print ordering and stuff through there. Uh, I'm gonna make I'm working on building like a, a pretty website. This one's not that pretty, but it works. Mm-hmm <affirmative> um, that swing on by. I know, uh, still you have my cards here. Yep. We have kiosks in the shop. So if you have like a memory card or something like that, we can pop up, pop it in there and print from there. Anything from like a picture to go to lock it. Yep. Up to, I don't know, four feet by a hundred feet. Something like Speaker 3 00:25:39 That. Geez. There you go. <laugh> what about restoration? Do you do photo restoration and stuff there? Speaker 5 00:25:43 Yep. We do a lot of photo restoration a lot. Uh, we deal with a lot of old stuff as well. Yeah. Uh, a lot of negatives, negatives prints. We do video, uh, transfers as Speaker 3 00:25:53 Well. Oh nice. Speaker 5 00:25:55 Uh, what else do we do? I do a lot of stuff. Um Speaker 2 00:25:58 <laugh> so how, let me ask you this. Cause I like people with like resolution, like people when they send the photographs over <laugh> like, do you find like, do they people end up just like sending like smallest file. Cause they think it's gonna be the easy, like Speaker 5 00:26:11 Either it's gonna be Speaker 2 00:26:12 Doesn't then the resolution doesn't work out. Right. Speaker 5 00:26:15 So half the time it's about a 50 50 split on why we get small files. Yeah. Sometimes they're texted to the person. Yep. Yeah. And if they're texted from an Android phone, it lowers the resolution. Mm-hmm <affirmative> if it's an iPhone to iPhone, it actually keeps the same resolution. So like those files are usually pretty good. Mm-hmm <affirmative> um, Speaker 2 00:26:38 And what do you think of like an iPhone picture now? Like if you don't do anything with it, like how, how big do you feel? Like it's usually safe to blow those up to. Speaker 5 00:26:47 I did a 40 by 40 today. Oh Speaker 2 00:26:49 Wow. And it does it the subject matter or is it like, you know, Speaker 5 00:26:52 Subject and lighting definitely matter. Yeah. Yeah. So iPhone pictures, if you wanna blow 'em up big, if it's a nice bright day outside. Yep. You'll generally get like a nice clean image to be able to enlarge, um, cuz with resolution it's not necessarily the file size. Yep. But it's the quality of the file on top of that. Okay. Um, cuz like I can make a massive file. That'll print terribly. Yeah. Mm-hmm <affirmative> um, but you know, like a nice bright day outta like an iPhone, you can easily get like good 16 by twenties. Mm-hmm <affirmative> um, going bigger than that. It's really gonna be on like a image per image basis. Yep. Um, Speaker 2 00:27:36 I find like sometimes with some of the bigger ones too, and I don't know if you're not on top of them as much like on the smaller ones, like, you know, 16, 20, like, but once you get like to like a 20 by 24 or like a 20 to 28 it's mm-hmm <affirmative>, you're not really, you know, you are stepped back from them a little bit. So sometimes the resolution isn't as big of a deal, but yep. Then when you get up close, I mean you start to see that pixelation and you're Speaker 5 00:28:01 Right. And the best way to hide it. If you are dead set on printing a small file, large is like a canvas print is textured. So it will also hide some of that. There you go. Especially if it's like a landscape and there's a lot of grass or you know, around here, like sea grass and sea grass and marsh, you can get away with throwing Speaker 2 00:28:21 Glass glass Speaker 5 00:28:22 A little bit of the fuzzy glass. Yeah. Um, so you got that. Uh, and then also we see low ones come through when they're just not emailed correctly. Speaker 2 00:28:34 Mm yeah. That's that's the button price actual size. Right? If Speaker 5 00:28:38 You're, if you're doing it through your phone, it'll ask you a small, medium, large, actual size, always send actual size, no matter what size you want us to print. Yep. Um, Speaker 2 00:28:49 And that is now, does that make the emails are like there's you can only get like a couple on there too. Right. Cause I feel like Speaker 5 00:28:56 That's what reason? 