Covering the Hanover Farmers Market with Melissa Smith

Covering the Hanover Farmers Market with Melissa Smith
The Frame Center Podcast
Covering the Hanover Farmers Market with Melissa Smith

Jun 12 2023 | 00:35:37

Episode June 12, 2023 00:35:37

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Back on the Frame Center Podcast with Melissa from Hale Bone Broth - our conversation centered around small businesses and the fantastic vendors featured at the Hanover Farmers Market.  Tune in for insight on the local farmers market scene and get ready to support your community! Check out the market June 18th, 11am-2pm at Hanover High School.

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Speaker 1 00:00:22 All right. So welcome to the Frame Center podcast. Today we are lucky to have Melissa Smith from Hail Bone Broth from the Hanover Farmer's Market back with us, you know, uh, well received guests from the last time. Yes. So we got our first repeat guests aside from I think maybe Sean sneaking in on the podcast every once Speaker 2 00:00:40 In a while. Yeah, exactly. So one of our highest rated episodes. Speaker 1 00:00:43 Yeah. Right. So I think the public wanted our back. It just so happens that the farmer's market is kicked right back up. Yeah. And, uh, you know, we're happy sponsors of the Farmer's Market again, so we are excited to have you here. Maybe talk a little bit about the farmer's markets, some vendors, Speaker 2 00:00:59 Any new stuff that you got going on. Yeah, I'm sure that's probably some new stuff. Speaker 3 00:01:02 No pressure on making this one another successful podcast, huh? Yeah. Great. There you go. <laugh>. Yeah, I know. I'll have to really, uh, beg my followers to listen. Give it a listen. I love what you're doing here, so Of course I was a yes to come back. I think what I really like about, we've talked about this idea of supporting community, supporting the industries you're in, supporting local businesses. And I think not only does your podcast do it by giving us another outlet to share what we're doing, but I think also you're just, you know, I loved sitting next to you at the Hanover Chamber dinner and you winning your award. Yeah. I think winning Speaker 1 00:01:34 Good ti it was a, uh, exciting evening. Speaker 3 00:01:37 Yes. And it was one of those things, I grew up here in Hanover. I said it on the last podcast, you and maybe Fred Astair. I can remember as a kid like this building, you know, having been a patron and a customer here for many years, I mean, you were rightfully so deserving of that award. And as I sat back and our picture floated up on the screen and my husband's, and it said like, hba farmer's market and hail bone broth. I actually got, I like kind of choked up thinking like, oh, I can roll with like these killers <laugh>. Oh. And I'm creating some goodness in my community. I was psyched. Speaker 1 00:02:09 I think that, yeah, I mean you clearly do plenty for the community as well. I mean, I joking as I was like very honored to take the award. At first I thought we, you know, we had a good shot and then we got there. I think we were talking prior and then, you know, there was some very, uh, you know, plenty of deserving competition. So I don't think it was, it wasn't a cakewalk to take that There was some very, had we lost, I probably would've pouted a little bit with a baby. Yeah, of course. Course. Cause I'm a kind of a sore loser <laugh>. But, uh, but I, you know, there's some plenty of people there that do so much good for the community and, uh, Richardson's Insurance. Oh, awesome. Uh, you know, she's great. Speaker 3 00:02:44 They're great. And you know, again, Myat, knowing how long my ex's been around, seeing Tracy there, having some new folks, you know, bumping into Beone, they had supported us in the beginning. She messaged after the owner and was like, remember pre Covid we were gonna do a bone broth collaboration. There's so many great businesses. And then Powell Studio sitting there with us who's newer to Hanover, but, you know, such a, um, staple too in the med spa industry, having her and her team in the town, it was, I honestly, I Speaker 1 00:03:14 Don't sell, don't sell yourself short. I mean, everything they, you know, the farmer's market is Yeah. You know, something that Hanover I think has you to thank for it. And then, you know, some other great companies too. Like the Four Corners. Yeah. Oh, just what, you know, just what they're doing there. Like in bringing that awareness to the, uh, community I think is, it's awesome. You know, and it just shows like how much you care about your community, you know, like Speaker 3 00:03:37 Yeah. Richardson for sure. You know, having them step up and, and really take hold of it. I think when also sh Richardson, like you were absolutely a yes when we came back Yeah. Our third season to ask for sponsors for the farmer's market. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, it was like, no hesitation. That helps us keep going. And then also knowing that we're partnering with people that also pour into the community. Yeah. You and Richardson Powell's, uh, um, sponsored this year. And then we have a new business that's part of the Chamber too. Moses Fitness. He was a Yes. And so again, it just, as I said in the last podcast, it really opens up my eyes to local business, what it means, what it means to be in it together. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, I think that's part of what we learned in Covid. That's the creative free frame Friday. Speaker 3 00:04:23 That what do we do to continuously evolve and stay connected. Yep. And I know near and dear to your heart is staying like personally connected to businesses and consumers and the farmer's market is literally all of that and one. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> you are where the vendor, where the maker mm-hmm. <affirmative>, there's the growers, the bakers, and then our community gets to show up there one Sunday a month and meet those actual people. It's like that's the instant connection. Yeah. That I think, I guess I was exposed to when I was just a vendor at all the other markets we signed up for. But to be able to have it in Hanover and I was mentioning going through the cast of who we have this season, like Zervos is now a brick and mortar. She's still showing up at the farmer's market and she took in a lot of the farmer's market products Yep. Into her new brick and mortar. And Pembroke had fabulous bread this past Farmer's Market and be there on Father's Day. Yeah. It's so neat seeing all the mini collaborations mm-hmm. <affirmative> among these vendors as well. Yeah. I think that's what I love about the community. And then obviously, like I said, connecting with the businesses that helped support it. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:05:28 I gotta go to my first one after you go here last time. And then it was, it was such a nice turnout and we, I really bring a shopping cart when you go, just cuz there's just, you wouldn't believe how much stuff that you're gonna walk away with. Or at least a couple good sized Canvas bags. Yes. Because I know with, for my dog Bonafide Yeah. They were great and they were talking with them for a while. Um, uh, hippy fro. Yep. So many different olive oils that I just have recently ran out cuz they were like, oh, just buy this and this pairs with this and this goes with this. And I'm like, like, oh, well I guess I'll take four of those for five Speaker 3 00:05:58 Of those. Good. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:05:59 They need to, they need to put 'em in bigger bottles. Speaker 2 00:06:01 I know. We need little carriers or something. Speaker 3 00:06:03 Yeah, we have Right from the Vine, we have Right from the Vine. Yep. Hippie Pilgrim and Hippie Pilgrim just won a big award for Best locally made product. We were up against them and honored to even be again, acknowledged. It was another farmer's market. Uh, did you shop at Mrs. Mackler? The Greta is her car. It's Speaker 2 00:06:21 Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Speaker 3 00:06:22 Yeah. The Chocolate Saha Sugar Shack. And she was also nominated and Hippie Pilgrim took the award and we were like so psyched to even be n nominated. But she is, I said this probably last time, she's the OG of Farmer's Markets. She, I just told her the other day she kills it. Yeah. In the farmer's market game. She has Is she at Speaker 2 00:06:40 Ville too? Speaker 3 00:06:40 She was at Edaville, which was, it, it inspires me that mm-hmm. <affirmative> in soa. We were talking about these big markets that really host, locally made products and artists really inspire and I wanted to bring that sense to Hanover. Yeah. Make a bit of that feeling. So, yeah. It's really good. Speaker 1 00:06:58 Yeah. Well you've done a great job. Yeah. Are they, are we relocating to the back Speaker 3 00:07:02 Now or so? Good question. The cool thing was is, um, Jill, who, I couldn't do this without Jill, uh, Donnelly, who's the market manager. When the town asked us to make a switch to Cedar School, my old elementary school, <laugh> hasn't changed in many, many moons <laugh>. We of course said yes. All the vendors were on board. It's set up pretty well because of the playground for the families and also the parking lot. Everything worked. I think though, almost just for a visual, the Hanover High School does set up nice. So if we have to move, we now have a backup. Cedar sets up Great for Father's Day. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, we're still gunning for the front entrance of the high school. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, I believe when we kicked off last month, we had almost 35 vendors and I think Father's Day we're gonna show up just the same, pretty much over 30 vendors. And we added, I don't know if you, I don't think he was there. He was at the Hanover Gift show, but, um, uncle Joey's cannolis, he signed up this, Speaker 2 00:07:53 There were no Cannolis last time. Speaker 3 00:07:54 So Good. Yeah, I know <laugh>. So he's new. And then we added a great meat vendor. I believe she's at a Bridgewater, east Bridgewater. We can maybe make a note on the podcast. It's called Daddy's Homegrown. She has beef products. I bought the burgers and made 'em a Memorial Day weekend. They were excellent. We have a scallop guy this season. Oh wow. Yep. Jesus. He's outta Hyannis. The midnight hour is his boat that he's pulling those scallops that I bought. Those Those are fantastic. So we had it. You had Speaker 1 00:08:23 Coffee too? We have coffee. Speaker 3 00:08:24 Excited about that. Oh my gosh. So we had, with this full season, we have Lady Sunshine who's in my dream mobile. I drive a Volkswagen now, but uh, she has the Volkswagen van. Yeah. And she pops it up. Nice. Sunshine was there last week. She's awesome. She, they coffee is a staple. Yep. Meets her a staple. Eggs are a staple. We have Fritas farm again. So Produce, we have Stargazers, we have Kissflow Farm. I remember them. Yeah. Yeah. Kiss Flowers is awesome with the jams, the eggs. Speaker 2 00:08:50 My mother bought a ton of that from when we were there. Okay, good. We got a lot of the jams. We still have some left. So <laugh>, Speaker 3 00:08:55 We added a new Nutty Bird granola. I met him in Wayland. Yep. He was excellent. He's a lot of fun. His product's super delicious. And the kids, we also, we added music. Everybody loved it. I think that creates that community event. Yeah. It was fun. Speaker 1 00:09:11 It was nice. And I think there's some, there's some vendors there when you get there as well. Selling lemonade bracelets. Yeah. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:09:16 Those are, those are the little kid hustlers. My daughter is definitely enjoying being a part of the market. She got her own cash box, which I didn't realize why that was so important until I realized she keeps the keys hidden. So I can't touch the money she made. Really? Yes. I just found this out. Yes. So I'm like, Hey, why don't you gimme that money? She's like, it's in the cash box and I'm not giving you the key. I was like, whoa. Speaker 1 00:09:37 Oh Speaker 3 00:09:37 My gosh. So she's got her own business going and protecting Speaker 1 00:09:41 Her investments. I'm just gonna let her do her thing. I think. I think that's a nice welcoming crew when you, when you walk in. Yeah. People love that. Yeah. They're nice to see when you get there. And uh, well same Speaker 3 00:09:50 Your tape. So when you offered to do the raffle, it was a hit. We, we were able to offer the, um, what do you call it? Like historical maps of the title? Speaker 1 00:09:58 Yeah. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:09:59 Okay. So we offered the raffle and the woman that won, you were kind enough to frame her town. It was Whitman. Yep. I can't wait to do it again this month. Yeah. For, forgot Speaker 1 00:10:09 The Hanover one there. I mean, uh, you know, I wasn't sure if the people going would be mainly from Hanover. Yeah. I mean I'm, you know, I'm in Barfield and, and we come. So I think there's a connection. So that's a nice one to have on display. And we Speaker 3 00:10:21 Great idea's. Speaker 1 00:10:24 It goes great if somebody wins that's from a different town, you know, we'll turn another town out. Good. Speaker 3 00:10:29 I like that. If you see my daughter's name thrown in there, food times you can like throw that one out. <laugh> like, she might be hustling that too. I don't know. I didn't have my eyes on her. But yeah, the frame raffle was great. We also, what I think I love too is even to your free frame Friday, this past first market we kicked off, we added a new vendor, um, named Citrus Daisy. Yep. And she was super nervous. She has been in the business doing signs and home decor for I think she's over 10 years, maybe close to 15. And when I approached her, she's in this other group that I formed about women in business and small women owned businesses called the Girl Gang. And I said, Hey, sign up for the farmer's market. She's petrified. It was so nice to see what she ended up taking away from her first market. She let her nerves Yeah. Just, she put them aside for the day she went and set up. And obviously as we talked about, when you connect with your, not only when you share your product, but when you connect with other people in that type of environment, you really start to feel like, oh yeah, they do like my product. They appreciate my hard work, they understand my business. Yep. And she had an excellent market. And then obviously kudos to you for sending her a free frame Friday. Cause Speaker 1 00:11:37 I, I had a, it was Speaker 3 00:11:38 A beautiful picture. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:11:39 No, and I mean, Jen explained the whole, uh, significance of the picture to me. And you know, one of my, uh, helpers out there, you know, coming up with ideas and and nominating people in the sense, cuz I, you know, it's tough. You know, you do it week in and week out. Everybodys weeks have, it's hard, you know, <laugh> like, uh, we are finding the right pictures and then, you know, I don't know if it's an algorithm thing too. Sometimes when I'm scrolling through, you know, Facebook trying to find, I'm like, I see these people all the time. You know, these are the same people. Like I gotta find some new people to send stuff too. So having people help like Jen, like your buddy Ross, like, uh, yeah. Some other people coming up with ideas, you know, was awesome for me. So, and that one Speaker 3 00:12:17 Was great. I think at the farmer's market, there's such a great pool of people to pick from because I bet you felt it when you went the first time. The passion behind the making of the product mm-hmm. Also is what keeps us going. Cuz setting up for farmer's market rain or shine the lug, the, you know, we always call it the grind of like those um, moments that you're like, oh my gosh, it's not easy, but it's, everybody believes so much so in their product. Yeah. And you can feel it. So whether it's a free frame Friday or capturing the moment of when someone's selling their product or they're, they're in the, the, their spiel of what their product does. Or you get to hear, I know Jason Cole photography, maybe one of the photographers that will be at the market. You know, he gets to tell the story behind the art. Yeah. Stuff that you love to do. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, you have the pot, Dave's pottery, I think he's gonna be joining us again this season. You get to know that he's literally handcrafting it. So there is that feeling of what matters to them. And I think that's Speaker 2 00:13:15 Why there was, there were several, several vendors even my kids liked going into and see it was a, oh, organic ice cream or Speaker 3 00:13:22 Oh yeah, his townies. Yeah, townies. Yes. Yes. They were there. Yep. We Speaker 2 00:13:25 Tried a bunch of different variations of flavors of those. Sure. Speaker 3 00:13:28 Oh and sweeties. So Sweeties Sweeties lives here in Hanover. I don't know if we mentioned them. They're the cutest couple. They have the coolest setup with, I think it's like, I had one, I think growing up my grandparents like a popup. Those popup campers that like mm-hmm. <affirmative>, you crank it. Yep. And then the thing comes up and so when they crank theirs up, it literally is the shaved ice mobile. Yes. And it looks like it's gonna like dump out rainbows and unicorns because it's like every color. So she, they have been also so incredible. You know, uh, my husband and I support the Tuesday food truck night in Hammer two. Yeah. My daughter plays lacrosse, so we end up at the field. Hey. Yeah. And we didn't wanna take away from the vibe of the food truck, but we did sprinkle in cuz Sweeties and Uncle Joyce's Cannolis. And who else do we ha uh oh for Father's Day? We have mom on the go. Oh yeah. My daughter's a big fan of our grilled cheese. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, they drink our bone broth. We have had this little relationship going. So we had them, we wanted to like bring in a few food trucks to keep that kind of, you know, a little bit fresh and a little keeps Speaker 2 00:14:28 People there longer too. If you don't have to leave to go get something to eat. If you can get it while you're there, you can keep walking around for a little bit longer too. So it's not a bad business. That's great point. Speaker 3 00:14:35 Yeah. And the kid, there's sometimes, um, why we were pushed back to the Cedar School was there was a huge dance recital that day at the high school. Mm-hmm But sometimes on an overlap, these haven't sprinkling in the food trucks or the prepared foods. You get a crowd, you get the kids coming off the court, the, you know, tennis courts, the football, the lacrosse. So I still do, people always ask like, why haven't you gone to Forge Fields or down to Sylvester Field? I'm like, I just kind of like the high school. Mm-hmm I think it's a great tucked in spot. It's Speaker 2 00:15:02 A great, it's an easy place for people to get to. There's plenty of parking too. Yeah. Which is also nice. I found again, I had never been there so it was easy for me to find mm-hmm. <affirmative> Right. Very easily with my gps. I got there and you know. No problem. Speaker 3 00:15:14 And like Dave said, I like the fact that Marshfield, we do have a mix Whitman. Yeah. We have a lot of Pembroke can over Norwell. Speaker 1 00:15:20 Scott's coming down from Weymouth. Yeah. Weymouth. Speaker 3 00:15:22 That's great. And that's when we first approached the vendors, I had to kind of do that whole pitch to be like, cuz we're all tapped out. I'm doing hail, bone broth is doing a market seven days a week. Some days today, double Thursdays we're in Mil. Sometimes we're in Milton, Cohassett and Plymouth. Oh yeah. Speaker 2 00:15:38 So three markets, you're all over. Speaker 3 00:15:39 And that's the majority of the crew that we roll with. We're all everywhere. And what it is is like, oh my gosh, when do you make your product and when do you have a day off? Which is usually never, but you have to make your product. So a lot of makers, pickers and growers do it on Sunday. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So the real pinnacle, a lot of the big, big markets, everybody of course picks Saturday and I'm like, we'd be competing against very old school markets. Like hang on. Yeah. Braintree, the ones we started with Attleboro. And so we're like, we don't wanna compete, we just wanna pick. So everyone's asked, why do you only do one Sunday a month because we need a day off. Okay. <laugh>. So one Sunday's doable. All the, I went to like some real signature, like old school farmer's market people and said, can you handle doing one extra Sunday a month? And everyone said yes, but it is, that's kind of the theory behind why we do want only one. Speaker 1 00:16:27 Yeah. Well the nice, the thing about one Sunday too is, you know, just sense of urgency to get you there. Got it. Right. Like if you can go any, you know, oh, I'll do it next week if it's Speaker 3 00:16:35 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:16:36 Trues every week. Yeah. If it's every week. Yeah. You don't have, and Speaker 3 00:16:38 The point there, what they call some markets is a shopping market. So hang, I'm on Saturday is like when you plan to go food shopping. Yeah. Like people, so they are cons, they're every Saturday. Then there's destination markets. Cohasset is a nice destination market. It's like, I'm gonna go, I might buy something, I'm gonna hang out. There's usually art, you know, it's on their common. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, we wanted a combination of both those. Yeah. So the sense of urgency to know, I'm gonna put this on my calendar once a month. I'm gonna get, I'm gonna stock up, I'm gonna get, get my favorite bowl and broth, my favorite scallops. I'm gonna get my meats, my eggs, my jams, my, my po. Oh FSA sauce is, yeah. That's vegan. Yeah, that's right up your alley. Yeah. It is so good. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:17:14 No, Speaker 3 00:17:15 I'm very picky on my sauce. And Speaker 1 00:17:16 Is the pastas he sells me. Oh, just, I didn't realize I wasn't him that Speaker 3 00:17:21 Delia Aunt Delia. Maybe I'll find out, but yes. That's great. And the, the pesto from LA's Cuisine. Yeah. And her pasta is and they're straight from Italy. Yeah. Pinot and his wife. They're phenomenal. Couple their daughter. I see. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> bumping around too, just like mine. Speaker 1 00:17:37 I'll to try some of those pasta. The next one. Egg was like, why would, oh there's, Speaker 3 00:17:42 Yes. That's probably why you haven't tried it. It Speaker 1 00:17:44 Is the last time she was like, what, what do you, how much pasta have <laugh>? Yeah. Bosses. Speaker 3 00:17:48 So we had such a great brand. And then same thing with, you know, this idea of creating a, a community event once a month. That is, but also the shopping, the idea of urgency would be I'm gonna make sure I get there once a month. Yeah. To get all the things I want. Had really it, that's what it became. That was like my wish. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And also not to feel pressured when everyone I knew it was gonna happen season one, it happened season two. Everyone's like, can you do it more often? <laugh>. It's almost like I had to have boundaries. And then the season we kicked off and ironically we went the other way. We actually condensed it. We, we took one hour away, even still because we are, our time is so precious. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> we're like, get here, shop it off. Like, and our last market of the season last year was happened to be a crappy date. Speaker 3 00:18:32 The only day it was crappy. And I was next to Berks hot sauce. We love them. They just opened up in Hanover. Did they tap room? Yep. They bought Berks Ale Works and they just opened up the ferment and we were next to each other in this terrible weather. And all of a sudden, I mean our people showed up. They swooped in the market was like, it was like raining sideways. And she was like, I just had the biggest sales in the last out in one hour that I had in most markets. People had that scent. I need to get to the market. Rain or shine. Yeah. So that's what we wanted. We wanted to make it work for our vendors, their time and their efforts. So demanding and grinding and so important to them. So we do a really thank you to you guys too. Really hard press on social media. Yeah. On mm-hmm. <affirmative> the newsletter. We create content that hopefully matters in the newsletter. We do collaborations on recipes. I write some recipes mm-hmm. <affirmative> that include the products we give shoutouts to the vendors and the sponsors on the website so people know who's behind the scenes. Yeah. And how important and fun and what it's all about. I Speaker 2 00:19:35 Started following several of you guys after being there. Good. Thank you. And giving the cards, you know. Good. Cause uh, having, that's the other thing I found a lot of people running out of cards and things to give out to people when they got to the awesome. I was like, I'm like, okay, hold on. Lemme just, I gotta take a picture of your stuff now cuz you have no cards left. Yeah. Just to remember, you know, where to order from and where to get from. So Yeah. People can find the newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter Speaker 3 00:19:55 On the website on Hanford Farmer's Market website. Yeah, that's a good one. You can sign up I think right next to your, when everybody tries to win your frame of the map. <laugh> there's another physical sign up. Physical sign up. Yep. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. You can do that. And then you can follow us on social media. We do do a ton of posts, um, when the season gets going of all of the vendors mm-hmm. <affirmative> and any sort of updates and news. So it's been nice. And then we'll share the podcast because that's been awesome too. Anytime we can link up with our sponsors Yes. Or do something to support. It's just been awesome. Speaker 2 00:20:27 Yeah. It was like I said, it was a great experience. You've never been to a farmer's market in the area. Cuz again, from what I originally thought was vegetable stands and and things and then realizing it was everything from handcrafted items mm-hmm. <affirmative> to to, to foods, to candies and crafts and all kinds of different things. I wasn't what I had expected. So one thing I will recommend for people that have gone, who haven't gone before is one get there early. Yep. Because by the time I got to the end, they were like, oh, I'm sorry we're in uh, this, you know, very uh, 10 minutes after we opened. And then, uh, the other thing is bring bags and insulated bags with ice. Yeah. So that anything you need to, cuz when I, last time I went, it was a very, very warm day. And some of the chocolates became one whole piece. Yeah. On the ride home. Uh, some of the top. That's funny Speaker 3 00:21:09 You say that. As rookies, I remember we were doing our first farmer's market. We had no clue what we were doing. Yes. And we didn't have any budget, nor could we afford much. So I got canvas bags for hail, bone broth, <laugh>. And these were like longer markets and we'd give someone nice canvas bag, they'd throw our broth and they'd come over and it was like already starting to get, Speaker 2 00:21:28 I was like, Speaker 3 00:21:29 So we now do cooler bags. Yep. We sell Hannover farmer's market cooler bags and Oh cool. And canvas bags for some of like the other items. Like, which is great. We've learned so much along the way to help support Speaker 2 00:21:39 Extra little things that just make it a little easier to, to enjoy. To be able to stick around long enough. Yeah. It's like, okay, well I bought all these frozen things or like said meats or you know, eggs and I gotta get 'em outta here. It's, it's, you know, 85 degrees outside in Sun. Sun, you know. Yeah. But, um, to have those and let you enjoy it mm-hmm. A little more leisurely. Yeah. Cause there are sometimes there's a big weight to just to get up to the booth just to see who's Yeah. Got what. And we pull a line. Speaker 3 00:22:01 Yeah, sure. Yeah. I say broth man, sometimes you can't see him on a Saturday. It's like a sea of people. Like I need a bag. I need a bag. It's so fun. And you're right. Get there early because some of the your favorite flavors will fell out from are Speaker 2 00:22:14 Just gone. I was like to the Speaker 3 00:22:16 Soaps, there's a really wonderful beekeeper, uh, down in Pocasset and it's called pka Natural. So she does, she's a beekeeper, a teacher, a dog mama. And she sells like beauty products <laugh>. So she's like all natural. Oh yeah. And the same thing there is like, get your product soon before your favorite product soon. Speaker 2 00:22:31 Yeah. Cuz I, I just walked the path naturally, just followed it along. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, you know, staying, by the time I get to the last couple of vendors, they had like three things left on shelf and I'm like, oh, I'll take, yeah. That one <laugh>. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:22:44 And and funny though, usually all of us are such hustlers will be like, we'll deliver. Give us your address. It's like we will get you the product. We are so dedicated and we also even offered, you know, we'll swap with each other like Oh yeah. So there's a salsa company from they're vegan. Yep. Speaker 1 00:22:58 They're, they're great. Great. Speaker 3 00:22:59 They're awesome Speaker 1 00:23:00 From a lots of flavors too. Too much. Like I, we ended up at like six or seven last time cause there was like you like there's two. Yeah. You just want to try everything Good. Doing Speaker 3 00:23:08 Great. Good. So good. So we love, we love them. Uh, husband and wife and I found them in Braintree. I think I mentioned 'em last year. I was like, you should come to Hanover. And they too, we, it's always the, I don't know if we can physically do it. I think, um, he's a bus driver maybe. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> and um, so they did it and they sell out. Yeah. And one of our rules I have personally is like, I'm not gonna buy, I want their salsa, but I'll wait till the end if they have any laughter because we want the customer to get it first. Yeah. So every, I'm always like, I go over at there, I'm like, do you have any left? And it's usually like, we have this one lasso, we got one this time, but it's never the one I want. Cause that one goes. Exactly. So I try to keep that and the same thing goes with us. Like we, our first few markets, because we live so close, we're like, we'd be like ah, gimme 10 minutes and one of us will go back and grab it from and restock it and cuz all the, you know, we sell it so quickly. Speaker 2 00:23:59 Yeah. Yeah. That's, well I mean that's the good thing about being a local farmer's records. You do live close, you can someone you gotta stop running, go get. Speaker 3 00:24:05 Yeah. Yeah. It's been awesome. Uh, Speaker 2 00:24:07 It must be terrible to sell out of all your product. Right, <laugh>. Speaker 3 00:24:09 Exactly. Are you guys gonna come on Father's Day? That is the big one. Speaker 1 00:24:13 I might try to make it Speaker 2 00:24:14 Good. Talk to family. Maybe that'll be my, what I do for my father's Day. Yes. Speaker 3 00:24:18 And that's what's been fun when we were sort of nervous and we had a great turnout because technically dad's usually like Sure. Whatever. Or we get the moms that are like, dad's going golf and we're gonna go get some food for the grill later. Yep. Yep. And they'll go pack up like, Speaker 2 00:24:32 Well now that I heard you got a meat vendor there. Maybe that's what I'll do for my, uh, for my Father's Day at dinner. I'll just find something I want to grill <laugh>. Yeah, Speaker 3 00:24:38 That's fine. With all. And then with the farms there you can get some really cool stuff. Yeah. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:24:42 Oh that'll be awesome. Speaker 1 00:24:43 Yeah. Now the first one Jen said, told me that, that some of the stuff's not out up yet. Like the vegetables. Great point. So Speaker 3 00:24:50 Yeah. So I feel like we did this one year. Um, I think what you have to remember is especially June, like strawberries will start coming in and then you see the raspberry start coming in. You follow the season. Yeah. And especially when you get to the fall, it's so neat cuz then you get like the real like hardy stuff Yeah. That come up. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. But a lot of the early markets are plants or herbs. Speaker 1 00:25:11 Asparagus was Speaker 3 00:25:12 <laugh>. Yeah. Like there's a lot of like what the, what New England's soil can create. So that's the cool thing with whether, you know, not all my recipes match this season, but trying to get creative when you do show up at a market mm-hmm. Is fun for me. Cuz then you grab what you can and what you can make. It's like FAU sauce. I made like a, almost like a vegetable ka tori with it. So whatever veggies are mm-hmm. In season I use his sauce and I personally put a block of broth in. Yeah. But just to kind of enhance it. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. But it's neat to just see what the season, like you said, what the growers can grow. Yeah. You know, may, June, July and then if you have a good watery season, you see like bigger or something more brighter. Mm-hmm <affirmative> like you see how it evolves with the weather and the season. It's kind of cool. Speaker 1 00:25:54 It is cool. Now I see you, you have the recipe cards too. Speaker 3 00:25:56 Yeah. Well I think what's cool for ha like today for instance, it's all the collaborations I met with where they'll be doing a popup McGuire's mushrooms. Yes. Outta Hangam Wonderful family that are mushroom growers. And basically when you can take any of these locally made ingredients or locally grown ingredients and throw it in a recipe. So because now Hale also launched the three, we have three different flavors, whether it's the Lemon m, MCT oil or the og, the regular or the turmeric, ginger, lemon. Mm-hmm We can get creative with Yeah. What we put in it. And if you wanna make a soup or a stew or you know, GEs or farms also he, she does an incredible job at creating recipes with whatever's in season from her fields. She's got Speaker 2 00:26:39 In fields. Yeah. And Speaker 3 00:26:40 She always seems to work my broth in which I appreciate. I'm always like I she was, you know, almost on top chef. She's that good. So. Oh wow. Watching Speaker 2 00:26:47 People Speaker 3 00:26:47 Use our products is probably the highlight of why Speaker 2 00:26:51 That's a great base for a lot of stuff. It's awesome. Speaker 3 00:26:53 So yeah, so we've been, Speaker 2 00:26:54 It saves a lot of time. If you've got a lot of your, your other stuff running mixed in. I take the Speaker 3 00:26:57 Slow and low cooking. Exactly. Slow and low cooking. You just use it and you don't have to be in the kitchen all day. Like Speaker 2 00:27:02 Very true. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:27:03 That's fun. So yeah, so we'll be sending out our newsletter. We'll be there, we'll be setting up shop for Father's Day. We'll have over 30 vendors and then we go all the way through. I don't know if everybody knew this, but same thing, third season all the way through to November. Yeah. That November market's always a hit because it's right before the holidays. Speaker 2 00:27:20 Holidays. Exactly. Speaker 3 00:27:21 So you're like, oh my gosh, what can I get for Aunt Susie? You know, and there's your, there's your shopping. So that's been awesome. We were hesitant cuz of the weather but when we proved that they're gonna still show up and it's chilly. We're doing well Speaker 2 00:27:34 That's the other thing. A lot of people might think with the crappy weather, it's like, oh how many of their vendors are actually gonna show up to, is it worth going? I'm like, yeah, well they all go. We Speaker 3 00:27:41 All go. And technically what we always say is like, what else is there to do? Like you can't like just show up, put a layer on, put a umbrella. Exactly. Get the kids out of the house like Speaker 2 00:27:49 The Pancho parade and start going. Exactly. Speaker 3 00:27:52 They can go to Taylor Swift and pour rain and then come to the Speaker 2 00:27:54 Right. Exactly. Yeah, exactly. If you can go sit around and wait on that. The Speaker 1 00:27:57 Vendors are the same. Speaker 3 00:27:58 We have some new ones. Yeah. We rotate most, there's like some anchors that co now have been every season. Mm. The ones we've been met. Um, honey, I'm home sauces, back bes hail, a lot of frida's farm. We have hippie pilgrim, a lot of our originals are there. And then we have some pop-ups and some rotating. Yeah. They might do like, they might pick four markets. Yeah. And then like I note I noted earlier is that then we'll kind of sneak in a few food trucks that might change it up each week. Speaker 2 00:28:23 Yeah. Cause Burkes wasn't there last time I went there. Speaker 3 00:28:25 Yeah. So they'll be back was a little, Speaker 2 00:28:26 Yeah. That was like that one of the things I had Speaker 3 00:28:28 Gone Now you heard they've been working on some big stuff. Speaker 2 00:28:30 Exactly. I can, I I can, I can forgive them for that. Speaker 3 00:28:32 They're Speaker 2 00:28:33 Great Speaker 3 00:28:34 <laugh>. She does, I feel like her favorite is, she takes her Thai habanero and she blends it with my turmeric ginger, lemon and coconut cream. Oh yeah. And she said it's like her favorite go-to. Oh that Speaker 2 00:28:47 Sounds awesome. Yeah, Shannon. Speaker 3 00:28:48 Yeah, she loves it. She's Speaker 2 00:28:49 Great. Oh yeah, no, I love Thai chilis and uh, habaneros a great combination. Yeah. Now the little mango and good to go. Yes. Speaker 3 00:28:55 Yes. Speaker 2 00:28:55 There you got Speaker 3 00:28:56 <laugh>. I made some fish tacos the other night used that. And the other thing that I just posted too, I used her hot sauce for the fish tacos, but I also made a like green guacho. Oh okay. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So it just had like, and I used bone broth instead of water. Oh Speaker 2 00:29:10 Yes. So that we just, yeah. I increase slate. Yeah, exactly. <laugh>. So good. Speaker 1 00:29:15 And do people that, do you have like a limit on how many vendors you can you Speaker 3 00:29:18 Can hold? It's honestly of course me, I want everybody. Yeah. Jill's so good at she maps it out. She builds the map. Mm-hmm. Um, we also follow all the standards that the Hanover police give us for the, not only the detail but really the plan to be able to get in and out. Yeah. Yeah. So we have to cap the ends and right now that's why we're a little nervous about Cedar, but it fit well. It went really well. But we almost try to keep everybody in one area for safety purposes. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And it's been about 30, a little over 30. Yep. Because then we'll cap it with some food trucks. Yep. Which keeps it kind of safe. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Speaker 2 00:29:52 Yeah. That's nice. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. <laugh>. Yeah, exactly. Speaker 3 00:29:54 Yeah. Just to kinda keep it all in one spot. Yeah. So the dogs are still not welcome inside the market. I always like to mention that, but because the fields are so big. Yep. There's so much space for them. So if you can just like have some, Speaker 2 00:30:06 I saw some people walk and their Speaker 3 00:30:08 Dogs, they still come. It's Speaker 2 00:30:09 Great. Go to the booth. What do they got? Okay. Grab 'em this and they and Speaker 3 00:30:12 Then they hang out. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:30:12 And then they switch. Speaker 3 00:30:13 I wish it wasn't our rule, it's the board house rule cuz it's food and animals. That's safety thing. There's so many grounds like around the high school that the dogs still have some fun and then people usually make a day of it and kind find a spot, a shady spot. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:30:25 We did. We were there for God at least hour and a half when last time we went. So that's a long time for my kids to stay interested in. Yeah. Something especially walking. So no, it was a, it was a great setup. I want to go. So if no, if my family won't go, I'll go there by myself. Yeah. And then I can go stay as long as I want. Speaker 3 00:30:41 There you go. Yeah. No pressure. I think what, what I love about, you know, hearing when people come and they get to meet new people that they might not have mm-hmm. <affirmative> because we don't have brick and mortars. That's where a lot of some my favorite businesses started and I know your family got a taste of it the other day. One of my favorite restaurants in Boston is TA and they're actually, I just had a rumor. They're open at the Hanham shipyard pumped. I might be hanging out there more often, but Speaker 2 00:31:05 That's another Yeah. Big area. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:31:07 But this was a farmer's market concept. They showed up with their baked goods with the farmer's market and always inspires me when I walk into TA's, you know, business now and the seaport's my favorite or right over near the common and you look at what they have, how they've built their business, but it literally, they started at a farmer's marketing square. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So every time I'm in kind of my groove and in it, I honestly feel like I'm aspiring towards not maybe like the big brick and mortars in the city, but that, you know, that's how a product really launches. You can organically grow by mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Like getting kind of the feedback from Yeah. Your customers and the interaction from the customers and the inspiration from their in. Especially that I give samples hail bone broth. Yes. Yes. Try this. They're like, oh my gosh. You know? Yep. It's like that instant gratification of oh, I'm onto something. And you Speaker 2 00:31:54 Can also learn based on that, the popularity of a certain item two, stock it one way versus another. Yeah. We didn't think it don't go this way, go this way. The Speaker 3 00:32:03 Two meric one because it was a little too healthy. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, we were hesitant and I'm like, ah, is that like really super healthy? And it it, Speaker 2 00:32:10 Right. Did you go past the border of Yeah. This, it's healthy but it's hit in a or Speaker 3 00:32:14 And we talked about that with the mushroom today. We sat with I love Lions man. I think it's, I love brain focus. Anything that's like super, you know, has a specific purpose in health. And Chaga is another big buzzword right now. Chaga is like super woodsy. That's like you cutting it off trees. Speaker 2 00:32:30 I see it all the time for Speaker 3 00:32:32 If you're a high TVs Speaker 2 00:32:33 Or Yeah. Speaker 3 00:32:33 Yeah. I think too we have to walk that fine line, but guess what? I've got the audience that I Speaker 2 00:32:37 Can ask. Yeah, exactly. Speaker 3 00:32:38 So I get to show up and say, Hey, do you, you like this? Speaker 2 00:32:41 Yeah. Test running is all everything. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:32:42 Yeah. And it's like what you're doing with the podcast, you get to sit here and put it out there and get people to respond and comment. Yeah. And you get to share other people's businesses. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:32:50 We figured out a couple different ways of how to, you know, get people to interact, be interactive with it, and uh, get some feedback on a few things, which is why, you know, it's just been steadily coming, getting with larger numbers and mm-hmm. <affirmative> branching out to further places. So Yeah. You know, it's nice. Speaker 1 00:33:05 Kinda like the idea of talking to the vendors. I mean, any opportunity when we get people on and you get a chance to talk to like the public and you get to see a glimpse into like their life, you know? So I think it's just a good way to connect the, you the seller and the buyer and themselves. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:33:18 Make that personal. It just makes it more personal. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:33:21 They're people too. They're not, you know Right. They're not a corporate element that, you know, has no soul. They, there's a reason that they're doing it. They either really believe in it, they enjoy it a whole lot. Yeah. Usually it's a whole lot of both of those <laugh> Speaker 3 00:33:31 And there's a story behind it. Exactly. If you do that in a personal aspect of, you know, everybody has a story. Well, every business has a story too. Yeah. And I think that is like the thread that really keeps us all together. Yeah. And that's the inspiration, that's the commitment, that's also the appreciation, like mm-hmm. <affirmative> of the support you give back. Cuz now, you know, we're a business too and we're trying to impact community and create, you know, a thriving business as well. So I like being in community with people like you guys. Speaker 1 00:33:59 Yeah. Well we're, we're thrilled to be a part of it. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Speaker 3 00:34:02 All right, well you better come on Father's Day then. Speaker 1 00:34:04 I'm gonna, I'm gonna do my best to get there. I gotta, there's an arch festival as well, so I'm gonna try to split my time between the two. Okay. I Speaker 3 00:34:10 Know that's your jam, so maybe, maybe send half the family for a little bit and the other half can go. Yeah. So well, Speaker 1 00:34:16 Whether or not it would be Father's Day, so I might, you know, maybe I'll send some representatives Yes. From the family to go pick some things with the list. Speaker 2 00:34:22 There you go. Speaker 3 00:34:23 I know the, the pasta, the bread. Yes. And the salsa. And the sauce. Pasta sauce will be on there. Yes. I think I can probably hook you up. You don't even need to send the list <laugh>. I'll just make sure we're about to be up your father's dad. Okay. I gotcha. All right. All Speaker 1 00:34:36 Awesome. You you're best. Speaker 3 00:34:38 You're good. Great. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:34:39 All right. Well, I mean, it's awesome having you in here. Thank you. Great. I will hope to have you, you know, hopefully, you know, next season maybe I'm there, you know. Uh, yeah, I'll be back. We'll be back. Maybe we're back on. Talk about some other things. People always love to hear from you. Thank you. You know, talk girl gang. Always fun conversations. Yeah. Whenever I get a chance to talk to you. So I'm glad that we get to record this and let other people in on the, uh, Speaker 2 00:35:00 Yeah, maybe towards the, uh, action, the fall time. We can get some, you know, closer towards the fall season so we can idea of what's, what's coming, coming for those, those lasting we'll before the holidays, you know, Speaker 3 00:35:09 New stuff. Bruin. I'm excited. I'll be back. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:35:11 Maybe we'll get the camera down to the, uh, the farmer's market. One of these first live. Yeah. Live Speaker 3 00:35:17 Go. Speaker 2 00:35:17 All sounds like a plan to me. Done. Speaker 1 00:35:19 Awesome. All Speaker 3 00:35:20 Right. Thank you. Speaker 2 00:35:21 All right everybody. Well thank you for listening today and we'll see you next time. All right. Speaker 1 00:35:25 See ya.

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