25 megabytes. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:28:57 Yeah. So, okay. That's like the standard for email and <affirmative> Speaker 5 00:29:00 So Speaker 2 00:29:00 Like, I feel like sometimes people are like, they send it one and then it'll be like a bigger then like they put like five or six or, you know, they're just trying to like send as few emails as possible Speaker 5 00:29:10 Or something. Yeah. And I mean, if someone's trying to do that, um, like if you have a good amount that you want to print and let's say trying to like upload images through the website. Yeah. Can, you know if like on our website the first time you do it could probably be, could be easier, but like once you get it, it's really easy. Mm-hmm <affirmative> um, but if you have like a handful and you go, oh, I just want like four by sixes of all these and there's a hundred pictures. Mm. Uh, using like Google drive. Yep. Is awesome. Mm-hmm <affirmative> um, or like Google photos, if you make an album, then you can share it. Mm-hmm <affirmative> uh, that's a good way to send like large files in bulk easily. Yep. Uh, and I know with like Google, they give you like 15 gigs of storage for nothing mm-hmm <affirmative> so that's always one easy way to do it. Speaker 2 00:29:57 Yeah. Storage. That's my phone problem. Discharge. Speaker 3 00:30:00 They should also not compromise the photo before saying it to you. Right. Send the full photo. Don't crop it down. Don't alter it Speaker 5 00:30:06 Before. Send it to, yeah. I mean, if, if they're gonna edit it, that's fine. Mm-hmm <affirmative> um, you know, we Speaker 3 00:30:11 Issue come up a couple times where somebody's like, oh, I pre cropped it down to the person. I just want to see you on stage or something. And Speaker 2 00:30:17 Know it's like people cutting the newspaper up for cause they wanna help. You know, it's like, all, well, we're gonna cut this newspaper and I'll like, trim it a little close. Speaker 3 00:30:24 I wanna see all of it. Speaker 5 00:30:25 Yeah. I mean, especially if it's coming from a phone or something, it's always best to send like an uncropped Speaker 3 00:30:30 File and just tell us what you wanna Speaker 5 00:30:32 See. Right. Cause we can crop it into the point without going too far. Right. Um, you know, and then if they're a photographer and like working with images on Lightroom, I know the export settings can get tricky mm-hmm <affirmative> or things can get left, checked to like export like a small file if they were gonna like upload it to Instagram mm-hmm <affirmative> but then they send us that file <laugh> Speaker 3 00:30:54 Um, Speaker 5 00:30:56 But I mean there's trials Speaker 3 00:30:57 And tribulations of, uh, photo Speaker 5 00:30:59 Printing. But the hard part is, is the art world and the technology world are like clashing at the same, like currently used to be a lot simpler. Speaker 2 00:31:09 <laugh> have you seen any of that? Uh, like the AI art yet. Oh, Speaker 5 00:31:12 It's wild. Speaker 2 00:31:13 It's crazy. Speaker 5 00:31:13 Isn't it? It's wild. Speaker 2 00:31:14 I Lord sent me a couple videos. Um, you know about that stuff. It is insane. Speaker 5 00:31:20 Oh, has he done AI drawings of you yet? Speaker 2 00:31:22 No. Can you do that? Yeah, Speaker 5 00:31:24 You can. You can do like AI drawings of people and stuff and it's wicked funny. Speaker 2 00:31:28 No shit. I gotta, I gotta try that. Speaker 5 00:31:30 <laugh> it works best with famous people, but like, Speaker 2 00:31:33 Yeah, I know this podcast. Me and Scott gonna be famous in no time. Yeah. Um, but yeah, no, we're Speaker 3 00:31:40 Getting tens and tens of views. Speaker 2 00:31:42 So do you, I, is that anything you you're? Uh, you're trying to stay on, like I, Speaker 5 00:31:49 I, I pay attention to just Speaker 2 00:31:50 Interested, interested, not like something to put plan to pursue Speaker 5 00:31:54 Me personally. No, Speaker 2 00:31:55 <laugh> I think it's scary for some, like some of the stuff is like, I mean, it's, it's so good. Like the, some of the videos he's showed me were like, there's, it's so good that it's like, Speaker 5 00:32:05 Oh the snap it's Speaker 2 00:32:06 It's gonna be tough for uh, yeah. Oh yeah. That too is wild. Yeah. Yeah. The amount of filters that we have to use to make, you know, make me look good in these <laugh> editing processes, you know, is very important, you know? Um, is that basically what, like a, what some of those, like the filters are like, that's basically what Speaker 5 00:32:27 It's, all's all, it's all AI stuff. Yeah. Yeah. Um, and it uses like facial mapping, uh, like the same thing that works on like your iPhone now to open it. When you look at it, mm-hmm, <affirmative>, they're using that sort of mapping and manipulation to be able to do it. There's even stuff like that in Photoshop now, too. Oh, really? Where you can like change people's facial expressions and stuff like that. Speaker 2 00:32:46 Yeah. In Photoshop, speaking of Photoshop, you do a lot of restoration. Yeah. I know. You've helped me out in a couple projects. We've heard people and they're like, oh, cut this handout. Or, Speaker 5 00:32:55 Oh yeah. We do a lot of restoration, a lot of old photos, a lot of Speaker 3 00:32:59 How many old cracked wedding photos have you <laugh> probably had to fix Speaker 5 00:33:03 At this point. I have no idea. Exactly. It's just, I Speaker 3 00:33:06 Know how many we get in here. Speaker 5 00:33:07 So I mean, I checked how many rolls of film I've done this year? Like that's I haven't checked the restoration yet. Speaker 2 00:33:12 Yeah. Film is film, still a big thing. Speaker 3 00:33:14 People just finding them in the back of a juncture and bring 'em in to see what they Speaker 5 00:33:18 Are or that and shooting it still really. Um, I mean even like Mike sleeper still shoots film. Oh yeah. Sleeper. Yeah. Um, so you get the, we get a mix, we get art people, young people are into it. Anybody who's buying vinyl records now is probably trying to shoot film mm-hmm <affirmative> um, Speaker 2 00:33:35 You don't shoot film or uh, you shoot both. You do both. Speaker 5 00:33:39 Yep. I shoot film, like for fun on my own. Yeah. Um, for like a multitude of reasons, like I think it's fun and it's fun to mess around with, if I'm out with like my family. Yeah. You, you're not glued to like the back of the screen when you take a picture and like, that's it, like it either came out or it didn't, you won't know till you're done. Yeah. So it like it, I find it to keep you more in the moment. Yeah. With stuff like that. Uh, and I have machines and chemistry, I need to keep in check, so, mm. Uh, if there's any problems I like to have film of my own that I can run before customers, you know, and like just making sure that everything's okay. Mm-hmm <affirmative> um, cuz it's expensive to mess it up. Speaker 3 00:34:23 Uh, yes, Speaker 2 00:34:24 Yes. Yeah. But you've been at it so long that you've started with film, right? Yeah. And then, and then Speaker 5 00:34:29 Yeah, I started shooting. Speaker 2 00:34:30 How was that transition when like digital started? Were you, did you resist it like, uh, summer, like Mike or Speaker 5 00:34:37 No, I didn't really resist. Um, I started shooting probably early, late nineties, early two thousands is when I like first started like picking up a camera and playing with it. Speaker 2 00:34:50 Mm-hmm <affirmative> now this is with film Speaker 5 00:34:52 Or yeah. Yeah. And like, uh, and my dad was a photographer, so like I got like a bunch of his old stuff. Yeah. And I always shot a film. And then 2003, I started selling cameras. Yep. And we were still selling, you know, we were probably selling 70% film. 30% digital. Yeah. Cause digital cameras were still really expensive. Mm-hmm <affirmative> uh, in 2004 I got a cannon 20 D uh, and I was like blown away by the thing. It was awesome to be able to go out and shoot and do all the stuff. Uh, but I didn't trust it completely when I would like shoot a wedding I'd shoot like half and half mm-hmm <affirmative>. Yep. Um, and then as like time went on, the cannon five DS came out, I bought two of those and sort of like forgot about film for a long time. <laugh> mm-hmm <affirmative> um, other than like, I still processed it at work and like did that sort of stuff. Speaker 2 00:35:42 So what's the difference when you, like, when you see a digital file or like, or when you see a finished product, can you tell if it's, if it's digital or if it's film? Speaker 5 00:35:52 Oh, generally Speaker 2 00:35:53 What's the, what's the giveaway. Speaker 5 00:35:55 Uh, if you're looking at, I mean, if you're looking at like Mike sleep's work. Yep. Um, he's using, I think he still shoots like Velva 50 for a lot of his stuff. Like mm-hmm, uh, Vel slide film, which is a really, really fine grain. Uh, but you get a lot of people to shoot, like Elford 400. Um, and it's a, the grain that's produced from the film is different than grain that you'd add digitally to like give the same effect. Speaker 2 00:36:21 Mm-hmm Speaker 5 00:36:21 <affirmative> Speaker 2 00:36:22 Because I know he says like his stuff blows up really big because it's film and that, Speaker 5 00:36:28 I mean, I can, I would agree and disagree at the same time. Yeah. Um, he does do drum scanning, which means you can get like a really, really large file out of it. Mm-hmm <affirmative> um, and be able to blow 'em up that big, the, you know, the digital cameras. Now, if you look at like a medium format, digital camera, or like even like the can, uh, R fives that I use, I mean, I've done 60, 80 inch print with yep. Um, I mean there's like car downstairs, which is massive mm-hmm <affirmative> uh, so it can be done the, if you have the right caliber or camera and know how to like upscale it to do it, um, and that goes for film too. Like you have to scan it properly to be able to enlarge it that big. Yep. Um, you know, if you just dropped off a roll of film and got standard standard scans back mm-hmm <affirmative>, it's not gonna blow up that big, not even close. Um, Speaker 2 00:37:21 So what do you do? You just, they, is that the DPI type when you Speaker 5 00:37:25 Scan it or is that yeah, it's gonna be your DPI and the scanners make a big difference. Um, so like I have bulk scanners where run like whole rolls of film and get images back that you can do like nice eight by tens out of. Yep. Um, and then I also have like a HOA blood scanner if we're gonna blow something up massive mm-hmm <affirmative>. Um, but that will also produce like a two gig file, lot of, you know, uh, like a 6, 4, 5 negative. Speaker 2 00:37:51 Yep. Speaker 5 00:37:52 So it's a lot more to work with mm-hmm Speaker 2 00:37:54 <affirmative> yeah, that sucks a little bit beyond me. <laugh> Speaker 3 00:37:58 Yeah. I, I glazed over about, uh, when we talked about film to digital, I was like, <laugh>, I mean, I'm like, that is a lot to know, which is why yeah. You have a specialty shop. Speaker 2 00:38:08 Yeah, no, exactly. And Speaker 5 00:38:10 Like, I, I grew up around it, so like for me, I've been around it so long that I've watched all the transitions and yep. And I use both mediums, like on the regular. Speaker 2 00:38:21 What was your FA your father's history with photography? Who did, did he shoot for somebody? Did he Speaker 5 00:38:27 Shoot? Uh, he did like weddings and stuff like that. Yeah. Um, and he was just like a camera nerd. He was like the dad running around with like the Speaker 2 00:38:33 Taking pictures of everybody. Yep. <laugh> nice. Yeah. Three different cameras Speaker 5 00:38:38 On at one time. Yeah. That kind of Speaker 2 00:38:39 Situation. Yeah. And when you shoot, you shoot a lot of weddings and you you're still shooting the cars. Right? A lot, lot Speaker 5 00:38:45 Of cars. Yeah. I do. Uh, I shoot with, um, SSA and sometimes I do a freelance, sometimes I'm hired to do it. Um, and that's like in two weeks, I'm going out to New York and photographing races out there. Yep. Nice. Speaker 2 00:39:01 Um, that's a nice PA like for you, like nice connection for you cuz you're into the cars. Speaker 5 00:39:06 Yeah. And I used to do it a long time ago with Audi and then again, like stepped away for, from it for a while when like Audi lost all their sponsorships and stuff with like 2009 and mm-hmm, <affirmative> that whole financial collapse that we're reliving. Speaker 2 00:39:22 Yeah. Speaker 5 00:39:23 Um, but, uh, and then just started going as a fan and then got back into it, um, doing freelance stuff. So usually if I can pay for my trip out there, I have fun. Yeah. There you go. Yeah. Um, and then, uh, I do fine art portrait, work weddings, uh, some family portraits and stuff. Yeah. I don't like bill myself as a family portrait photographer. Yeah. But I'll do it if people ask mm-hmm <affirmative> and I have the time, um, and then I used to do a lot of landscape stuff, but it's been trickier with a five year old. Speaker 2 00:39:56 Yeah. Yeah. That changes things. <laugh> yeah. Yeah. Speaker 5 00:39:59 Now I can't schedule it. It's Speaker 2 00:40:01 <laugh> now what, what, uh, what about the globe now? You just, you do, do you do stuff for the globe? I know that you do work with bill a lot. And like if that Speaker 5 00:40:09 I've had stuff published for the globe. Yeah. Um, and I've shot, like I've shot some events for bill cuz he wasn't able to make it. Yeah. Uh, and then like most recently, um, the globe published a bunch of my stuff from uh, like the 20, 20 protests and Speaker 2 00:40:26 Stuff like that. Yeah. I remember you. I remember you telling me about like showing me some of the shots from that stuff. Speaker 5 00:40:30 Yeah. So like some of that and if I do like there's different events that I'll go to just cuz I want to go and then Speaker 2 00:40:36 To the event. Yep. Speaker 5 00:40:37 And then Speaker 2 00:40:37 Sometimes bring your camera and it gets you at the door Speaker 5 00:40:39 And like sometimes they'll pick up pictures sometimes they won't, if they do it's cool. Yeah. Um, like with, if I was gonna be around for handover day, I'd probably get some of that stuff posted through like the globe and Bill's site as well. Yep. Um, I might send bill down here for handover day to run around with a camera for a little bit. Speaker 2 00:40:57 Yeah. Is bill, is bill what's the, your, the relationship with bill? Is he like a mentor to you in a way or is he Speaker 5 00:41:03 He's like my surrogate grandpa. Speaker 2 00:41:04 Yeah. Speaker 5 00:41:05 <laugh> actually, he's probably closer to my dad. Him and my dad are pretty close in age. Speaker 2 00:41:09 <laugh> Speaker 5 00:41:09 Um, I've just been working with bill forever. Yeah. I love him. He's a great guy. Speaker 2 00:41:13 Yeah. No, I mean I've, I've dealt with him for number of years on the framing end, you know? I, yeah. But I, you know, great guy. I just didn't know what you know. And I see him when I go over to your shop, you know what I at your shop, I see him over there number of times. And I just didn't know if, uh, and, and the whole, you know, globe stuff. I know that there's a relation. Yeah. Speaker 5 00:41:33 I slowly took over like managing all his files. Yep. Um, because he is technologically impaired <laugh> so he shoots a generation gap there. He does not shoot film, but he, he shoots digital. Um, he's actually part of the reason why he's one of the things I got stuck with when I was coming over. Cuz he showed up like as I was trying to leave. Yeah. <laugh> um, to like download, like he uses my computer and downloads, uh, I download all his files, then he edits him and then I get him shipped off to go onto his site and onto his Facebook. And if we need to put stuff to the globe, we do that. Yeah. So I kind of like manage like that whole side of like what he does, um, which frees him up. So he doesn't have to know about it. <laugh> yeah. And um, Speaker 2 00:42:16 Yeah, you can just concentrate on clicking, taking the pictures, Speaker 5 00:42:19 Right. Cause yeah, he likes to be moving. He doesn't like to sit in front of a computer and manage all that stuff. Speaker 2 00:42:23 It makes sense. Did you help with him? And Carrie did the books was that uh, Speaker 5 00:42:28 Uh, I helped with his last two books. I did a lot of the retouching and stuff for him. Yep. Uh, me and, uh, Mike Petrocelli did a lot of the retouching in those and I helped with like some of the layout and stuff like that. Nice. But um, I didn't start doing all that until after that book that him and Carrie put out. Speaker 2 00:42:49 Yeah. Speaker 5 00:42:50 Or else I probably would've been on that one too. Speaker 2 00:42:52 Yeah. Speaker 5 00:42:53 <laugh> and we're working on a new one I think. Speaker 2 00:42:55 Oh really nice. Speaker 5 00:42:56 Yeah. He's collected stuff. I think, I think he wants to make this, his last book and like make it actually about himself Speaker 2 00:43:02 Forwards. Oh, there that's that's cool. Yeah. Speaker 5 00:43:05 Um, we just, I just like digitized and archived like the last, like 40 years of his career. Oh Speaker 2 00:43:11 He's is he slowing down? Not, not shooting as much. And if he is, is that gonna turn into you having to do, uh, <laugh> do more, uh, globe events. Uh, Speaker 5 00:43:20 I've done like some of the party stuff. It's not necessarily for me, I've met some really cool people doing it. Yeah. Um, but I think, Speaker 2 00:43:29 Well that's his thing now. Right? Speaker 5 00:43:31 Right. Like he does all like the, if there's a big fundraiser going on for B, C or D he's there snapping away. Sometimes he'll hit like three or four parties in a day. Yeah. Um, but uh, I know he's slowing down a bit. He has to be home for his wife. Who's who's been sick. Yep. Um, and he's just trying to, he tries not to stray as far as he would, uh, or be away for like an entire day. Yeah. So like, um, I know he was out shooting a wedding or something yesterday and that's what he is over at my shop editing now. Uh, <laugh> Speaker 2 00:44:05 Nice Speaker 5 00:44:06 At, at 77. I don't know why he is still doing it, but you know? Speaker 2 00:44:10 Yeah. Well, we'll see. See if we get him out at Hanover days. Yeah. Speaker 5 00:44:14 I'll get him out there. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:44:15 Give him Speaker 5 00:44:15 Something to do. That's not far away. He'll enjoy it. Speaker 2 00:44:18 Yeah. Yeah. Awesome. It would be good to have him here. Yeah. Get him by for the event. You pick up a frame. Yeah. <laugh> Speaker 5 00:44:26 I'll do it. Speaker 2 00:44:28 Cool. Well, I think we should have Sean back for sure. Uh, you know, his, I think his knowledge of some of this stuff is fantastic. I don't know. Thank you. What does our producer think? Yes. <laugh> Speaker 3 00:44:40 You got thumbs up, Speaker 2 00:44:41 Thumbs up from the producer. Um, I think we should definitely have Sean back. I think there's a lot of subjects that we could cover. Exactly. Fun, fun conversations. Speaker 5 00:44:49 You can get me and Mike in here. We can have a debate. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:44:52 Yeah. Argue about digital versus film. I think Speaker 5 00:44:56 I, I mean, I'd probably agree with him on a lot of stuff. So I have the same camera he does so I can, can't argue Speaker 3 00:45:02 Too much here from the same thing for the two different sides. There's nothing wrong with that. So that'd be great to, Speaker 2 00:45:07 I might might make for a good education. Exactly. I don't let you fall the sleeve over there, Scott. Ah, Speaker 3 00:45:12 It's Speaker 2 00:45:13 <laugh> I got a lot of questions about these sort of things. Speaker 3 00:45:16 No, I'm learning as I go here, this is better for me so that I can help people downstairs when they come in with information. This is Speaker 5 00:45:21 Mike sleeper is dedication to film photography. Yeah. With his ladder and his giant tripod out in the middle of his, his Speaker 2 00:45:27 Waiters. Don't forget the canoe, Speaker 5 00:45:28 The waiters. Yeah. The canoe, the Speaker 2 00:45:30 Canoe. We got him lined up. We're gonna try to get him on here. Felt maybe we'll have him on, you know, by himself first. I mean, I want get you guys Speaker 5 00:45:37 Check out this convertible. Speaker 3 00:45:38 So like, oh yeah. Yep. Oh, we could do it from the convertibles. That'd be great. We'll do, Speaker 2 00:45:43 Yeah. There might be some live broadcasting, you know, handover days. Me and Scott pulling people aside. Mm-hmm <affirmative> maybe uh, yeah. Yeah. Maybe we get some details from you also on some, uh, on why, you know, what you thought of some of the Speaker 3 00:45:57 Artwork. Yeah. Some of the thoughts, whether these people, oh, for sure. Experienced. Or they using their first time or, you know, we had a lot of new artists pop up this year when they found out when they were stuck at home that they actually had some artistic talent. So I Speaker 5 00:46:08 Don't know. One of the other years I bought one of the first pieces someone ever entered in, so oh really? Speaker 2 00:46:13 Mm-hmm <affirmative> which one was that Speaker 5 00:46:14 I bought? I bought Eva's Eva's uh, print of the weird little dancing skeleton. Speaker 2 00:46:19 <laugh> Eva. Nice. <laugh> Speaker 5 00:46:21 Um, yeah. It's gonna be interesting how they're gonna set it up without this whole back room though. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:46:25 Isn't it? Yeah. I, well, yeah, still Speaker 5 00:46:27 Space. Speaker 3 00:46:28 Well, we gotta dedicated space now. So there we'll be nothing in between. We don't have take down or anything. Yeah. Stuff Speaker 2 00:46:33 Around. It's definitely gonna be easier Speaker 3 00:46:34 For us. But uh, we got over 50 entries. So, you know, with one, one per person, that's, that's 50 different artists showing up. So Speaker 5 00:46:43 Are you guys just going all the way down the stairs too? Speaker 3 00:46:45 Depends on what we have to Speaker 2 00:46:46 Put up. Yeah. I'm be honest with you. My involvement of hanging the stuff is, you know, I've been pushed out. I don't, you know, I'm sure I'm gonna offer an opinion between Speaker 3 00:46:57 D and Speaker 2 00:46:57 Karen. I'm sure I'm gonna, uh, you know, maybe if they need to handle something, I'm gonna be here to help out. But you know, this is, uh, you know, this is Dena's baby. Speaker 5 00:47:05 She's I gotta ask Dina when my stuff's supposed to go up. Yeah. I don't know if it's right after hand for day Speaker 3 00:47:10 Or not. Oh, well when your stuff goes up, we'll have to do this again. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:47:14 AB yeah, absolutely. That'd be great to have and talk, talk. We can Speaker 3 00:47:17 Even just, we can tour the pieces. We can go around and talk about Speaker 2 00:47:19 Pieces. Try to get mobile. Speaker 3 00:47:21 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:47:22 Awesome. Well, thanks John. Anytime. Thanks for the coffee. Speaker 3 00:47:25 No problem. Speaker 2 00:47:27 Cool. Speaker 3 00:47:28 All right. Thanks. Very Speaker 0 00:47:28 Much, much.

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